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C-SPAN Cuts Off Caller For Mentioning Bush’s Executive Order Outlawing War Protest

Posted in Main Blog (All Posts), Videos on July 25th, 2007 6:34 am by HL

The show “Washington Journal” on C-Span, is a call in show where a host takes questions on air.
There are two separate phone lines, one for Democrats, one for Republicans. In this video clip the host takes a couple of questions, then at the end someone calls in about Bush’s executive order banning war protest. The host abruptly cuts him off without explanation. I guess C-Span is no better then CNN, or Fox News, take a look.

6 Responses to “C-SPAN Cuts Off Caller For Mentioning Bush’s Executive Order Outlawing War Protest”

  1. LA Says:

    This comes as no surprise. About 3 years ago during the 911 Commission, I called KPFK which was broadcasting live from DC and was taking questions on air. I asked the hosts, I don’t remember their names, about the Israeli connection to the WTC events. Specifically I brought up the press reports that Israeli nationals had been arrested in New Jersey because of their suspicious behavior on 9/11/2001. I think the host was shocked I had asked the question and he completely ignored it and disengaged my call from the line.

    What surprised me most was that I had called Pacifica Radio and wasn’t expecting a so called progressive radio program to ignore what I had to say and a very legitimate question. That moment clearly showed me that the media, no matter what political slant, will not handle certain subjects because they are taboo. Could it be that they don’t want the FCC’s wrath? I don’t know. But I do know that the media is dishonest and merely pretends to provide a forum of free expression.

    On a positive note, it was refreshing to hear callers on this video you posted raising issues that were dismissed a few years ago as being “conspiracy theories.” If people keep calling and mounting pressure, perhaps some of the media outlets will recognize that they are losing their credibility every day. That the internet has become the best source of information. The blogs have become the new reality information source that can be trusted provided one distills the information out there and can discern propaganda from facts.

  2. Friendly Says:

    Whoever the host of the show (on the video) is has a personality as colourful as Dick Cheney.

  3. Hay Says:

    LA: We are total compatriots. I remeber before Bush went into Iraq, there was a lack of support for the invasion. Bush was not going to pull it off over the American people. So what happened? The liberals and liberal media suddenly turned around 180 degrees and joined the band-wagon in support of the war. Without their support Bush could not have pulled it off. This caused much embarrassment by prominent liberals, who supported the asinine war, in the 2004 elections. Fortunately for them, people’s memory is short.

  4. LA Says:

    Liberals, conservatives, these are merely labels used to divide all of us and have us at each other’s throats. Once you figure that out you can start seeing through the politicos and making rational voting decisions. Most of the Democratic leadership reached Congress by subservience to party line. A candidate will seldom win an election unless they support the military because their opponent most certainly will.

  5. Hay Says:

    LA: “Rational voting.” Isn’t that an oxy moron. We leave our brains outside the voting booths. Actually I agree with Friendly that elections are rigged and the winners decided in advance.

  6. Friendly Says:

    It is true Hays that the elections are rigged. I once was innocent but no longer. Giving the benefit of doubt is a weakness that the Machiavellians in power don’t respect. The only thing they understand is “live by the sword die by the sword.”

    What will it take for Americans to see this? I don’t take comfort in seeing both Democrats and Republicans allowing themselves to be placed into neat little groups that define their political being. Americans, whether they know it or not, are dealing with serious stuff, electoral fraud. To solve this problem, it’s going to take voter action and direct actions. That may be groups of vigilantes going to the polls and monitoring the elections.

    Imagine, this is the same thing the USA would do in “Third World Countries” to insure the outcome. But now, I realize that those “monitors” were part of a sinister plan to not allow an unwanted electoral result in those countries.