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Bush Celebrates President’s Day…In Africa

Posted in H.L. News, Main Blog (All Posts) on February 18th, 2008 12:24 pm by HL

Bush hanging out with his only friends
Bush in KenyaHappy President’s Day, Today is the day that we celebrate the leaders of this (once) great nation. Back in the ’60s or so, we used to celebrate Washington’s Birthday, and Lincoln’s Birthday, which happened to be only a week or so apart. Then at some point it was decided that 2 days off for everyone was too much, so they combined the two days, and added in all the other Presidents as well. This was a Republican idea so that great leaders like Nixon, and later Reagan, Bush, and Bush could bask in the glory.
So today is the day for Jr. It is his last President’s day. Time for him to greet the people, and bask in all of his accomplishments before he rides off into the sunset. But wait, it appears he already had ridden off into the sunset. Rather than host a ceremony honoring his achievements and those of his predecessors, and trumpeting his success in Iraq, and with the economy, Bush is nowhere to be seen. In fact he is about as far away from Washington D.C. as you can get before you start coming back around again. Bush is hanging out with the Masai Tribesman in Kenya.
bush and the masaiPerhaps he is afraid of a repeat of his original inauguration, where his limo was pelted with eggs. You see the people were not happy when they stole his way into power, and they are even less happy now. So unhappy in fact that Bush has cleared out of the hemisphere rather than face the music of the worst Presidency in history. The most criminally inept government in the history of the world. The 943 Proven lies Bush has told have sunk this country to a new low. I will not go over all the things that Bush lied about and all the other crimes he committed that would take up an entire library of books. You can browse this site to see many of them.
Let’s just hope that by next President’s Day Bush will be where he really belongs, in prison.

5 Responses to “Bush Celebrates President’s Day…In Africa”

  1. Bill W. A.K.A Supertroll Says:

    Comment removed for plagiarism. See below

  2. HL Says:

    OK Bill, this post seems reasonably intelligent so I will let it stay on. In one of your comments I deleted you said, (and I paraphrase, wouldn’t want you to accuse me of lying for getting a word or two out of order) “I’ve got all the time in the world, and you will get tired of deleting my posts.”
    Dude: GET A FUCKING LIFE ALREADY. What kind of existence is it to sit around writing long winded (not to mention usually retarded) comments to a website that you are pretty sure that are going to be deleted. You must be really bored at your job working for Verizon if all you can do is write posts that will be deleted all day. Hey I got an idea, why don’t you start your own Website. Nah that would be too much work right?

  3. HL Says:

    I just read over your post again Bill, C’mon admit it, you didn’t write this yourself did you. It sounds too intelligent to be from you….

    uh huh, just as I thought.

    From George W to George W

    You’re supposed to credit someone when you steal their work.

  4. John Says:

    All our leaders belong in prison. Why single out Bush? Everyone of them is corrupt to the core:
    -Hillary’s cattle futures (I’m still waiting to see their 1989 and 1990 tax returns on this one)
    -Edward’s chapter S corporation (while bemoaning tax cuts for the rich)
    -Obama serving in the Illinois State Senate: a cesspool of corruption for decades, not to mention the corrupt Chicago Machine
    -McCain with the Keating Five and the Savings and Loan scandals

    I could go on for hours with lsits of their crimes. Rexearch every majot politician They are all the same… the Kennedy’s family fortune was made by Joe Kennedy shorting the market before the crash. Then he was made the first chariman of the SEC! Buyer beware!

  5. The Other Michael Says:

    Time to walk slow and drink a lot of water.