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The Washington Post March

Posted in Main Blog (All Posts) on June 10th, 2010 4:50 am by HL

The Washington Post March
More on the Village telling you how to live without a mirror.

Sally Quinn pic via Humanist Chaplaincy at Harvard via Flickr

Sally Quinn apparently has less self-awareness than Orly Taitz and Sarah Palin (pre and post-op) combined.

What subject has the interminable D.C. religious/party-scribe latched on to this week?

Why the Gore’s divorce.

The Gores have handled their decision to separate with dignity and grace. In doing so, they have given us all a great gift — an opportunity for a deeply important and mature conversation about the changing nature of marriage…

Yes, divorce of the famous and wealthy, truly a great gift — especially if you are Harvey Levin or Sally Quinn.

Unlike when this “gift” was completely unappreciated by that woman who’s husband Sally slept with on the latter’s way to lifetime, totally merit-based, employment. Some people are so inappropriately sensitive, unlike Sally, the very soul of discretion.

Early Morning Swim: Rachel Maddow Shines a Light on Sharron Angle, GOP Senatorial Candidate in Nevada
This Sharron Angle is one salty nut.

This Sharron Angle is one salty nut.

QUESTION: You have been in support of onshore drilling in the United States as well as offshore drilling, are you rethinking that policy with what is going on in Louisiana?

ANGLE: No. I think that what happened in Louisiana was an accident. They’re cleaning it up. We need to go forward and talk about prevention and not about whether we keep it out all together. We know that lot of the problems that have been caused for us with foreign policy and even with our own gas prices here domestically going up is our dependence upon foreign oil.

We have oil reserves and petroleum reserves that we should tap into. And that’s a policy that we really need to look at as a nation. How do we deregulate enough to invite our industries to come back into the United States and quit outsourcing their business?

Yes, what’s needed now is less regulation of the oil industry. Then we need to get rid of all the dastardly fluoride.

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Late Late Night FDL: If You Want Me To Love You
Asylum Street SpankersIf You Want Me To Love You. H/t wmd1961 for the video

Asylum Street SpankersIf You Want Me To Love You.

What’s on your mind?

H/t wmd1961 for the video

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