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Holier Than Thou

Posted in Main Blog (All Posts) on April 17th, 2009 4:34 am by HL

Holier Than Thou
There is a great deal of posturing in the press recently about the new Afghan law applying to Shiite’s that legalizes marital rape. President Karzai, who relies on vast support from the United States and other Western governments to stay…

Smart People Who Believe Dumb Things
What is remarkable in Ahamed’s book are both the parallels and contrasts of the 1920s to the past decade. The most obvious parallel is the amazing ability of smart people to collectively believe such dumb things– and inflict pain…

Don’t forget who you’re working for
I’ve always been amused by Lockheed Martin’s marketing slogan “We never forget who we’re working for”. For most of the last 30 years since Reagan began the great defense buildup, the people they “were working for” were clearly Lockheed shareholders….

One Response to “Holier Than Thou”

  1. Janet Dumas Says:

    Hi Rick, was told you had this site as the Hollywood Liberal. So I checked it out, way to go!
    It’s great to see you following your passion in life.
    We Hope that you are well in both body and spirit.
    Love & Peace, Janet & Jimmy