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Keith Olbermann: Fox News More Concerned With Bear Attacks then Iraq

Posted in Main Blog (All Posts), Videos on June 22nd, 2007 8:38 am by HL

Remember how when The US first attacked Iraq, Fox News was running endless non-stop cheer leading coverage of the whole thing? Fox was the one that reported that the Iraqi’s would greet us in the street with flowers. They are the ones who ran endless coverage of the people pulling down the statue of Saddam, and acting as if it was the entire city of Baghdad was out there. I remember it because back then I worked at a company that had a few Bushist Yahoos who watched Fox News in the break room constantly. Well the Saddam statue story was eventually debunked when the pictures from a camera that was not showing closeups revealed that there were only a small handful of people pulling down the statue, and they were all there as a phony news op for people like Fox News. Nowadays everyone knows what a total disaster the war, Bush, and everything Fox was rah rah rahing turned out to be, and Fox doesn’t like to acknowledge that the war even exists anymore. Now they talk about Paris Hilton, and Bear attacks. Here is a video by Keith Olbermann documenting some of the things that Fox News finds more important then the war which they cheer leaded, and which has affected us all for over 4 years now.

4 Responses to “Keith Olbermann: Fox News More Concerned With Bear Attacks then Iraq”

  1. Conservative Christian Values Says:

    OK Countdown to no ratings with Keith Overbite. The guy is pathetic. O Reilly owns his sorry ass in the ratings. Overbite is nothing but a sports repoter hack that got lucky. His special comment rants are pathetic. He looks like hes about to cry. Anyone who watches Olberman is a jackass

  2. LA Says:

    So, I take it you’re a jackass because you’re critical of Olbermann. I can only assume that you watch him. If you don’t then, you have no credibility commenting.

    Which is it? Are you a jackass or have you no credibility?

  3. Conservative Christian Values Says:

    Lou Dobbs is the best newsman on cable. Hes the only one with the guts to combat the illegal alien issues Keith Overbite is afraid to have people who disagree with him. Keith Overbite has zero ratings. Who on earth would watch that pompous ass lib jackass

  4. LA Says:

    It appears you do.