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Archive for August, 2007

Local Governments Response to Bad Economy: More Prisons.

Posted in H.L. News, Main Blog (All Posts) on August 27th, 2007 8:12 am by HL

Governor: Prison is the start of area’s rebuilding

Natchez Democrat

NATCHEZ — A private prison on U.S. 84 is the first big project to come to Adams County in years, but it won’t be the last, the governor says…

Barbour, who supported efforts to bring the facility to Adams County, was enthusiastic about the $105 million project.

The governor’s hometown of Yazoo City plays host to three federal prisons, and Barbour said a county couldn’t ask for a better industry.

“There’s no pollution and they don’t have recessions,” Barbour said with a laugh…

Grennell said he completely agrees with Barbour’s assessment of the area’s future.

“We’ve got several projects we’re working on,” Grennell said.

“This represents a step in the right direction on the road to industrial recovery in Adams County,” West said. “This and other things happening will fuel the economy for southwest Mississippi.”

breaking ground on a new private prison

One More Reason Not to Join The Army: Cancer

Posted in H.L. News, Main Blog (All Posts) on August 27th, 2007 8:02 am by HL

Cancer in Iraq vets raises possibility of toxic exposure

Arizona Daily Star
After serving in Vietnam nearly 40 years ago — and receiving the Bronze Star for it — the Tucson soldier was called back to active duty in Iraq. While there, he awoke one morning with a sore throat. Eighteen months later, Army Sgt. James Lauderdale was dead, of a bizarrely aggressive cancer rarely seen by the doctors who tried to treat it….

As a mining engineer, Lauderdale knew exactly what it meant when he saw the thick black smoke pouring nonstop out of the smokestacks that line the Iraq/Kuwait border area where he was stationed for three months in 2005.
“He wrote to me that everyone was complaining about their stinging eyes and sore throats and headaches,” Dixie said. “For Jim to say something like that, to complain, was very unusual.
“One of the mothers on the cancer ward had pictures of her son bathing in the brown water,” she said. “He died of kidney cancer.”
Stationed in roughly the same area as Lauderdale, yet another soldier — now fighting terminal colon cancer — described the scene there, of oil refineries, a cement factory, a chlorine factory and a sulfuric acid factory, all spewing unfiltered and uncontrolled substances into the air.
“One day, we were walking toward the port and they had sulfuric acid exploding out of the stacks. We were covered with it, everything was burning on us, and we had to turn around and get to the medics,” said Army Staff Sgt. Frank Valentin, 35.

More Gay Republican Hypocrisy With a Bad Ending

Posted in H.L. News, Main Blog (All Posts) on August 27th, 2007 7:57 am by HL

Murder-Suicide Claims Prominent GOP Strategist; Gaydars Going Wild

Pensito Review

Ralph Gonzalez, a former executive director of the Georgia GOP while Ralph Reed was its chair, was found shot to death yesterday with two other men in a home he with shared with one of them in Orlando….
A prominent Republican Party consultant is one of three men found dead in a Central Florida home Thursday in an apparent double murder-suicide possibly sparked by a lovers’ quarrel, according to detectives…Reed himself, the former head of the Christian Coalition, also flies under
the gaydar in Republican conservative circles. If he’s not gay, he fooled me.

Soldiers Who Died in Helicopter Crash Were to Testify in Trial Against Superior

Posted in H.L. News, Main Blog (All Posts) on August 27th, 2007 7:51 am by HL

Witnesses In Army Trial Killed In Crash

Honolulu Post Chronicle

Several U.S. Army soldiers killed in a helicopter crash in Iraq last week were to be witnesses in the homicide trial of their former superior.

Honolulu’s KITV reported Sunday that some of the soldiers who died in the crash had been scheduled to testify in the trial of Sgt. 1st Class Trey Corrales, who is accused of orchestrating the death of an Iraqi detainee this year.

Corrales, who was in the same Hawaii-based platoon as the soldiers killed in Wednesday’s crash, allegedly shot the detainee repeatedly June 23. He is accused of then ordering his subordinate and fellow defendant, Spc. Christopher Shore, to continue shooting the man. The detainee died from those wounds.

Retired military lawyer Earle Partington said the loss of the witnesses could prove detrimental to the prosecution’s case against the pair.

“If these witnesses are no longer alive, there is no way for the accused or their counsel to question them. Unfortunately, it could mean that there is no trial,” Partington told the TV station. “Obviously, it depends on what witnesses the government still has

4,000 National Guardsman Cheer Call For Iraq Withdrawl

Posted in H.L. News, Main Blog (All Posts) on August 27th, 2007 7:46 am by HL

Troops Cheer Call For Iraq Withdrawal


(AP) A call by Puerto Rico’s governor for a U.S. withdrawal from Iraq earned a standing ovation from a conference of more than 4,000 National Guardsmen….
Col. David Carrion Baralt, the Guard’s top official in the U.S. Caribbean territory, said Acevedo received a standing ovation.

“Maybe the (officers) were not expecting those kinds of comments, but having a dialogue is the point of conferences like these,” Carrion said by phone.

The nonpartisan National Guard Association represents nearly 45,000 current and former Air and Army National Guard officers and petitions Congress for resources.


Posted in Michael O'McCarthy's Blog, Main Blog (All Posts) on August 25th, 2007 10:10 am by HL

By Michael O’McCarthy

Mike O'MccarthyIn 1971 a small group of Left activists and investigative journalists revealed the confession of a long-time professional police agent provocateur to the world. Among the list he gave us of acts of “radical” behavior influenced, if not orchestrated by him and other police agents, were acts of arson, murder and conspiracy to commit murder. But what was the most disturbing confession
was nightmarish: It revealed a White House orchestrated, (Nixon), secret plot to plant explosives at the San Diego Republican Convention and manufacture evidence indicating that the bombing was the work of anti-war radicals. The result of our investigation would become the now legendary book; The Glass House Tapes – by the Citizen’s Research and Investigative Committee.

Both a history of illegal U.S. police activity and a expose, the book contained what would be the first of many revelations to follow which would expose what we now know as COINTELPRO (Hoover and the FBI), the CIA’s OPERATION CHAOS, and a significant number of illegal acts of surveillance and provocation by members of various intelligence agencies, both “civilian” and military. One of the end results of that work was the Church Committee, which curtailed
domestic activities of the CIA until the Bush regime re-engaged them in The Patriot Act I.

As the recent exposure of Canadian under-cover agent provocateurs attempting to sabotage a peaceful demonstration has shown, the secret police are now being infiltrated into both the current anti-war movement and into community organizations with ties into that movement. (SEE: _http://www.youtube.com/v/St1-WTc1kow_ (http://www.youtube.com/v/St1-WTc1kow) )

Thus, its time to look at some practical means in dealing with illegal police activity and protecting your constitutional rights to gather, organize and speak. I highly suggest that you make yourself aware of these tips and put them into practice as they have been gathered from a history of long and often painful, personal experience:

1- Hold only public meetings. Create an official recording of the meeting topics, agenda and plans.

2- 2- Condone and conduct only legal actions. “Illegal” actions such as sit-ins – etc. ought to be announced before hand as “acts of civil disobedience,” and those who participate must agree to be peacefully arrested. Non-violence is the key to the success of democratic protest. Police riots that confront such activities can be shown for what they are.

3- 3- Equip sufficient numbers of organizers with cameras to record the event. Make recordings available to both the “u-tube” and to the mainstream media. Where possible post them on the organization’s web site; forward to other friendly web media.

4- 4- Befriend members of the mainstream media. Sooner of later public sentiment can swing those corporate owned employees to capture more of what can be the “turning of the tide.” Sooner or later the mainstream media employees become targets of the police.

5- 5- No alcohol, drugs or any form of weaponry ought to be present at official meetings or activities. The use of drugs, alcohol by the police agents inevitably leads to out of control behaviors; weapons of any kind can lead to arrests.

6- 6- Report anyone who suggests illegal or violent activity to the membership of the organization immediately. This is not rumormonger time. Be sure of your facts. Allow a democratic process to make decisions about this person’s intention and identity. We all get angered at the crimes the state commits; we get angry at the way the state will repress us. But there is a difference between “letting off steam,” so to speak, and provocatively inciting members to illegal and/or violent acts.

7- 7- Make sure the organization has a solid and communicative relationship with its own legal entity. Report any unwanted – suspicious behavior to that entity ASAP, making a record of the report.

8- 8- If an illegal activity has been committed by a member of the group, expel that person until their behavior can be investigated; with advice of the legal entity, consider whether that person ought to be reported to the police: often the agent provocateur is undercover and unknown to the uniformed law enforcement personnel and can be “surfaced” by that process.

9- Under NO circumstances take individual or collective personal action against that person or persons: Such actions will lead to charges of conspiracy to commit assault against police officers, obstructing justice or worse. Often the “civilian” agents are mentally unstable persons; often they have been busted for crimes and are being used by law enforcement – blackmailed to alter or terminate their sentence or have charges dropped; or they are paid and will do anything to earn their fees. Which means committing other criminal acts and framing organization members for the crime.

10- Have your legal entity advise you regarding filing charges against any attempt by police agencies that have infiltrated your organization and perpetrated, or attempted to perpetrate, illegal actives.

11- If your organization adopts these tips as rules of conduct post them publicly in all offices, in your newsletter to other members and have them available at all meetings. Constant vigilance and awareness of constitutional rights is the best protection.

12- For so long as there are democratic remedies for redress of grievance, a progressive moment MUST pursue them. Not only for its own well being, but also as a conscious raising means to reach those who have yet to become aware of the state that the State is in!
And you may want to refer all members to:

Pathetic Cops Caught Trying to Infilitrate Peaceful Demonstration at Quebec Summit

Posted in Videos, Main Blog (All Posts) on August 23rd, 2007 8:39 am by HL

Here is a trick that cops like to use to disrupt protests. In this You Tube Video which was shot in Quebec over the weekend during the protests against Bush who was up there at a summit.
A protest that is being led by a guy who looks like he is in his 60’s, most of the people in the protest are older citizens. These 3 big beefy dudes with bandanna over their faces and riot gear show up acting like they are a part of the protest, at least one of them is holding a rock. The organizer who’s name is Dave Coles begins pushing around these guys, telling them that this is a peaceful protest, to drop the rock, and get out. People in the crowd begin yelling that the three men are cops. Coles continues to make these 3 idiots look wimpy, pushing them, yelling to get out, and the whole crowd is chanting at them. The three dupes not knowing what to do begin moving toward a line of on duty cops, they say something to each other, next thing you know the 3 “Agent Provocateurs” are being arrested. Of course later on it was discovered that the 3 were not arrested at all, no record of them exists.
I guess the cops have nothing better to do then to cause problems to justify their own jobs, because hey, if there wasn’t so much crime out there. We wouldn’t need so many cops, and they would have to get jobs doing something they are qualified for besides busting heads, and harassing innocent citizens. Like maybe garbageman or something. Check out the video.

Comic: Another Boom and Bush Cycle

Posted in Latest Comics, Main Blog (All Posts) on August 22nd, 2007 10:49 am by HL

News Items:Bush Tries to Calm Skittish Investors

Bush attempts to calm nervous stock and housing investors

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