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3 US Soldiers Charged with Premeditated Murder in Iraq “Bait” Case

Posted in H.L. News, Main Blog (All Posts) on September 27th, 2007 11:14 am by HL

US soldiers charged with murder over baiting of Iraqis

Three US soldiers have been charged with premeditated murder for engaging in a baiting practice allegedly ordered by the US military in Iraq.

Snipers were allegedly ordered to kill Iraqis who fell for the trap, in which ammunition and explosives were planted on the street.

The three soldiers facing court are also accused of planting weapons on the Iraqis they killed.

Defence lawyers and the soldiers’ families say the men were simply following orders.

The court martial, being held at a US army base in Baghdad, is unlikely to help the Pentagon’s efforts to win and the hearts and minds of war weary Iraqis.

HL’s Take
Win the hearts and minds of iraqi’s, yeah I’m sure that is what we are doing over there. The soldiers said they were just following orders. Hadn’t they heard of Abu Gharib? They were just following orders over there too. What about Nuremberg, had any of those soldiers heard of Hitler and WW2? Just one more reason not to join the military, they give you an order like that, then either you refuse and are charged with disobeying orders, (and possibly thrown in the brig) or you follow orders, and end up being charged with murder. Quite a choice.

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