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WARNING: A Real Dictatorship Coming!

Posted in H.L. News, Main Blog (All Posts) on July 21st, 2007 7:34 am by HL

WARNING: A Real Dictatorship Coming!

Daily Kos
I have never in my 50 years of life been more frightened then I am now. I have seen the arrogance of this White House and the massive damage done to our country. But the Katrina-size storm clouds are gathering folks. If we do not wake up now and flood Congress to impeach the President and Vice President, one year from now, Daily Kos may be banned and Markos himself may be disappeared, in a federal prison somewhere.

Even as I write these words I feel like a wild-eyed nutcase. If it were not for the OH SO REAL danger this country faces in the next 15 months or so as the people in power see their own doom and are determined to prevent their expulsion from power by suspending next year’s elections and declaring martial law WHEN the next 9/11 comes or events that can be construed as a national emergency to “justify” such actions, I would be holding my tongue and crossing my fingers.

I know that the readers on Daily Kos are all too aware of the evil intent of the Bush regime, but I fear even they, even you, are not alarmed enough. I fear you, like me until now, are hoping we can get through the next 15 months or so and throw the bums out in the 2008 election and hope that we avoid war with Iran and another 9/11.

6 Responses to “WARNING: A Real Dictatorship Coming!”

  1. LA Says:

    Where have all the “freedom” and “liberty” conservatives gone when we need them? Are they going through a training session on how to present their losing “talking points’ on the blogosphere?

  2. Friendly Says:

    Isn’t Daily Kos the same blog that told Cindy Sheehan they would not allow her to use their forum if she dared challenge Nancy Pelosi for the US Congress? Is Daily Kos another “infected” blog that allows some voices of opposition to make itself look good but when it comes to substance, has nothing that resembles that?

  3. HL Says:

    Friendly, I have ambivalent feelings about Daily Kos as well. They do put up some good stories sometimes, however it seems that Kos himself is a bit of a power freak. More then once he had tried to bully and intimidate people on the left including Cindy. Not only that Kos was in the military,
    (and a member of the Reagan youth) and possibly even in the CIA. His blog makes more money then the next 9 combined on the liberal blog network. Funny how the two biggest liberal blogs (Kos and Huffington Post) are run by former Republicans.

  4. Friendly Says:

    I still check them out but I they’ve become what CNN or mainstream blogs are. Predictable.

  5. Mark Bellinghaus Says:

    What do you mean by “coming”? As far as I am concerned it is already happening! I have stood up against mean and disgusting fraud, people have been pranked by criminals en masse and we were on top of that fucked over by our own lawyers. Nobody cares anymore about nothing. As long as people have some fast food, their video games, something to point their own finger at in front of their flat screens, they are happy.
    Nobody is ready to say no anymore.
    It is frightening that YouTube was able to just kick me out and cut my 131 videos for which I have worked for an entire year for free–all my poetry, my thoughts and my success stories, just erased with one push of a button.
    Just like the Nazis did burn books, YouTube, Google, eBay, and companies like that they run the world, literally. They decide what people read, see, hear, learn.

    I protested against my kickout, but they do not care. They never gave me a reason why and if I would find a lawyer who would take them on, I would sue in a heartbeat. But again: even lawyers are afraid of power. And that is where the dictatorship comes in: it is a power dictatorship. Bush, Clinton and all the other names, they are just puppets, the real dictators are those multi billion dollar companies which dictate the people’s minds. They keep them stupid on purpose.

    We passed George Orwell’s 1984 a long time ago. It is frightening, it is much worse already.

  6. Mark Bellinghaus Says:

    For more info click on my name, I do not believe in hiding behind fake names!