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The Fed and Foreclosures

Posted in Main Blog (All Posts) on November 30th, 2010 5:31 am by HL

The Fed and Foreclosures

Obama Must Fight GOP’s Blame Game
E.J. Dionne, Washington Post

Europe’s Ominous Reckoning
Robert Samuelson, Newsweek
WASHINGTON — What you need to know about Ireland's economic crisis is that it's not about Ireland: a small country of slightly more than 4 million people and an economy of roughly $200 billion. It's about Europe. For decades, Europe has pursued two great political projects. One is the democratic welfare state, designed to improve economic justice through various social safety nets. The other is European unity, symbolized by the creation in 1999 of a single currency — the euro — now used by 16 countries. The fact that both contributed to Ireland's troubles suggests that…

Latest Mad Muslim Would-Be Bomber Botches It
Jeremy Lott, Am Spec
“A Christmas tree lighting? In Portland? Seriously?” Such was my flip reaction to news that 19-year-old Muslim Somali immigrant Mohamed Mohamud had attempted to set off a van full of explosives in downtown Portland's Pioneer Courthouse Square Friday night during the city's holiday tree lighting ceremony.More news will come out today as Mohamud gets his first of many days in court, but what we think we know so for is that Mohamud picked the target because there were a lot of people there — including women and children — to be killed or maimed, and because nobody would see…

Time for a Realistic Nuclear Arms Control Policy
Stephen Rosen, WSJ
Enough is enough. Every day, the events of the real world reveal that the American foreign policy establishment is wearing nothing but the emperor's new clothes"”policies that make proper people murmur “how Nobel-worthy” while looking around to see if anyone else notices something odd.Respectable wise men, in and out of government, talk of the importance of arms control and a nuclear-free world, when the reality is that Iran, North Korea and other countries have made the acquisition of nuclear weapons their highest priority.

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