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Soldiers Who Died in Helicopter Crash Were to Testify in Trial Against Superior

Posted in H.L. News, Main Blog (All Posts) on August 27th, 2007 7:51 am by HL

Witnesses In Army Trial Killed In Crash

Honolulu Post Chronicle

Several U.S. Army soldiers killed in a helicopter crash in Iraq last week were to be witnesses in the homicide trial of their former superior.

Honolulu’s KITV reported Sunday that some of the soldiers who died in the crash had been scheduled to testify in the trial of Sgt. 1st Class Trey Corrales, who is accused of orchestrating the death of an Iraqi detainee this year.

Corrales, who was in the same Hawaii-based platoon as the soldiers killed in Wednesday’s crash, allegedly shot the detainee repeatedly June 23. He is accused of then ordering his subordinate and fellow defendant, Spc. Christopher Shore, to continue shooting the man. The detainee died from those wounds.

Retired military lawyer Earle Partington said the loss of the witnesses could prove detrimental to the prosecution’s case against the pair.

“If these witnesses are no longer alive, there is no way for the accused or their counsel to question them. Unfortunately, it could mean that there is no trial,” Partington told the TV station. “Obviously, it depends on what witnesses the government still has

5 Responses to “Soldiers Who Died in Helicopter Crash Were to Testify in Trial Against Superior”

  1. Seal the freaking Borders Says:

    Im sick and tired of you traitors micromanaging this war.

  2. HL Says:

    Then get the hell off the site, loser.

  3. Ghost Walker Says:

    This sounds just like the clintoon administration here are just a few of them who had dirt on the clintoons CHARLES RUFF, TONY MOSER, JAMES MCDOUGAL, JOHN MILLIS SANDY HUME, DANIAL DTKO, J.FK. JR, MARY MAHONEY, VINCENT FOSTER, ADMRIAL JERMY BOORDA AND WILLIAM CODY, The list is much larger and i don’t want to flood your site.— so you see the reps have not done any thing that the dems have not done

  4. H L Is a pathetic moron Says:

    You pathetic hacks will stop at nothing to demoralize the troops. You and your ilk should be shipped to GITMO

  5. HL Says:

    What did I do to demoralize the troops. Didn’t you see that other story where the troops gave a standing ovation to the governor of Puerto rico for calling for and end to the war. I didn’t have anything to do with that. And on this story I didn’t even comment, just printed what the story says. I report, you decide, Bush demoralizes.