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President Jenna?: Bush/MSM Tries to Clean Up Daughters Slutty Image

Posted in H.L. News, Main Blog (All Posts), Pictures on September 28th, 2007 11:30 am by HL

You know that when it comes to predicting the future under Bush, the only trick is to imagine the worst possible scenario, predict it, and then wait for it to come true. Simple. Well here is a scenario that no one could possibly believe now, but wait, President Jenna Bush. You have to be 35 to run for President, Jenna will be 27 next month. That means that after Hillary gets done with her 2 terms, the Bush/Clinton/Bush/Clinton/Bush trend will continue with President Jenna. (why not Barbara you ask? because you have to imagine the WORST possible scenario.) By then the Republicans will have fully perfected vote stealing so there will be nothing anyone can do about it.

20/20 Exclusive: The First Daughter’s First TV Interview

future president jennaJenna Bush has taken on many roles in her nearly 26 years.

To America, she is the granddaughter of a former president, the daughter of President Bush and first lady Laura, a sister to her fraternal twin, Barbara, and a teacher to elementary school students in Washington, D.C. But recently, Bush has taken on several new roles and she sat down with Diane Sawyer to discuss her work with UNICEF, her engagement to Henry Hager that made headlines around the world and her first book, “Ana’s Story.”

When asked whether she agrees with her father about the Iraq War, Bush said, “You know I’m not here to talk about that, but I’m also not a policymaker. It’s a really complicated, obviously a very complicated subject. Everybody can agree on that.” Bush told Sawyer she doesn’t worry about her father’s poll numbers, “because nobody knows him as a person. I mean, he’s my father. I separate it, you know? He’s a different person to me than what they portray him as. He’s a totally different person. I think that’s normal, I mean, he’s my dad.”

jenna bush busted

Bush said she worries about her father, but says, “He’s doing a great job and he’s hanging in there. …
jenna plays volleyball

4 Responses to “President Jenna?: Bush/MSM Tries to Clean Up Daughters Slutty Image”

  1. jimju Says:

    She’s a babe, WOW, TY

  2. Ghost Walker Says:

    i’ld bite that in the rear, get lock jaw and get draged to death

  3. sigw Says:

    I wonder if Babs and 41 have a cute nickname for that? Lil’ Bush has been taken, hmmm…. Beaver Bush? Gyna? On the other hand, maybe something simple yet tasteful, How about drunken slut?

  4. Alex Says:

    hehe yeah =))) nice photos