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Another Bush Appointee Resigns in Failure

Posted in H.L. News, Main Blog (All Posts) on July 18th, 2007 7:06 am by HL

Another Bush political appointee who had absolutely no training for the very important job he was given has resigned amid the type of colossal failure that the monkey particularly loves. Like Michael (Heckuva job Brownie) Brown, Jim Nicholson who was in charge of the Veterans Affairs committee, had no idea what he was doing. Previously Nicholson was the Ambassador to the Vatican, and chairman of the Republican National Committee, so what better way to reward him then giving him a job making sure that our veterans coming home from Iraq are being taken care of. Since Bush does not want to take care of the guys lucky enough to make it home alive from his meat grinder it makes perfect sense. Of course the administration Praised
him for a job so well done, but actually this guy was a perfect Bush screw up. Think Progress gives us a little list of his dubious achievements.

VA Secretary Resigns After Record Of Neglecting Veterans

Think Progress

In February 2005, Nicholson kicked off his tenure by calling praising a VA budget proposal that cut “health care staffing, reduced funding for nursing home care and [included] staffing cuts for the Board of Veterans Appeals.” He said it demonstrated of the Bush administration’s “ongoing commitment to provide the very best health care and benefits to those veterans who count on VA the most.” [LINK]

– In May of 2006, Nicholson waited two weeks to notify the Justice Department and FBI of the “largest loss of personal data in U.S. government history.” He then waited another full week before notifying the 26.5 million effected veterans of the theft. [LINK]

– In April of 2006, Nicholson rejected four separate bills “pending before Congress to reduce the 600,000-case backlog of veterans’ benefits claims.” [LINK]

– In May of 2007, the AP revealed that Nicholson awarded “$3.8 million in bonuses to top executives in fiscal 2006? — many as much as $33,000 — despite the department suffering from a $1.3 billion shortfall. [LINK, LINK]

One Response to “Another Bush Appointee Resigns in Failure”

  1. LA Says:

    HL ==> The appointees performance was not an accident. It is part of a systematic effort to destroy this country’s heart and soul.

    I ask this question of all that are reading this post: How in your heart and soul could you neglect the Veterans that have shed their blood, spirit, life, future and trust to defend our country?

    If I were in the WH, I would wake up every day wanting to know how the troops are doing, insuring that everyone of them is in the most safe place possible, that their families are taken care off. Maybe I’m just naive about how things should be. But I’ve learned that politicians like Bush, use the military, use slogans, play the game to further their own objections without making any sacrifice. This is not a President that respects humans, our military or people that carry the burden of this country.

    Bush is not a “compassionate” Republican. He’s a f**king tyrant. He and his perverted supporters are representative of what is wrong with our country.