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Dennis Kucinich Fundraiser & Speech Feb. 21, Be There

Posted in H.L. News, Main Blog (All Posts) on October 12th, 2007 8:28 am by HL

I went to a meeting of The San Gabriel Progressives last night in Pasadena. They are working on the Dennis Kucinich campaign, and are the de facto grass roots movement for Kucinich in California. These people are getting involved in politics from the ground up, and are putting their time, and even their own money into working to get the word out on Dennis. Currently they are organizing events such as a caravan that will travel all through Los Angeles handing out information and campaign for Dennis, The Progressives have set up a fund raiser for Kucinich, in which Dennis and his wife Elizabeth will attend. Dennis will be speaking. The event is in Sierra Madre, which is about 15 miles Northwest of Downtown L.A. All are invited, and admission is free. Here is the details.

dennis kucinich speaks live

Come on down, see Dennis speak, and maybe make a donation to his campaign. He is, afterall the only candidate worth voting for. Thanks to the San Gabriel Progressives for bringing this event to my attention.

The San Gabriel Progressives meet every Thursday night in Pasadena, if you are interested in learning more about them, and helping them campaign for Dennis Kucinich You can check out their page on Dennis’ website for all the info.

3 Responses to “Dennis Kucinich Fundraiser & Speech Feb. 21, Be There”

  1. sigw Says:

    Impeach Cheney! Dennis is the man.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    right. the man that wants to get rid of all our nuks and will worry about what other countrys think of us and wether they like us or not. I’m sorry I don’t want a pres that is worried about what other countrys think about us and wether they like us or not. Most other countrys still like the US even though there are people that are running around trying to say that they don’t. But once again those are the people that want the US portrayed as a cruel place. of which most of those people are libs and don’t like the US themselves but sure like the freedom they have here.

  3. Use Your Brain Says:

    Yeah Anon, so much freedom… We have the freedom to have our phones bugged. The freedom to demonstrate in tiny, restricted “free speech zones”. We have the freedom to have the police thugs take photographs of us surrepticiously and sometimes not-so-surrepticiously as we huddle in the “free speech zones”. We have the freedom to be monitored by small mechanical “dragonflies” they use apparantly for spying on protesters. The freedom to participate in rigged elections and vote for whichever establishment candidate we want, not that it makes any difference who we choose because as I said, they’re both playing for the same team. We have the freedom to have the government read our mail, thanks to one of those “signing statements” King George Bush has added to another law. We have the freedom to be dragged away in the middle of the night by goosestepping jackbooted fascists on the whim of someone designating us an “enemy combatant”. Once dragged away we have the freedom to rot in a military brig for years incommunicado, tortured, and without seeing a lawyer, before they say “oh well, we got you mixed up with this other guy, you’re free to go”. We have the freedom to have what library books we check out monitored. We have the freedom to be fired from our jobs for questioning the impossible official myth of 9/11. We have the freedom to be taxed to support an illegal war we don’t agree with, with no say-so whatsoever in how it’s spent because the Democrats in Congress are supine pussies who are working for the same people as the Republicans. We have the freedom to be fed propaganda every day by the corporate-owned mainstream media. We have the freedom to peruse a blogosphere riddled with left gatekeeper blogs that pretend to be leftist but channel discourse away from areas damaging to the establishment, like 9/11 truth and election fraud. Oh, and if we just need something to relax and decide to smoke a joint, we have the freedom to be arrested, thrown in jail and treated like a criminal for being an adult and making the adult choice to use a substance that is in every way less harmful than perfectly legal alcohol.

    Yeah, what a free country!! Wow!! Free like Nazi Germany you stupid douchebag. Wake up.