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Bridge Collapse Just Another Cost of Bush’s War

Posted in Latest Stories & Articles by H.L., Main Blog (All Posts) on August 3rd, 2007 7:54 am by HL

by HL
That bridge that collapsed in Minnesota the other day, had been inspected and cracks were reported last year. See Video of Bridge Collapsing Here So why was nothing done about it? One reason might be that when our Govenrment spends $200 Billion, on a useless war that it is losing anyway, there is a lot less money to go around here at home. Bush long ago took funding that was supposed to go to the states for things like..oh, infastructure, and road repair, and funneled it back to his pals in the military industrial complex, so they could make more bombs, and guns, so we could kill more innocent iraqi’s. Democrats use money for things we need here, Republicans use it for fighting wars. This is not the first time that a bridge has collapsed in The US in recent history. There have been several, and everyone happened while a Republican was in the whitehouse. Here is a list from Scholars and Rogues

Like Hurricane Katrina this is one more way for Bush to tell the American people ‘hey you got a problem don’t come to me, I’m just here to steal all your tax money and put it into my never ending wars. You gotta drive a car over a bridge, tough luck, get out and swim across if you are afraid’

And Just to prove Bush wants to cut even more money out of domestic spending to put into war.

Bush budget puts pinch on domestic spending Boosts war fund, hits healthcare

Just one more reason to impeach now. Don’t forget we are just one more big Hurricane away from Martial Law, if Bush wants it.

10 Responses to “Bridge Collapse Just Another Cost of Bush’s War”

  1. LEE H.BENHAM Says:

    #1 ITS NOT BUSH,ITS PRESIDENT BUSH.JUST LIKE IT WAS PRESIDENT CLINTON-NOMATTER WHAT HE SAID/OR DINT SAY TO THE GRAND JURY #2WHAT DOES KATRINI/MINN BRIDGE HAVE TO DO WITH FREEDOM/LIBERTY FOR THE IRAQ/IRAN PEOPLE/\ ? #3im glad such liberty oriented demos like president truman/roosevelt/kennedy thought more of freedom and liberty than some liberal/a-progressive people do.

  2. Friendly Says:

    Experts, pundits, engineers have been discussing many years now that American’s infrastructure is in dire need of repair. This should not come as a shock but as a result of neglect. Whether Republican or Democrat, is irrelevant. The onus is on the man in the White House when he has foolishly led the US in war against Islam in the world. The bottom line is that he’s failed to insure the safety of the American people by not investing money in the infrastructure that has decayed.

  3. anon Says:

    Benham…hope you realize you are in that small minority of people who still believe the Iraq war is about freedom and liberty. Time to wake up and stop believing the PR campaign.

  4. StillaScot Says:

    The bridge’s problems were identified first 17 years ago. Though I would be glad to blame Bush for everything, even I can’t blame him for the lack of action back then. Our infrastructure problems are not confined to bridges either. Remember the Blackout in the Northeast a few years ago? That was an infrastructure problem in the electricity network. I know a bit about transportation and can tell you that we are happy to leave rail-grade crossings with little cross-hatch signs to warn cars until a school bus gets hit by a train at the crossing and then we decide to spend a little money on that piece of infrastructure and give the crossing lights and a gate. The current president is a symbol of a much bigger problem – where we place our priorities. Infrastructure and maintenance are really low on the list.

  5. Ghost Walker Says:

    here is a question for every one to think about – – there is about 3 millon heavy trucks on the road today each one of these. trucks pay $550 a year in HVUT taxes that is supposed to be for road repair that alone is 1.5 b. also on top of that we pay a highway usage tax and to boot all that we pay a $.244 federal tax per gallon of fuel. useing my truck and the miles i run ( i drive about 134,000 miles a year) i pay $6811.67 each year, now times that by 3 million trucks. I won’t get into state fuel tax each state is a little different but i’ll use Minnesota for a kicker when i fuel there i pay an additional $.20 per gallon. now in Oregon i pay an additional $.24 per gallon + i pay $.13 per mile just for the privilage of driving on thier roads. By the way HL we pay $.33 state fuel in Cali. and $.4165 in NY . We also have to get permits to run in certian states(we pay taxes on them too) there are many more taxes that we have to pay for right to bring the American people the things they want and need but i don’t want to flood you page

    Now what i’d like to know is just where in the hell all that money is going.

    By the way Mexican and Canadian trucks don’t pay the $550 a year they are exempt from that.

  6. HL Says:

    Great points Ghost Walker. Here’s another thing I used to wonder about. In NY they charge, I don’t know what it is now, but it was $7.00 for a round trip across anyone of the bridges and tunnels that charged a toll. The Midtown tunnel, George Washington Bridge, Lincoln Tunnel, Holland Tunnel, Throgs Neck bridge, and many more. $7.00 every bridge and tunnel, every day. How many hundreds of thousands of cars drive over those every day. That’s Millions of dollars a day coming in. Where does all that money go? True no bridge ever collapsed in New York City, but with that kind of money coming in the place should be a paradise. Someone is pocketing some cash.

  7. Ghost Walker Says:

    HL i pay $34.50 to go across the GW Bridge i’m not sure of the other bridges and tunnels some of them r restricted to CMV traffic i can tell you that at a gross weight of 80k lbs i pay $105 just to get a cross PA turn pike $31.50 in OH and $19.00 in IN and the roads are still crap i busted a shock off my stear axle and caused me to wipe out a $450.00 tire

  8. Hay Says:

    “Bush wants to cut even more money out of domestic spending.” Since when did Bush cut anything? Domestic spending has skyrocketed under Bush. His dad was the same way. So was Reagan, Nixon, and Ford.

  9. Ghost Walker Says:

    Friendly just a reminder that the taxes i pay out have are not deligated for war. I hear all day long how the trucks ruin the roads yet we pay out and i am not whinning bout it. i was just pointing out that the money was and is being paid and if the roads and bridges are not getting fixed i’ld like to know where the money is going. THAT I THINK IS A GOOD QUESTION. i have only one bicth and that is when i see a $740 fill up. i and i do agree with the fuel price issue and it sticks in my craw something bad. also Freindly did you know that muslums have been attacking us since 1807?? i do think that makes them the enemy. and yes i do love my country but i hate our goverment. i was on no way talking like our infrastructure had any thing to do with the war it has been going to hell for 20 years or better. SO PLEASE DON’T THINK I’M BEING HYPICRITICAL I WAS JUST PIONTING OUT A FACT. DRIVEING IS MY LOVE I DON’T WANT TO DO ANY THING ELSE ,THIS IS THE ONLY WAY I CAN SERVE MY PEOPLE

  10. Ghost Walker Says:

    fRIENDLY one more thing you need to understand is just how much havic this war crap has affected the trucking instustry and the more it hurts our pocket book -=-= well -=-=-=we just pass it on down and you pay more at the store cause they have to off set the cost of shipping kinda like a big snow ball huh?