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John Stuart on Corrupt Republican Senator Ted Stevens.

Posted in Main Blog (All Posts), Videos on August 1st, 2007 10:14 am by HL

The FBI searched Alaskan Senator Ted Steven home, yesterday. Stevens apparently is hip deep in all kinds of bribes, payoffs, and kickbacks, Hey he’s a Republican. What do you expect.

5 Responses to “John Stuart on Corrupt Republican Senator Ted Stevens.”

  1. Left Coast Conservative Says:

    so now they got a republican for the same thing that they got William Jefferson (D-La) for. I guess that makes the Democrats just as bad as the Republicans than right HL

  2. Conservative Christian Values Says:

    Yet you pathetic libs are silent about William Cold Hard Cash Jefferson. Why doesn’t that pathetic unfunny hack John Stewart ever point that out?

  3. Ghost Walker Says:

    I expect a rebublican to be smarter than a democrat and not get caught

  4. Friendly Says:

    I’ve got the perfect solution. Hang both of them on my property. I have some big oaks that would do them justice. But, I really think we need to get the big fish too. The little fries like Stevenson and Jefferson won’t do justice. We need to clean house and start again. We have the greatest country on this planet, yet we allow liars and cheats to rip us off, lie, disrespect, and laugh at us. Why don’t we do something about that?

    I can feel your pain Left Coast and Conservative Christian. It’s not easy being honest and loyal and have those creeps steal from you. Both of them have violated the Ten Commandments. Is that acceptable?

    Why defend one and attack the other, when they both are equally despicable? Why would you ever defend a man that steals from you and is disloyal? Are you both taxpayers? It’s your money they play with because they allegedly took bribes from individuals benefiting from our tas money.

    Whether Stevens or Jefferson are guilty, the courts and system will judge them. Meantime, why even defend those guys that put themselves in the position they find themselves? Let them be accountable to America and the system.

  5. HL Says:

    GW, so you are OK with Republicans stealing our money. The money we pay in taxes every week.
    In the Minnesota bridge collapse post you outlined all the tax money that you pay out and wondered where it all goes. Well here is a politician that is stealing tax money. (not yours because its in Alaska, but this is where they money goes) and you are OK with that because he is a Republican. If he was a Democrat it would not be OK? What kind of twisted logic is that?