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Power of 10: What Percentage of Americans Think We Should Stay in Iraq?

Posted in Main Blog (All Posts), Videos on September 27th, 2007 11:59 am by HL

Have you seen this new game show “The Power of 10”? Drew Carey hosts the show where the object is to guess what percentage of American’s answered a poll question a certain way. They ask a random sampling of people a question, and the player who comes closest to guessing how the people responded wins that round. Carey claims to be a former Marine, (I don’t see how with that body) and the show often asks questions that make them look like a bunch of Bush loving Yahoos (like the rest of the MSM.) To get a feel for who they are asking these question to, Here is one of the questions from the episode I watched: What percentage of American men said that they would still eat Hamburgers if they had to kill the cow and prepare the meat themselves. Now I’m figuring that the answer is going to be really low, like maybe 10%, but when they reveal the answer, a whopping 79% of men said they would kill cows to eat burgers. So I say to myself “where are they asking these questions, in a redneck bar with sawdust on the floor in the middle of W. Virginia?.”
A few minutes later the new question is “What percentage of Americans feel that we should stay in Iraq, and finish the job?” Oh great I think, this should be interesting. Now we know that at least 70 percent of Americans are against the war, but what did the voters at Power of 10 say to that question. Watch this and see.

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