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Bush to Kids on Health Care: Drop Dead

Posted in H.L. News, Main Blog (All Posts) on September 27th, 2007 11:47 am by HL

Bush Plays Politics With Our Kids

Tom Paine.com

The battle over the State Children’s Health Insurance Program is heating up. This week, Congress is set to pass legislation to cover millions more kids. President Bush plans to veto the bill.

There is bipartisan support for expansion in both houses, but at the moment, we can only be sure of a veto-proof margin in the Senate.

President Bush led his Thursday press conference and Saturday radio address with misinformation about the bill, in an attempt to give political cover to House members who may risk their seats to sustain a veto. Regular reades know this misinformation has been peddled by the White House and others in the conservative movement all summer, but the effort has failed to turn the public against the bill. And last week, key Republican senators debunked Bush as well.

The dishonesty of Bush was evident in his radio address, when he said, “The American people expect their elected leaders in Washington to work together by passing responsible bills in a timely manner.”

HL’s Take
Billions for killing and war, nothing for our owns childrens health care. Bush says he is being a conservative and saving money. So it’s ok to save money while our children get sick, but lets blow the bank account on killing and war, he is a disgusting human being.

9 Responses to “Bush to Kids on Health Care: Drop Dead”

  1. William G Says:

    As usual you are cherrypicking information. This SCHIP bill is taking away more of my money. Did you know that families making 82,000 a year which is 400 percent over the povertyy line would be covered. Show me where in the constitution where it says that healthcare should be socialized. I hope Bush vetoes this

  2. HL Says:

    where is your source on this info. Or are you making stuff up again?

  3. Paul Says:

    “I hope Bush vetoes this”

    I do to.

    It makes the GOP look even more divided…

  4. William G Says:

    I heard it on Michael Savage and Mark Levins show

  5. HL Says:

    So it is a lie then. Savage (whose real name is Weiner by the way) is the biggest douchebag on radio. Don’t be coming on here with those lies anymore.

  6. Ghost Walker Says:

    what i find kinda funny bout this fight over children’s health care is that it is aready in place. I had it when i was a kid. My family lived on $13K a year in 1989 and all us kids (there was 5 of us) had free health care. This Children’s health care package is the first step to a natonal health care, that means that you HL would be respondsable for paying the taxes that pay for my daughter. I don’t think that is fair to you, after all, is not my little girl my responsibility?

  7. Urgent News Trackers Says:

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  8. Ghost Walker Says:

    HL once again you are wrong. What William G told you wasn’t a lie. Here it is from CBS News, The Bush administration says the legislation could qualify some New York families of four making about $83,000 a year, or four times the poverty level.
    Not to mention HL that the tax increase on tobacco with affect the poor since more poor and lower class income smoke than higher income.

  9. HL Says:

    This is from the article you linked to

    The claim: The proposal would allow coverage of families earning $83,000.

    The facts: The bill essentially sets an income ceiling of three times the poverty rate for a family of four — $61,950. Beyond that, the federal government would not pay a state its full SCHIP match, which averages about 70 percent.

    Believe it or not $61,350 is not a lot of money for a family of 4 to live on. It’s barely over $15,000 per person per year, that is just about the poverty level. If a family making that kind of money had good health insurance they would not have to take advantage of the SCHIP plan. If both parents are working and making just over 30K, their health plans probably suck, if they have one at all. So the bill would help those families out.