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Bill Maher: 9/11 Truth Won’t Be Silenced.

Posted in Main Blog (All Posts), Videos on October 20th, 2007 7:41 am by HL

Bill Maher has been in a feud with the 9/11 truthers. Maher who is a strong supporter of Israel claims to not believe that controlled explosions brought down The World Trade Center. He calls people who do believe (the truth) wackos. Last night on his live show Real Time, a few of the truthers infilitrated his audience, one began shouting down the guests and Maher has him thrown out, but it’s not over, there’s more…Check it out

23 Responses to “Bill Maher: 9/11 Truth Won’t Be Silenced.”

  1. » Bill Maher: 9/11 Truth Won’t Be Silenced. Says:

    […] HL created an interesting post today on Bill Maher: 9/11 Truth Wonâ??t Be Silenced..Here’s a short outline:Bill Maher has been in a feud with the 9/11 truthers. Maher who is a strong supporter of Israel claims to not believe that controlled explosions brought down The World Trade Center. He calls people who do believe (the truth) wackos. … […]

  2. » Bill Maher: 9/11 Truth Won’t Be Silenced. Says:

    […] great post by Great White Snark […]

  3. Sarge Says:

    Why Do Liberal Left-Wing Democrats Constantly Insult and Disparage Our Military?
    It is no secret how Democrats consistently insult, disrespect, disparage, condem, discriminate against, and NOW stats show … 1 out of every 5 Registered Dempcrats poled actually “WANT” to see the miltary LOOSE in Iraq !!

    From John Murtha to Hillary Clinton, calling General Petreaus a “Liar” a liar, mind you, in spite of her own Hubby’s Impeachment and Perjury charges, her remarks were an abomination!

    Especially in light of her own husband beating the Draft in England and her own Anti-American Hippie … days!

  4. RobLACal Says:

    “Maher who is a strong supporter of Israel claims”

    Israels Claims? THL, Stupid , liberal and a Racist.

  5. Use Your Brain Says:

    hey Sarge: I think you mean “see the military LOSE in Iraq”, not LOOSE. They’re already loose in Iraq and Iraq is much the worse for it.

    hey RobLACal: Aha, so I get it, if you don’t support Israel you are automatically a racist? Thanks for clearing that up. Wonderful how the “non-racist” Israelis conduct ethnic cleansing; I bet they are glad they can rely on the support of people like you RobLACal, if I may use the term “people” loosely (not losely Sarge!), when they conduct their racist bullshit every day. Was Baruch Goldstein a racist? Of course not, he was an Israeli. Those Muslims he shot in cold blood when they were at prayer, well they just HAPPENED to be Muslim right Rob? And all those people forced out of their homes at gunpoint in 1948 and since, that’s not racism is it? Did they deserve it Rob? Fuck you.

  6. Use Your Brain Says:

    Furthermore, this is for you RobLACal, Bill Maher and all the other gatekeepers in the FAKE opposition:

    Even the N.I.S.T. admitted that the Twin Towers “collapsed” at freefall rate. People in the reality-based community should have no problem whatsoever in realizing that the uppermost portion of a skyscraper is not going to be able to “fall” into and THROUGH the remaining vast majority of solid building as quickly, meaning as effortlessly as falling through air without something else (i.e. explosives) reducing said majority of building to such a state of offering no more resistance than air. Can we all agree on that? Sounds pretty straightforward; solid things offer vastly more resistance than air. Anyone who graduated elementary school SHOULD be able to grasp this, and SHOULD be able to therefore grasp that the Twin Towers and WTC # 7 building had to have been controlled demolitions. It is literally COMMON SENSE.

    Add to that the fact that “Al Qaeda” isn’t in control of the U.S. Air Force so they certainly wouldn’t be able to make it stand down while they reach their targets. Add to that the “hijackers” (patsies) not being able to even fly small propellor planes worth a damn, yet we are supposed to believe they jumped in the cockpit of these Boeing 757s and -767s and flew them like pro pilots? Come on. These guys also weren’t Muslim enough to sacrifice their own lives; they drank liquor like fish, snorted cocaine, got lapdances at strip clubs, some lived with their girlfriends; what they sound more like are C.I.A. assets who thought they were in training to become drug pilots. Remember all that time they spent in Florida? Then consider the people like Willie Brown, some DoD generals etc. who were warned in advance to not fly that day. Then consider that SOMEBODY placed record amounts of “put” options on the stocks of companies that would be directly affected by 9/11, and placed the “put” options on the stock in the week BEFORE 9/11, meaning they knew what was about to happen. Then consider Bush’s Secret Service allowing him to remain in Booker Elementary school for at least 35 minutes after Andy Card told him that there had been a second crash at the Twin Towers, that “we’re under attack”. They SHOULD have IMMEDIATELY whisked Bush out of there to a safer location. Instead they let him remain there and even to carry out his pre-announced press conference! The only way they could have been so confident to assume that Bush wasn’t even a POSSIBLE target would be if they knew the target list beforehand, meaning 9/11 had to have been an inside job. These and many more pieces of evidence all point to one inescapable conclusion: 9/11 was a false flag attack done by the U.S. against its own people, to provide a pretext for their resource wars, commonly called the “war on terror”. Wake up from your slumber America, before it’s too late. Many already are waking up. Don’t be the last ones on the school bus to figure out that Santa Claus isn’t real.

  7. Zafada Says:

    Ya know, I’ve researched tirelessly and even spoke to people who actually KNOW (not reading it on the internet) what happened on 911 besides the evidence that is shown. And I’ve tried millions of times to find doubt in this situation being an inside job, but I only come to the same conclusion every time.

    So, there is alot more going on than we’re aware of. Considering humans are hypnotised by television, I began to ask one other question.

    The US was supposedly under attack that day right? Soo if this is the case, shouldn’t the emergency warning sound on television and radio? Of course not when there’s news to be made…but there’s something a little wrong still…

    I noticed this while watching one of the age-old videos from the original newscast. From many different angles there appears to be a laser finding it’s way across the buildings diagonally. The laser meets up with the nose of the plane the instance it makes contact with the building.

    Here’s another problem. Many people began wondering what the strange like ‘pod’ was sometimes seen on the bottom of some angle shots. This was shown to a female government official who replied, “Oh my god…this looks like a fly by wire missile.”

    So for those who suspected the plane was carrying a missile, you almost right. If you guys really find the right people and the right materials you will eventually discover (and even I thought this was nuts at first) that there weren’t any planes at all.

    I was debating this when I was sure there were planes with someone and I was adamant with my belief…but like Christianity, rarely does anyone have the whole truth.

    In light of this whole missile thing I found some nice news footage from channel four which shows no airplane hitting the center. However the newscaster is saying, “No, no, a plane just hit the towers…”
    Meanwhile the chopper pilot who was watching the same feed said, “No, I’m seeing what you’re seeing and all there was was an explosion”
    But the newscaster cuts him off with, “it appears another plane has just hit the second tower”

    Another thing that makes this all kooky is the fact that channel 9, 11, and 5 all said the exact same thing when the plane hit. Hmm, something was scripted. Oh, not to mention the fall of WTC 7 being announced on BBC while clearly in the background of the live newscast was the building. You should see building 7 now. Now ask yourself, if you were a newscaster and you had the opportunity to get paid larg sums of money or become famous via your newscast, would you pass up the chance to save the lives of 3,000 humans here, 5,000+ in Iraq, or the slaughter of over 600,000 civilians in Iraq who are consistantly raped, disemboweled then lit on fire by our ‘troops’.

    Here’s how I look at this. Considering our country’s government has caused so much bloodshed throughout time, we do really deserve for our country to be invaded while our mothers, wives and children are raped, tortured, and killed. Not just our country though. Isreal, Britain, China, Mexico, Canada, France, Korea, Australia…to name just a few.

    You just have to remember one thing though. If you are one of the humans that reply with “shaddup you anti-american racist twat” rather than putting aside your faith to come to a logical conclusion concerning a situation, then you are just like the humans who strive for power and who think their life if any is actually worth something.

  8. Chris Says:

    Bill Maher has had Presidential candidate Ron Paul on his show several times. Ron Paul has promised a new 9/11 investigation. Truthers should not have disrupted one of the few outlets that will give Ron Paul an opportunity to be heard.

  9. dan Says:

    Use your brain. Radical muslims did crash 2 jumbo jets into the twin towers. Don’t you think that had a little to do with it.

  10. pat Says:

    Did the US government stage the 9/11 attacks? who knows? There are equally strong arguments for and against that particular issue. Here’s the thing, assuming the 9/11 truthers are right and our own government executed one of the most hanus attacks on US soil, what good is knowing the truth? If it’s true then it’s probably not the first or the last time it’s going to happen. Let’s face it it’s not the 1700’s anymore wars are not fought on horseback with muskets. The modern age has brought new weapons (aircraft, tanks, large explosive devices) that are controlled by a Government that is no longer elected by its citizens, and thereby no longer accountable to them. WE lost control a long time ago and sitting around with our thumbs up our asses wondering “gee did the government do it or not?” isn’t going to change anything. 9/11 truthers… you want some truth? Here it is, you’re probably right. However like typical Americans you are more concerned about who to blame then really solving the issue at hand. So 20 years from now when you finally find out you were right all along, you can look at eachother and say “Now what?” Because you, like the President when he decided to invade Iraq. have a great idea with no “Exit Strategy”. Tell you what i’ll save you the twenty years and ask you right now… Now What? What is your solution?

  11. Anonymous Says:

    I have a question for all of you. What did the US government have to gain by blowing up the Towers? IF you answer to get the US into Iraq than tell me why they needed to blow the towers up when Clinton signed a bill into law that required that the US remove Saddam and his regime from power in Iraq. It was called the Iraq Liberation Act of 1998.

  12. Bakatcha Says:

    Hey Anon

    How about the most Draconian legislation in the history of the world being introduced in the name of the war on “terror”…

  13. Use Your Brain Says:

    Anon: What did they have to gain? A custom-made pretext, that’s what. Do you think they would have been able to invade Afghanistan in October 2001 WITHOUT 9/11? Do you think they would have been able to invade Afghanistan if they were honest about the reason WHY they wanted to invade? Most Americans would not have gone along with an invasion of Afghanistan to be able to build a natural gas pipeline from Turkmenistan through Afghanistan to Pakistan and a LNG port; but most of them eagerly backed the invasion of Afghanistan after the 9/11 false flag operation.

    While the negotiations with the Taliban were still ongoing, the Cheney regime tried to bribe the Taliban with $43 million in aid, in addition to other aid already earmarked for Afghanistan: “The sum brings U.S. assistance to $124.2 million for this year, making the United States the largest Afghan donor for the second year in a row.”

    Christine Rocca was sent in August 2001 to try to get the Taliban to soften its demands, to no avail: “During her stay in Pakistan, Rocca is also expected to meet Taliban officials.”

    A little earlier that summer the U.S. had threatened the Taliban with war if they refuse to agree to the U.S.’s terms: ”At one moment during the negotiations, the U.S. representatives told the Taliban, ‘either you accept our offer of a carpet of gold, or we bury you under a carpet of bombs’,” Brisard said in an interview in Paris.”

    The Taliban of course did not back down, so the U.S. resorted to its 9/11 false flag operation to be blamed on “Al Qaeda” to use as a pretext to invade Afghanistan which was widely believed to be harboring “Al Qaeda”. The Taliban is overthrown and a pro-U.S. puppet government is installed with Hamid Karzai at the helm. Karzai, though he denies it, is alleged to be a former consultant for Unocal: “Cool and worldly, Karzai is a former employee of US oil company Unocal – one of two main oil companies that was bidding for the lucrative contract to build an oil pipeline from Uzbekistan through Afghanistan to seaports in Pakistan”

    Whether or not Karzai used to be on Unocal’s payroll or that of one of its subsidiaries, it is indisputable that the real power broker in Afghanistan, the (then-) U.S. ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad, used to be a Unocal consultant: “The ambassador once worked as an adviser to oil giant Unocal and his detractors linked his oil industry ties to his appointment to Iraq. They also noted that at the same time that he was working for Unocal, the company was touting for business in Taleban-run Afghanistan.”

    The parliament itself, or loya jirga as it is called, is really just a rubber stamp for the U.S.’s policies in Afghanistan, one of the cabinet ministers even being quoted as saying it was a rubber stamp: “Seema Samar, the women’s affairs minister, complained that the loya jirga was “not a democracy; it is a rubber stamp – everything has already been decided by the powerful ones”.

    So Karzai and the other puppets got to work hammering out a deal with the interests of their U.S. puppetmasters in mind, and in May 2002 it was announced that “Afghanistan” was planning a gas pipeline: “Afghanistan hopes to strike a deal later this month to build a $2bn pipeline through the country to take gas from energy-rich Turkmenistan to Pakistan and India. Afghan interim ruler Hamid Karzai is to hold talks with his Pakistani and Turkmenistan counterparts later this month on Afghanistan’s biggest foreign investment project, said Mohammad Alim Razim, minister for Mines and Industries told Reuters. “The work on the project will start after an agreement is expected to be struck at the coming summit,” Mr Razim said. The construction of the 850-kilometre pipeline had been previously discussed between Afghanistan’s former Taliban regime, US oil company Unocal and Bridas of Argentina.”

    Later that month at the summit, sure enough, the pipeline plan was given the green light: “The leaders of Afghanistan, Pakistan and Turkmenistan have agreed to construct a $2bn pipeline to bring gas from Central Asia to the sub-continent. The project was abandoned in 1998 when a consortium led by US energy company Unocal withdrew from the project over fears of being seen to support Afghanistan’s then Taliban government… The Pakistani leader said once the project is completed, Central Asia’s hydrocarbon resources would be available to the international market, including East Asian and other far eastern countries. Pakistan has plans to build a liquid-gas plant at the Gwadar port for export purposes… The pipeline could eventually supply gas to India.”

    A few months later, in December 2002, the pipeline deal was signed, just a little over a year after 9/11, the event that made it possible: “An agreement has been signed in the Turkmen capital, Ashgabat, paving the way for construction of a gas pipeline from the Central Asian republic through Afghanistan to Pakistan. The building of the trans-Afghanistan pipeline has been under discussion for some years but plans have been held up by Afghanistan’s unstable political situation… With improved regional security after the fall of the Taleban about a year ago, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan and Pakistan have decided to push ahead with plans for the ambitious 1,500-kilometre-long gas pipeline… Turkmenistan has some of the world’s greatest reserves of natural gas, but still relies on tightly controlled Russian pipelines to export it. Ashgabat has long been desperate to find an alternative export route.”

    Are you aware that Bush had warplans for the invasion of Afghanistan complete and on his desk, ready for signing, two days BEFORE 9/11?

    And even the USA Today admitted that an invasion of Afghanistan wouldn’t have been politically feasible without 9/11:

    And aside from Afghanistan, they of course used 9/11 as one of their excuses for invading Iraq, and it’s unlikely the regime could have scared most Americans into supporting the Iraq invasion without 9/11. You see Anon, the “war on terror” is nothing more than a thinly-disguised war for as much American control over as much of the world’s remaining oil and natural gas resources as possible.

  14. Use Your Brain Says:

    Pat said: “Did the US government stage the 9/11 attacks? who knows?”

    Hey Pat– Can a solid building provide as little resistance to a falling mass as air? Who knows? Only people who don’t have shit for brains. I will make this very simple for you: In order for the uppermost part of a building to be able to “fall” into and through the remaining solid vast majority of the building as quickly (easily) as falling through air, SOMETHING (like explosives) had to have reduced said majority of building to such a non-resisting state. Can you follow this? Is this too complicated for you? Here’s a little test. Try walking through your front door with it closed and see if you can pass through it as easily as you can with it open. Bet you can’t. For the life of me I can’t see WHAT THE HELL is so damned difficult to understand about this concept. Solid things offer enormously more resistance than air. It is beyond physics, just simple common sense. Can you use common sense?

  15. Use Your Brain Says:

    Bill Maher is a left gatekeeper piece of shit. Just like Amy Goodman, Michael Moore, Noam Chomsky, Keith Olbermann, Dan Abrams, Chris Matthews, Geraldo Rivera, Jon Stewart, Alan Colmes, Katie Couric, Alexander Cockburn, William Blum, Matt Tabbi etc.

    In the blogosphere you have a similar phenomenon of left gatekeeper blogs, such as Daily Kos, MyDD, Democratic Underground, My Left Wing, Mother Jones, Huffington Post, Salon, The Nation, Moxie Grrrl, Crooks & Liars etc.

    It’s all about discourse control. Keeping the discussion within “safe” parameters.

  16. HL Says:

    Use your brain: At least you know you got the HL We have no safe parameters here. So all the people who read/watch/listen to the people listed above. forget them, stay with us. Thank You

  17. pat Says:

    Hey “Use Your Brain” I’ve reviewed the evidence on both sides for and against your theory… and you need to use your brain for a quick second if it doesn’t hurt you. I agreed with you dumbass. I said more than likely you’re probably right. Here’s the thing… SO WHAT? Oh my God you figured out who to blame for the whole thing… now what? What are you going to do about it? The American Government doesn’t care… is the FBI knocking at your door trying to shut you up because you figured it out? No, they don’t care… nor are they ever going to. So why don’t you answer the harder question that i asked which is “What is your solution?” I’m so sick of listening to people argue about who is to blame. Here are some hard facts for you 1) it happened 2) We have not progressed since that day because we are still trying to figure out who to blame 3)We invaded Iraq and Afghanistan 4) Bush got his war on terror… 5) The Government has Nukes, biological weaponry, a highly organized military, Expensive Aircraft, and Intelligence reports… and under this administration have managed to strip the american publics rights without them even knowing it. So what can we do to stop them? they can screw with us anytime they want and they have proven it more so in the past 6 years. So please stop trying to figure out who to blame, think outside the box, use your brain, and come up with the solution… cause the rest of us who have “shit for brains” can’t think as fast or as well as you.

  18. Use Your Brain Says:

    HL: Thanks, I’ve gathered that this blog is one of EXCEEDINGLY few blogs out there that are genuinely leftist and don’t pull any punches. This one, Brad Blog, Winter Patriot, and that’s about it. Thank you guys for being genuine and having the balls to take on the unpleasant issues.

    Pat: I KNOW that you said we are “probably” right. Though unless you think the laws of physics are subjective, there is no “probably” to it, however my problem with you is not that, but that you are so ready to roll over and let the establisment rape you again. You ask about the solution but by your attitude you make yourself part of the problem. What’s the solution? There is no magic wand quick-fix solution, that’s obvious but that doesn’t mean that we don’t have any options whatsoever. The most important thing we can do first is to educate. Spread the word. Tell everyone you know that 9/11 was an inside job. Post comments on blogs until you get banned, that’s what I do. Getting the truth out there into public discourse is the first most important thing we must do. So far it seems to be working, as by the latest Zogby poll 51% of Americans now want a REAL investigation into 9/11, one that investigates Cheney and Bush for complicity. So we are having an effect. It would be a whole lot easier if we actually had a genuine opposition party in this country instead of the worthless Democratic Party who are working for the establishment and serve as nothing but a fig leaf for the regime, basically what Putin does in Russia only he’s not as sophisticated about it. But we are working on it. Every day more and more people wake up and realize that 9/11 and the “war on terror” are fake. Why is this so important? Because the more people that know the truth about 9/11, the less likely it will be that the regime will try to carry out ANOTHER false flag attack to be blamed on “Al Qaeda”. Sorry if I can’t whip up a solution that will solve everything before the commercial break, I know this is a sound-bite society that has to have things decided in 30 seconds or they lose interest. I reiterate: Spreading the word is the key first step. Everything else that CAN happen will flow from that, whether it is arresting the guilty parties, having a genuine independent investigation, turning our backs on the mainstream media, or whatever. The more people that know the truth, the better, and the less likely it will be that the bastards will try something similar again. Like before the ’08 “election”. The people I was referring to that have shit for brains are the people who can’t seem to figure out that solid buildings offer many magnitudes more resistance than air. An autistic 10 year old should be able to deduce that Pat. So yes, if you are someone who can’t use common sense and figure out that solid things offer much more resistance than air, you have shit for brains. If the shoe fits, as they say.

  19. Ghost Walker Says:

    got to doing some digging on the blue prints on the towers., and if a person was to take a close look at the you’ll see that the walls were put up in a “latis” style with no real core suport( the only suport was the stair way and elevator shafts) in the center of the buildings. and i found out they were not maintained properly and they have not been up to code for some time simply stating that if on wall was compromised and any heat at all was aplied to it the whole building would come staight down, with little or no restance. And seeing how both the towers were built by the same plans it stands to reason that they both came down the same way.

    As for building #7 well— that one was almost certain to be a demo charge

    and as for the pentagone all the pics i have show no plane or parts of the plane in the building and i don’t think that the goverment can get a plane of that size out before the fire trucks got there. i Don’t believe they are that good !
    i i can only come to the conclusion that both sides of the story are right ,but i could be mistaken

  20. Ron Paul Says:

    You make ’em, I amuse ’em.TheodorSeussGeiselTheodor Seuss Geisel, a.k.a. Dr. Seuss, 1904-1991, on children

  21. Use Your Brain Says:

    “a close look at the you’ll see that the walls were put up in a “latis” style with no real core suport( the only suport was the stair way and elevator shafts) in the center of the buildings. and i found out they were not maintained properly and they have not been up to code for some time simply stating that if on wall was compromised and any heat at all was aplied to it the whole building would come staight down, with little or no restance. And seeing how both the towers were built by the same plans it stands to reason that they both came down the same way.”

    Ah, no. Also what you’re missing is this: There is no way in the world that the uppermost floors can crash THROUGH the remainder of SOLID building, concrete, steel, etc. as easily and quickly as falling through air. Not even close. This is a ridiculously childish idea, that “if any heat at all was applied to it the whole building would come straight down, with little or no resistance.” I don’t give a damn if it was made of CHEESE it would still provide more resistance than air. Any solid matter does. It’s common sense. Go up on your roof and see if you magically fall THROUGH it like it isn’t there. Unless you have a hole in your roof and step into it, it isn’t happening. Try walking through your front door with it shut. See if it’s as easy as it is walking through your doorway with the door open. Bet it’s not. Use your head. Really.

  22. ryan Says:

    Bill Maher is a complete SHMUCK. He IS AN AROGANT EGOTIST. F HIM.

  23. ryan Says: