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Cheney, Come Clean

Posted in Main Blog (All Posts) on June 12th, 2010 4:41 am by HL

Cheney, Come Clean
Since early 2008, I’ve been writing about Dick Cheney’s secret Energy Policy Task Force. But given the role of all the Task Force players (BP, Halliburton and probably TransOcean) in the Gulf Oil Disaster, I think it’s time for…

HalliburtonDick CheneyTask ForceBPGulf Oil

Young Palestinian: “End The Siege on Israel”
The author of this piece in Ha’aretz today, a 25 year old (I think) Palestinian named Fadi Elsalameen has been my friend since he was in high school. He is founder and editor of the Palestine Note, which has become…

IsraelMiddle EastUnited StatesGazaEast Jerusalem

Why We Are Moving Toward a Recessionary Era, and Why Keynes is Being Exhumed
Double-dip watch: Retail sales in May took their biggest nose-dive in eight months, according to today’s report from the Commerce Department. Remember: Consumers account for 70 percent of the nation’s economic activity. American Corporations are sitting on huge piles of…

EconomicJohn Maynard KeynesRetailUnited States Department of CommerceCommerce Department

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