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Dennis Kucinich Explains it All

Posted in Main Blog (All Posts), Videos on January 5th, 2008 8:48 am by HL

Dennis Kucinich appeared on the Bill Moyers program last night on PBS. Dennis explains why he told the voters of Iowa to cast a second choice ballot for Barack Obama. Kucinich also talks about the real reason why he was not allowed in the debate sponsored by the Des Moines Register, and why ABC has excluded him from the New Hampshire debate. Dennis has been virtually ignored by the mainstream media (unless they have something negative to say about him) despite the fact that he as WON several straw polls and internet polls. In one of the debates ABC put a poll on it’s website asking who won. They were shocked when Dennis beat out Obama, Clinton, and Edwards, they later removed the information from the website and now if you go to that page all you get is a blank white background. Check out the interview with Dennis here.

2 Responses to “Dennis Kucinich Explains it All”

  1. Ghost Walker Says:

    what is there to exsplain he’s a yellow belly dem who is all talk and no action you know– action talks and bull shit walks. he talked the talk but is to scared to walk the walk

  2. the liberal conservative Says:

    GW i’ve got to agree with you