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Archive for February 27th, 2008

AIPAC Spending Big Money to Keep Their Puppet “Hillary” in The Race

Posted in H.L. News, Main Blog (All Posts) on February 27th, 2008 2:37 pm by HL

According to the mainstream media, Barack Obama is about to pull off the big upset and defeat Hillary Clinton. Obama is bringing in most of his money through small donations from everyday people like you and me. Hillary on the other hand is supported by the super rich corporate elite who are invested in keeping the status quo. And of course the one of the biggest donors of all are members of AIPAC. (The American Israeli Political Action Committee) Now I have heard that both Obama, and Clinton are taking money from AIPAC but apparently Ms. Clinton is taking a lot more. Hillary’s campaign is going broke and she has had to go back for even more money. Of course that means that if she wins she is going to owe them big time, and you know what that means. It means that the status quo will be preserved, more corporatism, and less for the people, it also means that Israel will be running our foreign policy. AIPAC is worried that Obama with his ability to raise money without them may not do like Bush has done, and Clinton will do, that is give them whatever they want. Consortium News Picks up the story

Right now, the front line for the Washington Establishment is Hillary Clinton’s struggling presidential campaign, which has been stunned by Obama’s political skills as well as his extraordinary ability to raise money over the Internet. Obama’s grassroots donations have negated Clinton’s prodigious fundraising advantage with big donors.

Powerful lobbies – from AIPAC to representatives of military and other industries – also are recognizing the value of keeping their dominance over campaign cash from getting diluted by Obama’s deep reservoir of small donors. It’s in their direct interest to dent Obama’s momentum and demoralize his rank-and-file supporters as soon as possible.

On Feb. 25, the New York Times’ new neocon columnist William Kristol attacked Obama’s patriotism by citing the Illinois senator decision to stop wearing an American flag lapel pin because, Obama said, he saw how George W. Bush was exploiting the flag to stampede the nation toward war with Iraq.

“You know, the truth is that right after 9/11, I had a pin,” Obama said when asked about his lack of a flag pin in October 2007. “As we’re talking about the Iraq War, that became a substitute for I think true patriotism, which is speaking out on issues that are of importance to our national security, I decided I won’t wear that pin on my chest.”

In a column entitled “It’s All About Him,” Kristol mocked this explanation as an example of both Obama’s dubious claim to patriotism and his pomposity.

“Leaving aside the claim that ‘speaking out on issues’ constitutes true patriotism,” Kristol wrote. “What’s striking is that Obama couldn’t resist a grandiose explanation. … Moral vanity prevailed. He wanted to explain that he was too good – too patriotic! – to wear a flag pin on his chest.”
One former Israeli official told me that the Israeli government feels it can work with Obama, Clinton or McCain, but that the Israeli lobby in the United States is adamantly opposed to Obama, preferring Clinton because “they own her.” The ex-official said the lobby has some concern, too, with McCain because of his independent streak.

Like other powerful lobbies, AIPAC is threatened by Obama’s ability to raise large sums of money from everyday Americans, thus reducing the need of Washington politicians to hold out their tin cups to AIPAC’s legendary network of wealthy donors.

HL’s Take
If this story is true, then it makes me like Obama a lot more. I don’t know how much money Obama is taking from AIPAC as opposed to Clinton, but it’s time this country stopped taking orders from Israel. We give them Billions of dollars a year in aid, and we are fighting their wars for them. Israel has a deep hatred for Muslims, that’s why we are still in Iraq, that’s why Bush is doing what he can to try to get us into war with Iran, which we would already be in if Israel had it’s way. Fortunately Bush screwed up so badly that he can’t get the support he needs to attack Iran.
I think the people in this country are starting to realize that they need someone to fight for them, and not the big corporations who want to keep things the way they are and even make them worse. I just hope Obama is not a wolf in sheeps clothes who will turn around and do all the same things that Hillary, or Bush would do.