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Video: Ron Paul Wins Republican Debate

Posted in Main Blog (All Posts), Videos on September 8th, 2007 9:14 am by HL

Fox news held a Republican debate and once again Ron Paul ran away with it. The Republicans are starting to panic over Paul. It is clear they hate him, and now they know that he is the front runner amongst the people. Paul’s Anti-war rhetoric is making the GOP very nervous. Chris Wallace the host of the debate could not have shown his contempt of Paul more. An actual queation. “So Mr. Paul, you are saying we should take our marching orders from Al Qaeda?” Check out some of Paul’s answers at the debate

7 Responses to “Video: Ron Paul Wins Republican Debate”

  1. Buckwheat Says:

    He’ll be the greatest president since Jefferson.

    No joke.

  2. Paul Says:

    If he can’t get the GOP & Faux news behind him, how’s he going to get the rest of the country to support him?

    Serious question.

  3. John Howard Says:

    The can’t refute him, so they ridicule and insult him and cheat on the debates. The GOP is shrinking fast. Faux news is becoming famous for being dirty players. Cowards and bullies are getting nervous. He’s drawing supporters from all parties. They can’t refute him. They lie about his positions, but they can’t refute him.

  4. collin28 Says:

    Ron Paul’s record is clear, and has been for over 20 years. It is factual and it is abundant across the country, but most of the media (especially FOX), the other candidates, and the ruling powers despise and fear him because he stands for truth and he reminds them every time they hear him speak, and look in the mirror at home, of what they have become… lackeys for the military industrial complex, traitors, and domestic terrorists.
    Ron Paul threatens everything they stand for, and is the only political voice that is defending American freedom, sovereignty and our way of life, and the Constitution. The media and elite with such attitudes against him, and America, are traitors, and the lowest of humanity.
    Is America so asleep at the wheel that they still believe in the Republican v Democrat mythology? Do they really accept what mainstream media says? Are they so addicted to the mindless pablum government and media put out that they cannot think for themselves, or research the real issues? Have Americans discarded the American dream, selling out their children for couch time, and receiving limited freedoms?
    Are there any leaders who take personal responsibility for where we find ourselves as a nation? Ron Paul is one who loves country, freedom and sovereignty enough to stand up and speak the truth. We want him to speak the truth because we are behind him… those who realize that freedom is NOT free, but requires vigilance, responsibility and fearlessness. Will the media continue to ignore the most popular candidate in the country? Wake up America. Ron Paul is the only Republican candidate that can beat Hillary.

  5. morpheus Says:

    I want to know why it is that there is the laughing in the background while Ron Paul is being asked the question about elimination of the departments. I suspect it is GHOULani and the fact the network didn’t edit it out is reprehensible. Yes get RID of the CIA. that is part of the shadow government. And the entire FBI needs to be investigated as to how they were givin 40 billion dollars and 9/11 still slipped thru thier fingers. they had all the information the need to do their job. They FAILED. THEY FAILED THEY FAILED!

  6. cindy Says:

    Fox news wants Rudy, the Likud party candidate. and if he wins he would start more wars than Bush.

    none of the other Republicans except for Ron Paul have a chance in hell of beating Hillary.

  7. Friendly Says:

    Ron Paul is the only candidate that is capable of reuniting a fractured USA. Both the Republicans and Democrats have destroyed faith in politics. Both parties are essentially political whores. Paul’s allegiance is to America. He understands the issues. He understands foreign policy. He is not owned by the Lobby. He is honest, intelligent and sincere. He is the best solution for the USA.