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Put Down The Constitution and Put Your Hands Behind Your Back

Posted in H.L. News, Main Blog (All Posts) on October 2nd, 2007 10:56 am by HL

Arrested For Reading The Constitution

A common theme of the event was that U.S. troops in Iraq were there to “protect the freedom” of the Iraqi people, but this freedom didn’t seem to apply to the group of American citizens that decided to use their first amendment right of free speech to voice their dissent.

Five members of Code Pink were arrested, one for reading the Constitution, as police refused to say what the charges were and refused to answer any questions while demonstrators were hauled into paddy wagons.

2 Responses to “Put Down The Constitution and Put Your Hands Behind Your Back”

  1. sigw Says:

    I suppose when Blackwater triumphantly returns from Iraq to assist in “maintaining order” here at home that they won’t be bothered by restraints from that goddamn piece of paper, will they? We should come up with a new catchphrase for “Halt or I’ll shoot!”- they’ll likely shoot no matter what.

  2. sigw Says:

    A Story update of sorts: Medea and a partner were refused entry to Canada, according to Carolyn Baker’s blog. Maybe the gov of Canuckistan don’t like women who read?