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Los Angeles & Kucinich: On The Same Page Reguarding War

Posted in H.L. News, Main Blog (All Posts) on October 25th, 2007 7:45 am by HL

Kucinich Praises Los Angeles City Council Vote to Bring the Troops Home’
Ohio Congressman and presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich Tuesday congratulated the Los Angeles City Council for its passage of a resolution urging President Bush and the Congress to end the war in Iraq and bring the troops home.

The resolution, which passed on a 12-2 vote, was sponsored by City Councilor William Rosendahl, a member of the City Council’s International Relations Committee. It calls for a complete withdrawal from Iraq of United States military personnel, as well as contractors supporting the military effort and military bases; and also seeks “appropriate medical, psychological, financial and education assistance for veterans” returning from the conflict. And the resolution also supports “non-military financial aid to rebuild Iraq.”

LA, with a population of 3,844,000, is the largest American city to have adopted such a resolution.

HL’s Take
What I want to know, is who are the two that voted against the resolution. Those two need to be thrown out in the street. Because nowhere in the city of Los Angeles are people still (and almost all never were) in favor of the war. That means there are still two Bush licking idiots on the L.A. City Council

33 Responses to “Los Angeles & Kucinich: On The Same Page Reguarding War”

  1. Victoria Says:

    Dennis Kucinich makes sense … good common sense. Actually, I think most people agree with him on the majority of issues … it is just some of them don’t know it yet!

    Find out for yourself at: … the collection of YouTube Videos is awesome … then please join us at the action site at: … a lot of nice people are working hard to keep Dennis and his message out in the public arena.

    Best wishes to all, and especially to those that the fires have touched.

  2. In_Iraq, and Well-Informed Says:

    HL: What is the basis for your statement that most Los Angelinos are not in favor of the war in some sense? How can you prove that? Have you opened polls, or gone out on the streets and actually asked? Yes, I am in Iraq, but I am a LA citizen. I do not appreciate your inclusion of me in your BS opinion. Yes, that’s right….. BS. Honestly, I despise your generalization, and association of my personal opinion (and EXPERIENCE in the war). Prove me wrong and do a survey across multi-media methods of opinion gathering. And present the results without muddling them. Then, please by all means, go worldwide with “ALL” LA residents’ opinions. Oh, by the way, have you ever served in the military? I highly doubt it. Enjoy the freedoms provided by those who have served, like myself.

    And what makes you think those two are Bush-licking idiots? Maybe they realize that if America pulls out of Iraq it will quickly fall to chaos and another regime. Maybe they realize that Iraq is not ready for us to leave yet. You obviously know nothing beyond what the mainstream media has presented you with. Might I add that the reports you see are given by reporters who are too afraid to go out on the streets for fear of their lives, and will take any source, confirmed or not and report it as the Golden Truth. Challenge me…..I am here…. I see what is happening in Iraq. Can you say that? Or will you continue to let someone else do the thinking and research for you?
    Being a liberal, you scream about your rights. Well, you have the right to research before you open your mouth publicly. Whether you do so is only a sign of your character and intelligence.

  3. Ghost Walker Says:

    HL i am in LA alot and have talked to a lot of people who support the war. please don’t think that Hollywood makes up all of LA. And they sure don’t speak for the rest of the country. if you don’t beleive me just go up montana, minnesota,iowa ect and ask them what they think of hollywoods opinon of what the rest of the rest of country should be like. Or better yet tell them how they should think, and live their lives. the vast majority of those people think that Califorina is just a pain in their sides and can’t wait for it to slide into the pacific.

  4. sigw Says:

    Yes of course we must continue to export our culture of DEATH, er, Democracy to the ignorant of this world. U.S. armament is among the finest and most sought after worldwide. Without a regional presence our Military might will be taken for granted, not to mention the devaluation of our investment portfolios. Oh, if only they would accept (war) Jesus as their PERSONAL lord and savior.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    In_Iraq, and Well-Informed
    You will find that HL doesn’t care about the truth. He only wants people to see his way and that is it. If you don’t see it his way than you are wrong and that is it.

  6. In_Iraq, and Well-Informed Says:


    Of course, you are correct. That is the way of the extremist liberal. Cry conspiracy, bring the troops home, the government lies, and other such tripe are all they can manage to do. If half of these idiots would actually utilize one of the rights they scream about being violated (freedom of information), they could research the internet or library systems and find facts instead of believing everything the liberal media says. They are as bad as the illiterate Iraqis who believe EVERYTHING Al-Jazeera says. I presented a challenge to him, and see no response. He must not want to take me up on it. He would find that he has absolutely no backing in this matter.

    God forbid the Global War on Terror was stopped. I would be digging in at my house, for sure. I would much rather bear witness to the horrors of this situation than to have it come to my home and allow my wife and children see these things. No, I say we keep rooting this evil idea out of the world, one terrorist/extremist at a time. And if the libs want to change things so badly, maybe they should summon the fortitude to grab some armor and come on over. If they survived out here for more than a week, they would fly home and change parties immediately, and announce that the libs abroad are out of their minds and way misinformed. That’s just my well informed opinion, based off of factual information and EXPERIENCE.

  7. Use Your Brain Says:

    In_Iraq, and Well-Informed: I truly feel sorry for you if you haven’t yet realized you are in Iraq because it is sitting on a lake of oil. Ask yourself: If Iraq’s biggest export was oranges, do you think you would be sweltering there (if in fact you ARE really there)?

    By the way, Iraq is no exception: The whole “war on terror” is phony, nothing more than a series of wars for as much control as possible over as much of the world’s remaining oil and natural gas resources as possible. Take an afternoon with a search engine and a wall map and you’ll unravel the whole sordid matter.

  8. sigw Says:

    on_ crack and retarded: You are a prostitute for the large multinationals, who also control our so-called liberal media. When they’re through with their use of you, do you suppose they will let you into their club, be one of the boys, marry their daughters? These people have allegiance to wealth only, and when you have given your allotment you’ll be trashed like all others.

  9. In_Iraq, and Well-Informed Says:

    Use Your Right Brain: Trust me, buddy, I don’t need you to feel sorry for me. What was one of the most well known things Vietnam vets said? “You don’t know, you weren’t there!!” Well, I still say that applies. You don’t know. You think that it is all only about oil. Well, I may not have all the answers, but I know that oil is not the only one. I personally know that Iraq and Iran are terrorist havens, and breeding grounds for the extremists you all give so much attention to. I also know that in Iraq their program is drastically being reduced in effectiveness. They are reduced to sniping, indirect fire, and explosives (IED/VBIED). Coalition casualties are nowhere near what they used to be, as the enemy is no longer popular. What your liberal media does not show you is that Iraq is waking up. They have a fierce national pride, despite their lack of faith in their government and the conflict involving insurgents from other nations. The average Iraqi wants to fix his country, and is doing his part to make things right, including killing insurgents. Of course, everyone thinks it is all about taking the big oil. Come on. That in itself is not enough reason to potentially trash our international image. Why don’t you know-it-alls hop on a plane and come on out here. See for yourselves what this place is all about. You will be cowering in the floorboards of your seat, praying for a speedy return to the nearest US base. That’s because you lack the courage to serve your country, and defend its way of life. Say what you want to say, but that’s the bottom line. Since you lack the fortitude to go on the offensive against terror, you resort to criticizing those who do, while generating controversies and piecing together inconclusive conspiracies. Grow up! Instead of being a mass media puppet, why don’t you come over here and look for yourself, form your own opinions based off of experience in the face of danger. Or better yet, why don’t you go to Iran, and see what they have in store for those of us the extremists brand “infidels”? Take an afternoon and browse search engines for the Iranian Republican Guard, or even the Quds forces (the ones infiltrating into Iraq and training combatants, as well as supplying the rockets killing our troops in our bases). This fight is about the ideal that threatens the entire non-EXTREMIST Islamic peoples of the Western world. If you were not too afraid to go abroad and see what the world thinks of people like you, you might be persuaded to contribute something to preserve a way of life for your children. Your mind is sickened with apathy. But that is okay. You have the right to believe what you want. Not what you are told. And you can continue to enjoy that right for the duration of your life, as there will always be better men and women out there who will take the fight out to the enemy, instead of being passive and allowing him to continue to operate within our borders. Less talk, more action!
    Have a look at the middle east with your own eyes, and then come talk to me about what is phony, genious!

  10. In_Iraq, and Well-Informed Says:

    First- I am married and have my own family already. I am a regular guy, who happened to be a Marine who served honorably, and specializes in a skill set that is vital to the continuation of the reconstruction efforts in Iraq. Now, I am a contractor. Not a security contractor, but one of tens of thousands of American citizens, and countless others from other countries who are willing to do the job in a support role to our MILITARY. Yes, the pay is nice, but as previously stated, I have a family. I am not going to take a 9-5 job that requires me to work for decades to be able to buy a house. Isn’t that part of the American dream? All of you who label corporations as monsters are simply too lazy to better yourselves with education and not a little ambition. I aspire to continue to do what I am doing once I am satisfied the job is done here and return to the US. No, I will not be a part of the club. I will have made some good friends, met some great people, and have opportunities based off of merit and proficiency. You lack the proper motivation, based off of your comment to make yourself marketable. You know, homeless people are homeless by choice. I will not be a part of that club.
    And the company I have been working for has been in the exclusive employ of our government for decades. It is staffed entirely by former/retired US military, and works only on contracts that are of vital interest to our NATION (not political party). That would be plainly evident if you looked at some of the jobs we have taken. So, if I have to be a “prostitute to corporate evildom” to make a better way of life for my family, as I am still young enough to do so, then you better believe I will. Would you refuse a huge promotion that is well within your scope of experience and training, that also happened to contribute to speeding Iraq along in getting on it’s own feet, thereby allowing an eventual withdrawal of forces from this country? If you are too afraid to put your life in danger to protect the way of life you have, it is my opinion that you have not earned it. Further, I believe that although you have the constitutional right to do so, you make yourself look like a lackey of the liberal cult that lacks the mental capacity to form your own opinions and produce original thought by making statements like the one above. There is obviously no cure for the sickness in your twisted mind, so it would be in your best interest personally to put your head back in rectal defillade. You can make no valid contribution to the American way of life, and therefore are being carried by those who pay attention to the rest of the world (instead of governmental conspiracies). To you, Sir or Ma’am, I wish you a good life, and I hope you enjoy sprouting gray hairs prematurely and cleaning bathrooms for a living. Good luck to you.

  11. sigw Says:

    yes we are in Iraq for their “own good”. they didn’t want to put their lives on the line for Iraqi way of life till we showed them that they needed to. Military IS the U.S. diplomacy status quo.And as you seem so interested, I’ll say that I have over 35 years in telecom utility work, wherein I have risked my life on numerous occasions. Is that American way enough for ya? I’m actually old enough to remember an America that didn’t have to fear its own shadow,i.e., it was a respected int’l. community member, and was not owned completely by greedy crooks. I guess what I’m trying to get at here is that we got a choice to live in and with fear, or maybe think about something better.

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Out of Iraq, out of the Middle East and stop fighting more wars for Israel. That’s what this is about. Wake up America.

  13. Don Says:

    You gotta’ love the complete idiot named “In_Iraq, and Well-Informed” what a brain dead idiot. Yep and I mean it. He obviously has no clue so how could you argue with such ignorance?

    The only people that think we shouldn’t leave Iraq right away are the ones who supported it in the first place and have had every single statement they have made proved wrong several times over. Why would anything they have to say be listened to? They already got it all wrong so I guess we should believe them huh? So we need to do the opposite of what idiots like this say and everything will be fine. As if we care what happens in Iraq, like he really cares; as long as we get our oil. What a total asshole!!! As for the polls, what ass would ask that? Every poll in the country in every place…red or blue – they want it over. The ones that support it should go fight. Bring our brave troops home before they become like this ass. Only neo-con bushie slime want to be there…but none of them want to fight right? I don’t see Bush’s 2 little bitches joining up do I? We could only dream…God save the gene pool.

    But fate is cruel. The wrong ones always get it. What did Dennis Leary say? Buddy Holly, Stevie Ray Vaughn…but can we get Bon Jovi in an airplane…noooooo! John Lennon gets six in the chest and Yoko is standing right next to him and not a single scratch? Fate is so cruel. Bring the miss-guided kids back and leave the warmongerers like this guy there to fight this bloody christian crusade on his own. Leave my goddamn tax dollars alone shithead. I don’t want your oil; hemp beats it hands down in every single category. Look that up you evil bastard.

    And as for Viet Nam…we lost because we suck…and of course we were wrong, but don’t let the truth get in your way! Don’t stay in Iraq too long though or odds are we won’t have you to worship for saving our precious freedoms for us. Not that we wanted your help or that our freedoms were ever in jeopardy…except from the Bush administration. Of course if your president wasn’t such a total idiot he would have gone after Saudi Arabia since they attacked us, not Iraq. Wow, a couple thousand New Yorkers died. 10,000 teenagers die in auto accidents each and every year. More than that die due to drunk driving each year. That’s each year you stupid piece of shit. Get your priorities straight jar head.

    To hell with Israel; lets work on the terrorists that took over this country and killed or imprisoned all of it’s inhabitants…oops that’s us…never mind. Or let’s bitch about the rain forests being cut down instead of worrying about the trees cut down in the Pacific North West at a faster rate, causing way more serious of an environmental disaster.

    As Americans, we love to tell the rest of the world what to do, but why would they want to listen to us when we are still in total denial as to what complete assholes we are as a nation. We kill, torture, cheat, lie and produce animals like “In_Iraq, with a well-formed asshole”, which is why all the rest of the world laughs at us, except those we are going around killing of course. They want us dead and rightfully so. We don’t need to fight them, just stop preaching the almighty dollar, worshiping at the oil alter, and supporting the Israeli terrorist nation. Let Israel give back the land they stole and we let them walk away…or stop supporting them and let them fight it out with sticks and stones.

    You dumb ass…it’s people like you the terrorists want dead, not me! Sterilize your self and stop polluting the gene pool!

    Maybe we will eventually go back to hemp instead of synthetics that are killing the world…and supporting the Bush empire. It’s been a long time coming, but we just don’t need oil. Not at all, for anything. But the Bushies don’t read scientific periodicals (can they read?) so there is no global warming, dinosaurs and man walked the earth together 5000 years ago right? Anyone who buys the Bushie line is so lacking in basic intelligence that they need a straight jacket and a rubber room. Or a hunting trip with Cheeny.

    We have not had any reason to even have a military since the forties. Every action (read war) we have been involved in has been illegal, immoral, and just what the neo-cons want! Go listen to Eisenhower’s final speech…if you have the brains or the guts.

    You just can’t argue with the ignorant, but I love to watch them foam at the mouth…LOL!

    The marines are looking for a few good men, but of course, no good man would join this elite murder squad and because no one with 3 digits (that’s numbers if you are a marine) in their IQ (can’t explain this to a marine…sorry) would be stupid enough to join, they take thousands and thousands of total idiots and send them out to die for the rich elite! So remember, if someone says they are a marine you need to tell them you will talk slowly and use small words. That’s OK though…it’s called “thinning of the herd” and is needed to root out the brain dead and revitalize the gene pool. When they stop joining up (like right now) then we know the job is almost done and we can stop our false wars and get back to worrying about our own shit. Until the South regenerates the pool with inbreeding and christian “ideals” that is. And I’m supposed to hope you come back unharmed? I’m really trying but it seems like the herd is still a bit full of the unfit.

    Fact: Other than natural causes, more death has been caused by christianity than any other single cause since we have been recording history. Wars in our times are stared by paternalistic monotheists (ask your mommy marine) in support of their sophomoric and juvenile blathering (the bible and the koran, marine…things called books).

    You gotta’ love what the Chinese Premier said a few years ago about how long could it take for the west to get over the silly nursery tales and children’s stories that pass for religion. Something about are we really that backwards and unintelligent still?
    Hell yes USA! Of the dollar, by the dollar and for the dollar…and Jesus will kill you because we are righteous! Bill Maher said it best when he said he was raised catholic but he’s not one anymore, proof that Christianity is in fact curable.

    I love my country (you know, the one we stole from the natives by killing them and their babies…from the calvary to the marines…a baby killing legacy to be proud of),
    I just hate some of the people here, that’s all.

    Were we really stupid enough to elect Geo II The Asshole 2 times? God help us and protect us from the murdering “christians”.

    I wonder if any marine could even read the bible cover to cover (I have…in several versions and translations…I actually study it). Just think what the world would be like if christians (or marines) actually followed the advice and teachings of Jesus…or Moses’ God. Thou shall not what… Kill? You dumb ass.

    Ask yourself this question: Who would Jesus torture?

    Bush needs to be tried for war crimes and executed when found guilty. Don’t forget his entire cabinet and most of congress while you are at it.

    PS: I have been consistently tested around 140 IQ for over 40 years, you corporate lackey scum sucking neo-con piece of capitalist baby murdering terrorist shit!

  14. Ghost Walker Says:

    so what if you did score a 140 IQ ,i scored a 162 IQ, big flippin deal ( as if those test really mean anything>?!) I also scored in the top 3% on my last ASVAB test for applied mechanical sciences
    again big flippin deal who really cares.
    also since you what to go back to hemp maybe you should stop smoking it and try stretching hemp
    and if you know so much of the bible than you would know that it was about 2,000 years between events in the bible and be able to read the “signs of the time” and know why all this happening.
    i guess all your book smarts can’t give you common sense can it ??
    Jesus also said “let those with out sin cast the first stone” and “judge not lest ye be judged”
    You should pull the log out of your own eye before you try to pull the splinter out of some one elses eye

  15. dan Says:

    DON, I hope someday you find Jesus. What good is all that intelligence that you claim to behold, if it burns in a lake of fire. If more people have died due to Christianity it is because it’s worth dying for. I would gladly join the Marines if it meant the difference between my family being allowed to worship freely. Find something to love Don. It is very obvious you have alot of hate for things you can not control. Smoke some of your hemp and adopt a pet. Then your life will be a little more fulfilling……………..and you’ll be high!!!!

  16. Don Says:

    Serious discussions? Go back and look at the tone of the murdering marine. I just was talking to him in his own vernacular.

    As for Jesus? So bag on me but say nothing of any actual value. I guess that’s your point. It was mine too (the wheels slowly turn…).

    Christianity is worth dieing for? You never have read Jesus’ teachings have you? He would tear down the pillars of the false establishment and throw the money masters like the pope in the street. He would be more against the stealing of his name and his fathers name than me or anyone else. The Jews have a vengeful god of war…that is what he rebelled against. They didn’t get it then and you don’t get it now. Did you conveniently ignore the line “Who would Jesus torture?” The Christian church is an institution of hatred and death. Did you notice I put “ideals” in quotes? There is nothing even closely resembling Jesus’ “ideals” in the Christian faith of today; except maybe in my Grandmother. Substitute torture in the line above with bomb, kill, lie to, etc.

    So, back to the actual issue here. Most people in Los Angeles are “left” leaning. All of the current polls say everybody but Bushies infected with cognitive dissonance want out. The Dems are split on how to handle the flip-flop thing (also known as getting a clue).
    Of course the Dems are backed by corporate cash as much as anyone so war is good business and big money. If you drop the sophomoric party politics for a minute you’d see this. Being in Iraq is mindless unless you are thinking we are better than them so we’ll help the poor backwards heathens; or unless your economy is built on the lie that we need oil. It’s not better for gas, hell, the Diesel was made to run on peanut oil before the patents were bought by petroleum interests and they figured out how to convert it to a commodity they had a monopoly on. Of course that’s the whole point.

    It’s all about control or monopolies. We could cure every problem except religion (yes it is a major problem) by growing hemp. OK, lets be sophomoric and banal, not to mention puerile and think I’m talking about smoking it; easy way for you to ignore the truth about it. That would be the typical obfuscation used by the ignorant when they can’t or won’t face the facts. It would shut down the chemical giants like DuPont…the ones that made the Bush family rich, by the way, and it would shut down the oil companies, the ones keeping Bush in power. It’s all about the balance of power, or the perception there of.

    We don’t need oil for ANYTHING except to keep the evil shits you idiots support in power. Go ahead; try some facts this time. It’s hard to talk to someone about reality when they are educated to a 6th grade level…6th grade in the 50’s of course; today’s high school graduate is around the 6th grade level of the early 50’s student in math, English, reading comprehension…all those things you guys are missing out in…LOL!

    So what exactly is good about killing Iraqis or killing and maiming people who only want you to leave them alone, go home and mind your own business and please stop killing their children? Let’s see…you have a right to steal the oil? After 2000 years the Israelis can steal the land and kill the inhabitants? Do to me what Israel did to Palestine and I’ll make a terrorist look like a baby throwing a tantrum. So would you, you just won’t admit it.

    Because if we have to take up arms you know very well you don’t stand a chance. You’ll need me to tell you how to mold a bullet or make gun powder from piss. Sorry, but most Bushies are way too stupid to survive without someone with brains taking care of it all. I knew how to make an H bomb when I was 12. Good thing you guys are so stupid or we would be in trouble. Timothy McVee was from your side of the tracks, not mine. Only a right-winger would kill children when trying to attack the Government…like something Bush would do.

    I will cast the first stone because I don’t sin. I don’t lie, cheat, kill babies or follow the worlds’ number one terrorist George W. Bush. And H.L. won’t touch this post because he knows me and knows that I am indeed one of the few honest people left on the face of the earth. I’ll stand by that and so will he, as will everyone who knows me. I can even get people who don’t like me to vouch for my honesty. So stone tossed and I am proud of it and unlike you brain dead idiots…I can indeed back it up. Way beyond your level.

    By the way Dan, joining the marines is what you do when you want to dictate to someone else how their family can worship. No one has ever in any way whatsoever gotten in your way of that. I don’t hate you, but pray for your salvation. So get it right: WE ARE THE BAD GUYS AND THE ONES OPRESSING THEM, NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND. While you support killing their babies, tell me, what the hell did they ever do to you? We put the asshole Saddam in power not them. IT’S OUR FAULT NOT THEIRS YOU IDIOTS.

    Come to think of it, you didn’t refute one fact I put forth so besides all of your hatred, you really don’t have anything to say do you; at least nothing intelligent? Hence my first post. I stand by it!

  17. Ghost Walker Says:

    Don — jesus also said that we are all born to sin and are sinners, so if you don’t sin then you are saying that you are GOD. and that my hypicrital friend is a sin.
    oh-by the way cussing is also a sin (the bible says so) so i guess you are not perfect like you think.
    and who is straping exslosives to thier kids to go and kill as many people as possible? — not us
    who is mutilating women? –not us. who is going into turkey and killing inocent people? — not us
    the fact of the matter is that we don’t try and hide from the problems that come up. sticking our heads in the sand like you do don’t make the problems go away. we may make mistakes but then—— besides you? who’s perfect right.? I know i’m not
    Don’t pray for my salvation —-pray for your own.
    I was once told to find the truth one must go down the middle and not try and believe either side
    if you tend to believe one side than you’ll not see the facts of the other side. i have tried hard to live by that advise and it has served me well over the years–you see in this case both sides are as right as they are wrong-
    now how do we right a wrong– oh don’t tell me –lets get stoned and forget the world right??
    As for the fact that we don’t need oil you realy don’t know what you are saying. with out it you would not eat — the farmers need fuel to run the farm. not have all those nice things from china like you computer that was hauled to the store you bought it at by a truck that runs on deisel. and you that lighter that you use to light your joint uses fuel. so if you like your standard of life then it would seem you need oil as much as the next person does

  18. Ghost Walker Says:

    Don — you called Korea and Veit Nam both illegal wars right? well my wanna be pot smoking 60s’
    era throw back hippie friend you lied as they were not wars they were policeing actions the United states never declared war in either case we just helped out a friend in trouble. So you lied and that is a sin

  19. Anonymous Says:

    Don you say that you don’t sin and yet you are judging people by calling them ” a brain dead idiot”. So what gives you the right to judge someone. You are not God nor are you Jesus. You haven’t stated just how it is that this country could servive on your “hemp”. From my view point this country would be back in the 1800’s without oil at which point we would not be the USA any longer. You have let your hemp get to your head and have no brain left. As to the US killing babies you need to get out of the 60’s and move up to the present day. The US doesn’t make common practice to kill babys. But terriorests are doing that very thing right now. As to the US putting Saddam into power that was the lesser of to evils and we fixed that problem.
    As to your claim about the US being in illegal wars since WWII the US hasn’t been in a war since WWII Korea and Vietnam were both police actions were the US was helping an allie that asked for our help. Now since you can’t get your facts straight how is it that you could have so many people say that you don’t lie unless they are just as stupid as you are. Which would mean just like HL you are so uninformed that you are dangerious to this country and the people that live in it. As to your claim about nobody being about to servive without your help bring your sorry potheaded butt up to my part of the country and we will see just how long you can servive with anyones help. I will bet that you wont servive a week without MY help.

  20. Ghost Walker Says:

    kookich says he has personaly seen UFOs’ in washington state so if all the people in the LA area are the same page so– that don’t say much for the mental state of the LA people now does it. I always knew Californians’ were wraped just a little to thight LOL. (whoops i forgot that E.T. is from Holly wierd)

  21. Ghost Walker Says:

    Amid laughter from the audience, Kucinich replied: “I did. It was [an] unidentified flying object, okay. It’s like – it’s identified. I saw something.

    “Now, to answer your question, I’m … going to move my campaign office to Roswell, New Mexico

    He’s going back to his crash site.—- now we know what happened to the alians that crashed there- they simply went to washington to become our fearless leaders. now we know why the goverment don’t want the american people knowing what went on.

    E.T phone hooommmmeeee

  22. Queryous Says:

    Would anyone just tell me what happened to the jet engines? You know, the ones that were on the 757 that supposidly hit the pentigon. WAKE UP! INSIDE JOB.

  23. Don Says:

    I’m still waiting for an intelligent person to address this forum. Please provide some facts. “Brain dead” and “idiot” are simple clinical observations. Look up the words…they are not epithets, but descriptive terms. Considering the language and social structure we are living with, I’m quite a bit less radical than Jesus was in his times.

    Let’s see, why do we need oil again? Please…some actual factual discussions would be appreciated! Farmers need it or I won’t eat? That’s unsupported by any facts; need it for what? What lubricant or fuel requires oil? In fact, the farmers will be much better off because the can indeed grow what they need…ending the corporate monopoly on Food. Petrol-chemical insecticides would be the next argument…if you bother to try to make a factual one…is there any body out there? Organic farming, while currently in some instances more expensive, has enormous benefits for the sustainability of the Earth and for the general health of the population. So go ahead, make some typical hippie long hair (yep…since ’76) comment, but pull your head out of your collective asses and say something intelligent…or go back to American Idol and your couch.

    I realize I look even smarter than I am as long as you Bushies can’t get your foots out of your mouths, but I’d welcome a serious factual discussion…are any of you capable? LOL!

    PS: I wrote “Every action (read war)”, not “War”. Damn are you people stupid (statement, not a question – as you have so proven yourself). Can you even read? Please get an education! Maybe if I did get stoned I could dumb myself down to your level.

  24. Anonymous Says:

    sorry if i miss read your jibber dar Don (or is your name Benidict Arnald?)

    you seem to have a lot to learn bout common sense when it come to life ie: farming and the importance of oil. first off do you want to plow a field with a team draft horses and try to feed the countless lazy ass city slickers who could not even grow quack grass, let alone not even know what blith is, or not know what mastitis is, or how to “burp” a cow.

    you also need to learn more bout the logging practices up in the north west. most of the clear cut practices were banned back in the late 1800s’ the feds set it aside as a national preserve

    as for making your self sound smart by making powder from piss doesn’t every one know what you get when you mix sulfer, salt peter, and charcoal??? or make amonia nitrate from cow shit?

    and where i’m from any one can cast slugs. so you are nothing special!! but do you know why bees’ wax is so important in casting and why do you mix it with alox? and how much to use depending on the alloy being used?

    so you don’t impress this old country boy none at all. i hear you self proclaimed know it all’s all the time.

    by the way i have not been a fan of our goverment for about 35 years but i will hurt the one who tries to “crap in my yard”

    I do have one question for you — if you are darn perttin perfect and have all the answers why are you not running for the white house??

  25. In_Iraq, and Well-Informed Says:

    You stupid, anti-semitic, fascist fucking hippie!!! You pretend to even understand my vernacular? Are you seriously so out of touch with your country that you fully believe that only mindless morons who are unfit for anything other than dirt work will enlist in our country’s military? You fucking empty-souled pussy!! I would dare you to enlist in the Corps to actually be able to understand the so-called “mindless baby-killers” that you envision. I wish you would, so that I could one day meet you and break your fucking skull. Yes, Don, I would end YOUR ability to be able to “think freely.” And I personally don’t give a shit about what anyone who knows you would say about your character. I lump them in with you by association. To coin your own phrase: to hell with ALL of you, including the ones who don’t like you, simply because you have likely infected them in some way. My brain is far from dead. You are obviously the brain-dead person here. You have smoked too much pot, and it has weakened your rational ability. And if you think you can make gunpowder out of PISS you are way more fucking stupid than I initially assumed. I would strand us both on a small island, or in some unforgiving land somewhere and laugh at you while you slowly died. I guarantee I would outlive you, hippie. Oh, but the Corps was not the only place I learned how to survive. I actually went outside my own home once in a while. Get off the pot, and into an incinerator. That’s what your heroes, the Nazis, did to the Jews you hate so much, fuck-tard! Or was that just a conspiracy too?

    And about me being a murderer,
    You have quite obviously not read either the Koran or the Bible, in any version save the Cliff Notes version. I would actually temporarily refrain from violence just to shame you in a true contest of intellect, and then end your pitiful ultra-liberal, anti-American existence with my bare fists. Thus proving that I am mentally, culturally, and physically superior to your worn-out, lazy ass. Yes, I can easily read your entire life. I would love to spit in your face. I normally would not be so rude, nor act with abandon, but with someone of your radical idiocy, there would be no reasoning, thus no restraint. You do not deserve the air you breath, let alone the ability to speak. I truly hope your life ends in an isolated fireball from an extremist Muslim’s explosive, somewhere in the world. Then perhaps for the millisecond of life remaining in your body before you are incinerated, you will possibly understand exactly what this world faces if the madness is not put in check SOMEWHERE ELSE. How is it that you can convince yourself to believe you know ANYTHING about me? Unlike you, I have procreated, and am interested in giving my children(that thing you will never experience) the best life that I can. I will never need compromise my morals to make that happen. You have no morals. You have no soul. You have no life. And you say you do not sin. I do. You admitted your obsession with pot. Where in any religion or law (save Amsterdam) is that legal, or morally right? You should smoke another bowl, and more until it chars your lungs.

    You speak of other people going out and fighting the war, and of our politicians going off to fight. I actually found this both amusing and pathetic. Where the hell are you coming from? You quite obviously lack any knowledge of the governmental or military organization of this country. You know, the one that you bitch about being all fucked up, yet are too lazy or incapable to even attempt to change? You are a fatalistic piece of shit, and I truly hope some day that you catch a glimpse of your wasted efforts here to infect others before you die a gruesome death. That’s right, I actually respect the Haji more than ignorant fucks like you, Don. Murderous? You have no idea what the hell you are talking about. There is no reasoning with the Haji, Don. There is NO FUCKING POLITICAL AGENDA WITH THE HAJI, Don! You are a completely ignorant, liberal lackey that believes everything he reads or sees in today’s mass-media garbage. Guess what, Don……. I don’t believe even half of what is reported. That’s why I decided to come over here. I wanted to see for myself what is happening. And you know what, Don? I am being paid nicely, and finding out for myself what the world’s future holds. Here’s another one for you, moron: if you don’t pull your head out of your ass, it might just get blown off before someone can stop the extremist movement.

    If that fails, I hope you drink the Kool-Aid, you pot-smoking, sub-humanoid, hillbilly piece of shit!

    I myself do not even speak about my government. My political views are not even my soapbox, idiot! I am a survivalist. I see what is happening, and I do what I must to survive, and to ATTEMPT to preserve that which I love. You obviously have nothing to love. You have no family, no surviving children. I would say that you are a virgin, also. But that would be a bit foolish of me, as I suspect you to be a loser who had to resort to rape to get your nut. Before you attack my character, perhaps you should know who you are dealing with. But that would require you to leave the log cabin in the hills of northern LA once in a while. Stop being such a pussy, holing-up inside your “escape,” and go out and enjoy the country you live in because of people like me.

    And I am not a “Bushie,” as you would attempt to call me. I personally do not agree with any of the politicians elected post-Reagan, and am even less favorable of the shitty lot running for office today. But I have more pride in my COUNTRY than people like you who would rather weaken our nation by screaming globally about what our own nation is doing than to actually try to fix something. Do you see Israel making a big stink about what happens within its government? What countries do you see allowing security leaks like you to babble on CNN and broadcast national vulnerabilities? Only Western nations, and only a few of those. You colossal moron! The only reason we do not have 30 times the problems you think we do is because we are geographically isolated from our enemies! So, you must create problems within our own borders because you have no life and no responsibilities to anyone else. I would even go as far as saying that even though you may pay taxes ( I pay more, loser), you are most likely to either be on Welfare (which I support unwillingly through my taxes), or leach on your family.

    And I personally don’t fucking care how you worship. But I would assert that you have no known god, only pot to worship. I truly hope it speeds your lapse into a vegetative state. You must have dick envy, or perhaps you were rejected by the Corps. You know nothing about the Corps, obviously. For you to even mention the Corps in your posts disgusts me. And the mere mention of you living in LA has me wanting to invite you to Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton for an audience with the Marines there. As a matter of fact, you may elect to speak only with those in the 3-digit intelligence quotient bracket. There will still be far too many there who will quickly want to rip your arms out of your body for attacking the principles Marines hold sacred. Go fuck yourself, you self-righteous, fascist fucking pig! Let’s see how brave you are, and how firmly you believe you have the solution!

    And I was raised by a Christian woman, but that does not mean that my actions over the last decade are dictated by any religion. If you truly believe that any extremist Muslim will not wish to drain the blood from your body in the most expeditious fashion possible, you are obviously mistaken. I am not in this country to promote ANY fucking religious agenda. I am here rather to prevent others’ religious agendas from overtaking my own homeland, and preserving my family’s right to worship as they see fit. You could not possibly have contradicted the truth any more than your statement about the religious goals of the Marine Corps. I firmly believe you are stuck on Full Metal Jacket, and accept the words of the infamous Senior Drill Instructor depicted to be the word of the Corps. Pull your head out of rectal defillade, you worthless fuck!

    I have pulled my foot out of my mouth long ago, and would happily plant it in your ass. I will return to the left coast, (read LA area, stupid) by the new year, and would gladly meet with you to briefly discuss this topic, before I rip your has-been hair off your fucking head. I wore the uniform I did proudly, ready to defend the citizens of the US. But I would gladly throw people like you to the wolves.

    Why do I depict so much hate towards you? You may be wondering that. You will never understand. I will not let you. I think anyone should be able to say anything they want, as long as they are willing to follow up by doing something about it. I bet you don’t even vote! I bet you have also never written your congress! You would rather do the hippie thing and smoke pot and bitch about how you think things should be. It is lazy, liberal fuckheads like yourself that make this country a difficult, over-taxing place to live. If you would just die, I would not have to give my HARD-EARNED dollars to support worthless leeches like you, that lack the will to make things on their own. Would you survive? I doubt it. Your “skills” will not help you when someone finally shuts down your beloved Welfare shit-program and you end up on the streets. And when that happens, and you die being mugged by some other fucking hippie-bum on the streets, nobody will miss you.

    Rot in Hell, Hippie!

  26. amber waves of weed Says:

    You must have been “informed” that you caught cancer from all the DU we like to use over there. I feel sorry for your kids.

  27. HL Says:

    Hey In_Iraq, and Well-Informed Says

    Sounds to me like Don proves his point every time you open your mouth,
    You just want to kill him? why? because he disagrees with you.

    He calls you a mindless killer,
    Your response? you want to kill him.

    Looks like Don is right on the money about you Killer.

  28. In_Iraq, and Well-Informed Says:


    Well, you finally decided to join us here.
    I am not interested in what anything sounds like to you. I can see what things “sound” like to you from reading other posts on this site.

    No, I do not wish to kill him. However, I would not shed a tear if he was snuffed out by the people whose opinions match exactly to his (and yours). But first, you both must learn Arabic, of the Iraqi dialect. Upon completion, hop on a plane, pussies. Put your ass where your mouth is.
    I doubt Don has been right on anything except the color of his pot. He is certainly not correct in this matter.
    And you are both wrong: I am anything but mindless.

    Have a nice night, libs. Sleep tight.

  29. HL Says:

    Yeah yeah yeah, I’ve been dealing with your kind on this site for 3 years now and am not about to go through it all again. You can read all about in the other posts where I point out the ridiculousness of everything you guys say.

    Yeah I’ll sleep tight knowing that your big bad ass is protecting me from the Evil Iraqi’s that want to come over here and kill me. Thank You.

  30. In_Iraq, and Well-Informed Says:

    The thought that you presume to know my kind amuses me. Unfortunately the rest of the US must deal with your kind. If there were a few less liberals, the rest of the country might be able to keep more of their hard-earned money inside their own families instead of losers and illegals on welfare.

    No, HL. You have me mistaken. I would not protect you from anyone. It’s just too bad that I have to live in the same area that you do. Besides, as previously stated, I am a contractor, not in the military anymore. I no longer conduct offensive operations. Then again, no liberal would ever truly understand the difference between offensive and defensive actions in the middle east. So, in English: I no longer actively pursue those extremists. I am now in strictly defensive operations.

    So, having robbed you from your comfort in sleep, it will be even worse when I tell you that I will eventually leave this place and not be here to “protect”(LMFAO, Yeah Right!!) you. Oh, but as long as nothing happens in the Left Coast, you won’t care what happens anywhere else. You are not welcome.

  31. Don Says:

    In Iraq and please stay there. We obviously need a longer war to eliminate a few more military types from this world. So lets fight a little longer until we have successfully thinned the heard. I would love for one right wing ass to have one actual fact or specific idea…not holding my breath…LOL!

    They come here because the right wing bloggers won’t even listen to the ignorant hatred these scum spew forth.

  32. dan Says:

    Don, please do not compare yourself to Jesus, talk ill of our veterans, degrade our military, profess to have a clue about our energy situation, or claim to be an American.

  33. In_Iraq, and Well-Informed Says:

    Here’s a fact for you Don: if you get your wish, there will be nobody to guard the country. Here’s a specific idea for you: smoke some more. I fervently hope your pot makes you happy. Nothing else will, it seems. You obviously had a successful life, resorting to weed to help you cope.

    Good luck in your endeavors. I will be interested to see if you can post something here without being high.