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Posted in Main Blog (All Posts) on April 23rd, 2009 4:32 am by HL

A chronology by the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence gives background on the interrogation memos.

Clinton Says Pakistan Is Giving In to Extremists
The Pakistani government “is basically abdicating to the Taliban and to the extremists,” Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton told Congress yesterday in an unusually blunt statement that reflects the unease within the Obama administration about an agreement authorized by President Asif Ali…

Harsh Methods Approved as Early as Summer 2002
Condoleezza Rice, John D. Ashcroft and other top Bush administration officials approved as early as the summer of 2002 the CIA’s use at secret prisons of harsh interrogation methods, including waterboarding, a technique that new Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. has described as illegal torture,…

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