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Videos: Dennis Kucinich: The Only Candidate That Deserves to Win

Posted in H.L. News, Videos on September 9th, 2007 6:39 am by HL

Yesterday we looked at the campaign of the only Republican running who is not another Rudy McRomney clone. That is the candidacy of Ron Paul. I would love to see Paul get the Republican nomination. Today we are focusing on the guy I’d like to see beat Paul in the election. The Only candidate from either party who should be the next President. The Only democrat that voted consistently against the war, the only candidate that favors not for profit single payer health coverage. The Only candidate that wants to end Nafta, and WTO, the only candidate that is not afraid of impeaching Bush, and Cheney, the only candidate that is not bought and paid for by big corporations, and foreign Governments. America’s last hope for remaining America. Dennis Kucinich. This site has been endorsing Dennis for President since 2004, see for yourself why.

Dennis Kucinich Just Back From Syria Interview
Dennis spent labor day weekend in Syria, seeing for himself the devastion of 1.5 Million Iraqi refugees who were forced to free Bush’s war with just the clothes on their backs. Dennis interviewed by Tucker Carlson.

Dennis Kucinich: I cannot be Bought
When it comes to foriegn policy there is no difference between Hillary Clinton and George W. Bush.

Dennis Kucinich Strikes Again
Featuring Dennis getting 17,000 people at Soldier Field in Chicago riled up while Hilary, Edwards, and the rest stand there looking lame. No more Nafta, no more WTO, universal not for profit health care for everyone. And a President who isn’t fooled by a lying weasel like George W. Bush about something fairly serious like going to war.

One Response to “Videos: Dennis Kucinich: The Only Candidate That Deserves to Win”

  1. Friendly Says:

    Dennis Kucinich may be the only Democrat that can save the party. Otherwise, it is doomed for continued failure and an exodus from its ranks. However, Ron Paul is a visionary while Kucinich doesn’t come across as having any vision.