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Bush Getting Drunk Again (Pics)

Posted in H.L. News, Main Blog (All Posts), Pictures on June 8th, 2007 8:01 am by HL

Bush had to miss some of the meeting at the G8 Summit today, he had a “stomach ailment” Perhaps his queasiness was because he was slamming Beers with German Chancellor Andrea Merkel, (The same Merkel he tried to massage last time they got together) check out the pics.

Bush sipping a cold beer at G8 summit

President Bush drinking Beer with German Chancellor Andrea Merkel at G8 summit

Bush having a brew with world leaders at G8 summit

Now of course Bush’s people are saying the Beer is non alcoholic, yeah right. Even if it was, “Non Alcoholic” Beer still has some alcohol in it, and Alcholics are advised to stay away from it.
Maybe the “stomach ailment” was the same kind that his father had when be barfed all over the Japanese prime minister at a gathering many years ago. They blamed it on Bad Sushi, yeah right. I’m sure the Sushi they serve world leaders in Japan is rancid as hell.
Well it looks like HL’s Comics has predicted the future yet again. Here’s one I did way back on May 18, 2005 Called Bush Brews His Own

Bush has been getting drunk in the whitehouse for years now

See the rest of the 7 part comic here

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6 Responses to “Bush Getting Drunk Again (Pics)”

  1. Hunter S Montague Says:

    Gone are the days when real actors were in Hollywood like John Wayne. Today we have America hating self hating, spoiled brats who drink and drug themselves and whine and complain how bad it is here. Also if someone doesn’t believe in the communist way of thinking, guess what? they dont work. I thought Hollywood was a place to express your ideas freely

  2. mullah cimoc Says:

    mullah cimoc say all waziristan not happy cruel judge sending paris hilton for jail and make her crying.

    in waziristan man protecting the daughter and not allow judge this action.

  3. H.L. Says:

    That’s right Mullah, Paris being in jail a’int right. If she was a regular person she would not have gone to jail at all. But here everyone wants blood, what a bunch of savages.

  4. Dalia Monterroso Says:

    VERY funny.
    I wanted to share this website with all of you:


    Fight the Power!!!

  5. Mike Shepherd Says:

    Very thought-provoking. “Yeah right”.

  6. waldemar maier Says:

    the name of the german Chancellor is Angela Merkel.