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Matt Osborne: The Decade of Debacle in One Music Video

Posted in Main Blog (All Posts) on December 31st, 2009 5:45 am by HL

Matt Osborne: The Decade of Debacle in One Music Video
It’s been a bad time for the progressive movement; by 2009, things had not been worse for the whole country in many decades. We’ve thrown…

Mona Gable: Why A Mom Should Be Buried with her Dead Soldier Son
I can think, off the top of my head, of a dozen sad stories this holiday season. But for some reason the story of Denise…

Blake Fleetwood: Exclusive: TSA Seizes Hard Drive from Travel Blogger
Two black sedans with TSA special agents came to the Connecticut home of blogger Steven Frischling and walked out with his laptop computer, looking for the anonymous source who leaked a directive.

Chris Weigant: We Need More Parties
While that may seem a rather redundant headline the day before a world-wide party is scheduled, it was actually less provocative than my original concept…

Huff TV: HuffPost Editor Roy Sekoff Blasts Cheney For Latest Attack On Obama (VIDEO)
HuffPost Editor Roy Sekoff appeared on MSNBC’s The Ed Show tonight to discuss how progressives should respond to false right wing attacks on President Obama…

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