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California Primary This Tuesday. Why I Won’t Vote for Either A or B

Posted in Main Blog (All Posts) on February 3rd, 2008 9:54 am by HL

by HL
I got a lot of great comments to my last posting on the Debate that took place in Hollywood last week. A couple of people wanted me to explain my disdain for both of the Democratic candidates still in the race. I was going to reply back as a comment but this will make a good post all on it’s own.

OK in the general election I will probably vote for whichever democratic candidate is nominated. i suppose I would prefer Barack over Hillary, but really I don’t see much difference.
However this Tuesday my vote is still going to Dennis Kucinich. People who believe he is the best candidate should still vote for him because if he could pull a decent amount of delegates, he could use those delegates to help pull the party to the left. When the party platform is written/discussed at the convention, the more delegates a candidate had who is not the nominee, the more pull he will have with deciding the direction of the party.
The democrats have proven time and time again since they took control of congress two years ago that they are much more interested in helping Bush, then helping anyone else. I don’t see that changing IF they win the election. Which right not I would put at about 50-50.
As far as I can see they are still doing nothing about stopping voter fraud. Will this lead to them losing an election they really won for the 3rd consecutive cycle? We’ll have to wait and see.
Sorry if I am bumming people out in my contempt of the Democrats. The last straw for me came when I interviewed my congressman Henry Waxman, who is supposed to be such a fighter, but turned out to be just as much of a weasel as any of the other members of congress up there on the hill. In the past 4 or 5 congressional elections I have punched Waxman’s name without even thinking about it, but this time I may well have to vote against him, Even though his seat is the probably the safest seat in the entire congress. Henry is the chairman of the House Oversight Committee, and instead of doing something important like holding hearings on the Sibel Edmonds matter. He feels it is much more important to investigate Steroids in baseball.
It was after I interviewed Waxman that I figured out the goal of all politicians especially members of Congress.
“Make it look like you are doing something when Actually you are doing nothing.” Thats it, that is the code they live by. Recently I was watching a trailer for the movie “Charlie Wilson’s War” in it Julia Roberts who is playing a rich socialite who is trying to enact change asks Tom Hanks who plays a member of the house: “Why is Congress saying one thing, and doing nothing?” Hanks’ answer “Well, it’s tradition.” Yep, exactly.

9 Responses to “California Primary This Tuesday. Why I Won’t Vote for Either A or B”

  1. the liberal conservative Says:

    as long as we can keep the dead in the graves instead of at the voting machines we should be alright. while fraud goes on on both sides of the fence, it seems that dead democrats get out of their graves 4 x more than the republicans do, i find the fact that dead people get up and walk around a little scary don’t you?. I have even heard of cats and dogs voting, ive not been able to prove it how ever . as for them sitting on thier butts doing nothing well that has become the american way don’t you know. everybody does it, nobody wants to do a real days work for a real days pay.

    I have noticed though that when a republican looses he does not say too much but when a democrat looses he thows him self on the floor and pounds his fists and kicks his feet and screams “life is not fair they cheated”. aint nothing i hate worse than a sore looser– well maybe a cheater that looses and than screams

  2. bob Says:

    “aint nothing i hate worse than a sore looser– well maybe a cheater that looses and than screams”
    Aint nothing I hate more than an illiterate redneck. It’s spelled ‘loser’ you moron.

  3. the liberal conservative Says:

    hay bobbie is my is my spelling the only thing you can pick on?? it is people like you that made me leave the liberal party. And i ment to spell looser that way you bloomin looooooser

  4. bob Says:

    No, liberalcon, spelling is not the only thing I can ‘pick on’, it just demonstrates the iq you’re working with on first impression. To suggest as you do, that it’s the democrats who rig elections is laughable. Remember 2000? 2004? Supreme court? Republicans were the losers, dems folded and and awarded them false victories.

  5. HL Says:

    No LC spelling is not the only thing he can pick on. However if you write into a political blog and can’t spell words that 5th graders are supposed to know, why would anyone think you knew anything about anything else. Especially when this comment form comes with a spell check. See all those underlined words when you wrote your comment? that means you spelled them wrong.
    Try again dude.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    first off i did not just say the dems. the repubs do it to, but the dems just do 4 times more than the repubs that all. just go to google and put in “dead people vote” i did not go after anyone i have no use for any one up there on capital hill they are all back stabing ass holes. it don’t matter what party they belong to – – – that is why i don’t belong to any one party.

    I’ll say it again i ment to spell loser as “looser” ( like loooooooooooooooooooooooooser)
    go back and reread my first comment i bashed both parties. learn to read every thing be for you start in on some one

  7. bob Says:

    Come back when you’re old enough to shave anonymous

  8. Country Boy Says:

    So Bob and HL tell me just how many dead democrats do vote if what he is saying is wrong.
    HL this comment form does not have a spell check built into it. I spelled words wrong just to see and you are wrong. It doesn’t underline words that are wrong or anything so you lied there.
    As to the Republicans stealing the 2000 and 2004 election. You are wrong there as well.
    When it comes to the votes it was a Liberal justice that sided with 4 Conservatives to stop the count. And one Conservative voted to not stop the count. So your claims about it being a rigged election are once again wrong. When the count was done Bush still had over 300 more votes than Gore. Oh and the Liberal justice that sided with the Conservatives was Thomas. Oh and there were 5 Conservative justices than. As to 2004 it was the Democrats that were pushing for the electronic voting machines not the Republicans and they got them and than turned around and said that they lost because of them. The Democrats signed off on those machines just as well as the Republicans. So when you figure out just how many Dead Democrats are still voting than you can tell me just how many Dead Republicans are still voting. I’ll tell you this much there are about 3 times as many Dead Democrats voting as there are Dead Republicans.
    Here are some numbers for you HL New York alone has between 77 and 80,000 dead people on their voter list that voted in 04. And how about this from New Jersey. Republicans reviewed voter rolls for each of the state’s 21 counties and for five other states, and they say they found thousands of people registered in more than one place and thousands more who are supposedly dead but still registered. Among their findings, the GOP said 4,397 people who are registered in two New Jersey counties appeared to vote twice in the 2004 general election; 6,572 people registered in both New Jersey and another state appear to have voted in both states last November; and 4,755 officially listed as “deceased” voted in the last election, along with 13,440 people supposedly dead who were still registered as of May 1.
    And here is the link. ://
    And how about this. Yet, there has been vote fraud allegations in Wisconsin and Washington (where the election’s supervisor was fired). There is a trial going on currently in West Virginia of a Democratic Party member. And, 16 Democratic Party Election Workers have been FOUND GUILTY OF ELECTION VIOLATIONS in the St. Louis Area (Missouri and Illinois) since the November election.
    Same article. And you want to tell me that the Republicans stole the election. Try again.
    Over 181,000 dead people were still on the voter rolls of six swing states in the 2004 general election, including almost 65,000 in Florida, according to the bipartisan 2005 Commission on Federal Election Reform. Also in 2004, thousands on voter rolls had moved out of state or, as convicted felons, had lost the right to vote.

    Cheap Anti-Fraud Fix

    Photo IDs would at least make sure voters on state rolls are still residents on Election Day.

    “Requiring a photo ID is not going to totally end vote fraud,” said Thor Hearne, national counsel for the American Center for Voting Rights.

    The Democrats hate VOTER ID cards, hate election machines, hate any real accountability? Hmmmmmm
    So let me know if you want me to keep going HL

  9. HL Says:

    HL this comment form does not have a spell check built into it. I spelled words wrong just to see and you are wrong. It doesn’t underline words that are wrong or anything so you lied there.

    It has a spell check when I use it, maybe you have some sort of inferior equipment. Did you ever think of that? No? You just accuse me of lying. Do you think I would lie about something as simple as that? You really are an A$$hole, you know that. You must have no freinds at all. Why would anyone like a nasty A$$hole like you?

    You are a piece of Shit dude, Get out of your mothers basement and get a Fucking life already