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Dennis Kucinch Misses Speech for War Vote, Elizabeth Fills In

Posted in H.L. News, Main Blog (All Posts) on December 25th, 2007 7:38 am by HL

By Jason Claffey

DURHAM — As she ascended the stairs leading to the second floor of the Memorial Union Building at the University of New Hampshire, hands jammed in her olive-colored trench coat, long red hair falling over her shoulders, Elizabeth Kucinich and her entourage of campaign officials strode past dozens of students on their way to class or lunch.

Some students, who were either on their cell phone or lugging a bunch of books under their arm, turned their heads for a passing glance; others simply stared, as if to ask themselves, “Who’s that?”

She is the wife of Democratic presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich, and with her movie-star looks suggesting a taller Nicole Kidman, she would seem to make an appealing substitute for her husband simply because she can make people stop and stare.

But her educational resume — degrees in religious studies and international conflict analysis from the University of Kent in England, certificates in peace and reconciliation, experience with the American Monetary Institute — make her more than a jewel piece in Kucinich’s campaign, because she can talk the issues as well as her husband, as she proved Tuesday night during an hour-long discussion with about 20 students at a table in the Union Court lunch room.

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