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Elizabeth Edwards Bitch Slaps Ann Coulter on National TV

Posted in H.L. News, Main Blog (All Posts) on June 27th, 2007 6:06 am by HL

Coulter is clearly flustered when she gets called on her hate speech. Watch her squirm as Edwards takes her down. Why this bitch is even on TV anymore with her Republicans approval ratings lower then pond scum just proves once and for all that the Conservative Republican media whores are alive and well, and will never report what is really going on regarding the mood of the country. No one wants to hear this piece of s**t anymore. I considered not putting it up here just to not give her more publicity, but readers of this site are not going to start becoming Ann fans anyway.

Here is a video of Coulter wishing John Edwards would die in a terrorist attack.

19 Responses to “Elizabeth Edwards Bitch Slaps Ann Coulter on National TV”

  1. LA Says:

    I watched the videos and I have to say, Coulter is a most repulsive and sick person. It’s amazing that she even has a job in the media. She is somewhat laughable, except that she is such a hateful and twisted person.

    I’ve heard Limbaugh plenty of times and he comes across as a liar, buffoon. But sometimes can be amusing because of the stupid things he’ll claim. But Coulter is just a plain wicked and evil person.

    The above mentioned happen to be ultra right wing favorites. It speaks volumes about their thinking.

  2. Anon Says:

    Why does MSNBC (Chris Matthews) and CNN think it is necessary to “dumb down” to the level of Fox News by having such people as Ms. Coulter and other such hate-mongers on their programs? If these “news” services, and Mr. Matthews, are not serious about delivering actual news to us, that is, actually serving the function they profess, then it is fairly clear there is no real reason to watch these telecasts or listen to these people.

  3. Joel Says:

    Here is the appropriate context you may or may not have been looking for.

    “Bill Maher was not joking and saying he wished Dick Cheney had been killed in a terrorist attack. So I’ve learned my lesson. If I’m gonna say anything about John Edwards in the future, I’ll just wish he had been killed in a terrorist assassination plot.”

  4. LA Says:

    I think it was cool that Mathews put Coulter on the rocks and let her defend her dribble. She lost big time to Ms Edwards!

  5. RRR Says:

    It doesn’t matter whether Bill Maher wished the death of anybody. That just makes him guilty of the same type of speech that would get Coultard a prison sentence in Europe. It should also be illegal here to advocate the death of any one person or group of people. There is no place for it in a civilized society like ours!! I find it unbelievable that anybody from any side of the political spectrum would condone the hate mongers’ behaviour…

  6. LA Says:

    The 1st Amendment is the reason why you still can speak “freely” in the USA. I certainly don’t want prosecution of “thought crimes” for stating an opinion. Besides, those in power would only use “hate speech” laws to suppress dissent or any criticism of their power.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    After the trauma of living through a presidential assassination, I am appalled that MSNBC or any supposedly serious media would allow such an outrageous attack to be viewed on air. If, God forbid, Edwards is assassinated, I would hold Coulter and MSNBC complicit. No candidate or his family or his supporters should have to worry about death threats for running for the presidency. Shame on Coulter and on Matthews. He should have objected to her threat, grabbed her and walked her off the set. She’s a scum queen, and he’s a vacuous ball sack.

  8. Bill Says:

    I watched the interview and I don’t see were LA says “Coulter is a most repulsive and sick person” person fits. She wasn’t squirming like HL said and the worst thing about the whole thing is that John’s wife had to call he couldn’t. This isn’t the first time Edwards wife had to help him out. You say that Ann is the one that was in trouble but it is the Edward’s that are the ones in trouble. They have to bring things from 3 years back up and than they want to complain about a comment that was made 3 months ago and are now making money off of it. It isn’t Anne that is shameful sack of crap it is the Edward’s. But you libs all think the same. No one should be able to hold you to your actions, you should get a free pass no matter what. Oh and were did she say that she wanted John edwards killed. The second clip did show her saying anything about her wanting him killed. Just the libs lieing about the truth. Yup the Lib moto, “Do as I say not as I do”
    nice try HL

  9. LA Says:

    Bill ==> Coulter was squirming on her seat. Watch the video again, watch her body language. Her attitude is quite snide and shows a lot about her character.

    I respect Ms. Edwards for calling the show and putting Coulter on the spot so that the public can truly see how much of a liar she is, how hateful she is. She has no remorse about anything she says or writes. She sure isn’t a very likeable person either. She’s cut from the same cloth as that mongrel, Michelle Malkin.

    Again, your usual tactic is to divide people into camps, the “liberals” and “conservatives.” Don’t you know that it’s an old tactic and people are getting a clue. That’s why people like Ron Paul are gathering steam, support and uniting people instead of dividing people.

    The Republican party has changed into something very scary. It changed once the neocons got a grip on it. The Democratic party is even worse. It’s in denial of how corrupt and misguided it is and will probably never change. That’s why neither party will solve this country’s problems.

  10. ghost walker Says:

    LA what party do you think will solve our problems????

  11. ghost walker Says:

    HL thank you for putting up ann that was the first time i realy got a chance to watch her GO ANN GO ANN GO ANN

  12. Anonymous Says:

    How can a person that’s so obviously lacking in objectivity be given any credence whatsoever. This woman pops up all of a sudden–I only started recognizing her repugnant face after getting cable–and we’re supposed to pretend that we’re even interested in what she has to say? I guess that if she can sell books then that gives her legitimacy (?). We know many Americans out there love to swim in hate and couldn’t recognize Reason if it came up and slapped them.

    She’s hard up for a good time, and that’s perhaps what makes her act the way she does. Not to offend, or anything…

  13. Teo Says:

    Ann Coulter is a hateful bitch. The thing is, she deserves what people say about her. John Edwards may deserve what she says about him. But the Edwards family definitely doesn’t deserve what that cunt said about their deceased son. This privileged whore needs a good ass kicking to bring her back into reality.

  14. techcafe Says:

    damn, i was really hoping to see that repugnant cow get bitch slapped… for real!

  15. Coulter Hater Says:

    Coulter is one of the most egotistical, ugly two faced bitches to ever walk the planet. She needs to grow up and realize that by making the comments that she does about others, only speaks of her insecurites.

  16. anns a cunt Says:

    i have to admit ive heard of ann before but never paid much attention until her recent appearance on the view … i think this woman has some serious daddy issues. i dont think ive met someone this arrogant and ignorant since grade 3. she is unbelievably hurtful and is so on purpose …. she is self obsessed and egotistical, needs to always have the last word and lets not forget in dire need of a good lay, maybe then she could shut her face up long enough for my ann induced migraine to fade

  17. anonymous Says:

    Thanks Edwards!! she is my hero. just to hear that blonde psycho bable put down communication degrees at a joint college of cornell, stuck up republican tight ass with a bad attitude and a pointy chin

  18. still anonymous Says:

    PPS. update, i had to say to that I really never blog or add my opinion to any site. I saw anne an immediately had to find a site to see if others thought she was stuck up and rude and self centered. and that crack on the FOX red eye about communication majors, all she knows is to blab hot air

  19. gareth Says:

    it is truly a sad indictement of so many that such a hateful woman is taken so seriously. she claims to be such a “faithead” but she is more like the anti-christ. not that i believe such religious nonsense, but that does not detract from the fact that she needs psychyiatric help.