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Rebels in Hell by Michael O’McCarthy (Chapter 1)

Posted in Main Blog (All Posts), Rebels in Hell: The Serialization on January 21st, 2008 11:40 pm by HL

Rebels in Hell

Today we will begin serializing Michael O’McCarthy’s book Rebels in Hell. We will publish one chapter each week.
Here is Chapter 1, of this thrilling novel.



The Beginning
By Michael O’McCarthy © The 01-2008 Serialization

Machinima Graphic Art Cover By Pierce Portocarrero

Based on Original Artwork By Roby Hubbard

Dedicated to El Jovani
With a special salutation to Juan Santamaria, Emile Zapata and Séamas Ó Conghaile

William Smythe, the Patron’s servant, sat comfortably. One casually dressed, woolen-trousered leg crossed over the other. In the fireplace, the logs burned, the sap snapping at times. Next to him sat the silver service. The Costa Rican coffee fresh from the grinder sent a light yet pungent aroma about the room. A Mozart sonata tinkled moderately, filling the one-bedroom suite.

Smythe liked the suite. The myriad windows overlooked the park. The northern light outside filled the rooms. It brought out the mahogany of the wood and the depth of the forest-green paper covering the walls.

He liked the wood. It resonated class and solid surroundings. It meant well-spent expense. And he liked expense because it reminded him of his position. Intimately close to money. Money to Smythe meant prestige. Without his proximity to money, he would be just a hired anyone. He had no illusions about that. But with money, now, that was another matter. It was the extension of his Patron’s power, and that made him feel well.

He waited silently, head nodding a bit to Mozart, slightly sipping the brew.

The doorbell chimed nicely.

The Smythe put down the cup and walked to the door. He peered through the view hole, pulled open the thick, oversized door and nodded to the man.

Miguel Flores, known in the clandestine world as The Assassin, moved into the foyer. He paused waiting to be led into the sitting room.

Read the whole chapter here

7 Responses to “Rebels in Hell by Michael O’McCarthy (Chapter 1)”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    So what does this book have to do with anything other than Michael trying to make money. It has nothing to do with politics. Nothing here has anything to do with current affairs going on. So why is it on a political blog.
    Michael wants to bash people about being able to write and yet he has to try and move his book on a politcal blog he can get it out any other way. Now who is it that can’t write. All the blogs that I go through both liberal and conservative and I have yet to see one of them posting a book that someone wrote. If anything they tell you to buy it or read about it but they don’t post it on the blog. This Michael O’McCarthy must not be a very good writer since the only place I have seen anything from him is on here.

  2. Jennifer Says:

    First, this is a what you call a serialization of a novel. It does not cost you anything to read it. Second, Michael O’ Mccarthy has had other books published: The Glass House Tapes (which was an investigative true story which he worked on with several other prominent writers and journalists) Several books of poetry have been published, most recently: Oh, America Where Art Thou. He has been interviewed by different media outlets for his political views and lifetime of activism. He has written for The La Free Press both in the 60’s and 70s and its most recent reincarnation. And I could go on and on with his resume, but that is not necessary, all you have to do is google him. The point is this, he is an excellent writer with a conscious. He is a political activists who worked with the veterans hunger strike in the eighties as just one example of his activism. This man writes with a passion that burns through your soul and compels you to read everyword. He makes you think, you do not always have to agree with him and I don’t, but he makes people think! I have known him for three years and he still amazes me with his thought -provoking style of writing. The most amazing thing that keeps turning up again and again in his writing, more so now then in his earlier writings, is his utter humanity. That is enough to keep on reading.

  3. Michael O'Mccarthy Says:

    Anon: First, why are you wearing that sheet? I thought you dimwits stopped doing that in the 1970’s? (I know – you are going “what sheet? I don’t have no sheet on.) Hint: reactionary cowards of your stripe found anonymity from the 1870’s – 1970’s in the KKK.

    Second — ITS A SERIALIZATION…which means, as this was EPISODE 1 – you would have to, if capable, read more…you know, like the entire novel to get the message of BOOK!

    Now given the depth of your comments in general — and I have been reading the drippings of your miscreant BS here, (and against my suggestions to HL that you be banned because of your lies and distortions in general) you continue your drivel.

    Third — and this is like talking to a 10-year-old: the character of The Writer was targeted because of his political expression concerning the moral and political hypocrisy of a very rich right wing creep, (The Patron,) you know, of your variety. Thus, while you two share the same low level intelligence, The Patron was at least identifiable and thus could be eliminated. Our loss!

    Fourthly moron: in what tome have you found it legislated that writers do not sell their work? Oh, wait, using a TV antennae will not get you to the book channel where writers of all variety, including the neo-con murders of the Bush administration, peddle their work.

    And lastly: the legacy of serialization of novels precedes your obvious knowledge of both history and literature. It has always been a viable and worthy method of sharing published works — both for profit and for edification. Now go get a dictionary and Have a good day.

  4. the liberal conservative Says:

    if mike wrote for this under ground paper than he is no different than Hanoi Jane when she caused the death of several of out troops in Vietnam when they just wanted to get word out that they were still alive in a POW camp. he realy sounds like some who care about America with all his heart

  5. bob Says:

    Yet another example of this dry drunk (O’McCarthy) lashing out at someone who disagrees with him. All anonymous asked was why are you pushing your book in a blog? Your response: comparing anonymous to a member of the kkk, calling him a liar, a moron, a reactionary coward etc etc.
    Basically, anonymous hit a raw nerve. If O’McCARTHY could write he wouldn’t have reacted this way . But the fact is he can not write. Based on what I have read, which is little but enough to get an idea, this guy writes like a 12 year old in the 1950’s; and a conceited one at that.

  6. Douglas Says:

    how much are you charging this guy to promo his book ?? what ever it is it is not enough. I’ve noticed that since this turkey has been on here you don’t get the comments that you used to. what gives??

  7. Mountain Boy Says:

    So tell me Mike do you always have to have your wife come on the internet to support your sorry writings or is she trying to just keep your spirits up because your that bad.