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Research 2000 President Has Two Degrees In Recreation

Posted in Main Blog (All Posts) on July 4th, 2010 4:41 am by HL

Research 2000 President Has Two Degrees In Recreation
As the allegations that polling firm Research 2000 produced bogus or flawed data continue to rock the political world, it’s worth taking a moment to look at the somewhat unorthodox background of the man behind R2K, Del Ali.

Research 2000Del AliUniversity of MarylandConsultantDaily Kos

Portland Police Chief: ‘Procedural Issues’ With Original Gore Investigation
Portland Police Chief Michael Reese just released a statement on the Al Gore sexual assault allegations saying there were “procedural issues” with the original investigation that merit re-opening the case.

AL GORESexual assaultPortland Police BureauNational EnquirerUnited States

FL GOP Sexism Allegations: Party Chair Talked ‘Orgasms’ To Female Fundraiser
Police documents released this week in the Jim Greer alleged fraud case make the Republican Party of Florida out to be a fairly ugly, sexist place to work.

RepublicanFloridaJim GreerRepublican Party of FloridaFraud

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