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Archive for February 17th, 2008

Will The Democratic Super Delegates Hand the Election to McCain?

Posted in Main Blog (All Posts) on February 17th, 2008 9:03 am by HL

by HL
After all the votes, and all the debates in all the states it now seems almost certain that the Democratic nomination will come down to 300 undecided Super delegates who are uncommitted out of the 796 Super delegates total, these SD’s are the big money power people in Washington and they will decide, not you, who gets the nomination.

I see now that everyone is saying that Hillary’s campaign is in trouble, that she is slipping and Barack Obama is surging. The media now seem squarely behind Obama, However this is starting to remind me of 2000, when NBC called Florida and thereby the election for Gore, only to have Bush’s father engineer the theft of the election.
Looks like the media is pumping everyone up for Obama, I guess they love to see people disappointed when the candidate they love, suddenly loses.

Lets look at the numbers. Clinton, and Obama are in a virtual dead heat in terms of delegates. However Hillary has won virtually all of the big states with the exception of Obama’s home state of Illinois. Hillary is also polling ahead in the two upcoming big states of Texas and Ohio. If she wins both of those states, (and I wouldn’t be surprised if she doesn’t have some help in Ohio if you know what I mean) She will be in the lead. Even so it appears almost certain that the nomination will come down to the super delegates.

And what is the story with these super delegates anyway? I have been following politics for a long time and had never heard of a super delegate before, maybe because a Democratic nomination was never this close since I have been watching so the SD’s didn’t come into play. In the primaries the candidates win delegates based on the number of votes they collected in any given state. The Super delegates however can pick either candidate even if it means going against the will of the people from their particular state; It’s kind of like the electoral college. In a general election a state can vote overwhelmingly for one candidate, only to have that states electors cast their votes for the losing candidate, it’s just another way to fix an election. They did it twice in a row with Bush, (fix an election that is) and it appears a handful of the corporate elite will decide who gets to run against McCain this time around.

That being the case I don’t see how anyone could believe that The Clinton’s will not find a way to wrangle more of the super delegates than Obama. As the ex-President Bill Clinton must have plenty of markers he can call in to get people to vote for his wife. The Clinton’s have been beltway insiders since at least 1992, while Obama didn’t come on the scene until 2004. To me it looks pretty clear that Hillary will be the nominee, I don’t see it going down any other way.

So once Hillary gets the nomination, what will happen in the general election. My first reaction would be to say that McCain and the Republicans will find a state or three to steal a la the Bush family, and maybe that’s the whole master plan from the start. If that were to happen the media could begin crowing that “Well, I guess the nation was not ready for a Woman president after all” As countless Millions hang their heads in disbelief that a Republican has once again taken what was not theirs. However the only thing that stops me from really believing this scenario is that we are talking about the Clintons, and not lame-o’s like Al Gore, and John Kerry.

So the really interesting part of the election will come on election day itself, when we see if Bill and Hill will put a stop to the highway robbery that the past two nominees could not. Either way the war will continue, and corporate America will reap the benefits. Poor people will have a choice of being forced to pay for health insurance they can’t afford, (and avoid being fined) or eating and paying for gas so they can drive to work. Maybe Obama will have a chance in 2016, but by then Jenna Bush will be old enough to run, and she can go up against Chelsea, and the Bush/Clinton dominance of the US will go on for the rest of our lives. What could be better than that?