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HL Successfully Predicts The Future Again?

Posted in H.L. News, Main Blog (All Posts) on May 9th, 2007 7:14 am by HL

Get ready for $4 gasoline

CNN Money
NEW YORK ( — With gas prices near record highs, experts say $4-a-gallon gasoline is just around the corner.

“I think it’s going to happen,” said Phil Flynn, a senior market analyst at Alaron Trading in Chicago. “Unless things change dramatically, I think we’re going to see $4 a gallon.”

As pump prices set new record, experts say demand and refining problems could push them to $4 in many parts of the country. Is relief in sight?
Already, prices in California average $3.48 a gallon, according to the motorist organization AAA. And one service station in San Francisco was charging $3.95, according to, a handy site that lists the cheapest and most expensive gas stations by city and state across the country.

HLs Take
Hey I got a good idea, lets elect a oil family for President (no, I mean lets not elect an oil family President but have them steal 1 elections. That would be a great way to lower the price of gas. )What? CNN thinks they can predict the future? Not as well as your old pal HL. Check out this story I wrote back on August 30, 2005.

Get Ready for 4 Dollars a Gallon.

There is a fire at a refinery in Venezuela oil prices go up. A hurricane hits Louisiana,
and Mississippi, oil prices go up. The war will drag on for another 26 years, and oil prices go up. Bush takes a walk hand in hand with Prince Abdullah, through a field of daisies, and oil prices spike up again. Dick Cheney, decides that Halliburton did not make enough triple digit profits last month, and oil prices go up.
What is with oil prices going up every time the wind changes directions? As you well know, unless you have been living in a cave, oil prices are at an all time high, the price for a gallon of premium in Los Angeles in now hovering at about 3.15 a gallon. In 3 days the big Labor Day weekend begins, with experts predicting that just as many if not more people will be on the road despite the ridiculously high prices. AAA says that 30 Million travelers will take to the nations highways this weekend.
As I travel the Freeways, and streets of L.A. I see as usual that half the vehicles on the road are SUVs.

It’s easy to predict the futrue with Bush in office. Just imagine the worst possible scenario, and predict it. Comes true every time.
Get The story before it happens. Read The Hollywood Liberal

5 Responses to “HL Successfully Predicts The Future Again?”

  1. Buck Says:

    I love capitalism folks. I remain convinced to this day, this hour, this moment that libs and todays democrats do not. “Its easy to predict the future with Bush in Office” I agree with that statement. For I have been doing so. I told all that Bush was going to get us a missile defense. He did that. Same thing with lower tax rates. Same thing the with 2nd amendment rights laws. I told everone that if America ever got attacked Bush would pull the trigger. I was right. I told everone that the energy fields would be booming. I was right. People there are lots of jobs in drilling and pipeing in the petro-chemical and energy professions. So tell the green beans to get their ass out of your way on the highway and ever where else. If you need a job for Halliburton no sh*t I can get you fixed up. Texas is where it is happening. Ortherwise known as BUSH country. If your a lib and your stuck on the freeway in a traffic jam on the freeways of LA or S.F. or N.Y.C. and running out of gas because it is 4.50 a gallon it might have some thing to do with being hypocritacal and using the same gas as Texans but being too doe doe stupid to force your state leaders to lighten up on the envirowack laws. BUILD some refineries you idiots. Ortherwise green beans I hope its nice and hot while your stareing at your gas needle a stareing for the next exit sign! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
    ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Until then if you would like a way out of the stupid-zone here is a job offer.
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  2. HL Says:

    Actually most of the refineries are here in california. We had a vote as to whether to charge the oil companies a fee to use them.

  3. axman Says:

    Hey H.L. You’re right, it’s easy to predict the future under Chimpus Maximus. We can all be seers. All you need to do is imagine the worst possible outcome or predicament for anything, then simply wait for the Chimp’s greed, idiocy and incompetence to bring it to pass. It works every time. Isn’t it time for a new cartoon? new cartoon! new cartoon!…

  4. HL Says:

    Whats happening? Sorry about no new Comics lately. Hopefully I can do one soon. I miss the old days back before I had my job, when I could sit here at my desk and do the comics. Now they won’t let me use the Internet over there anymore, it’s starting to suck. I need to come up with a way to make enough money so I don’t have to work anymore and can just work on the site. I’ll get to one soon.

  5. Fred Says:

    HL if you can predict the future. how come you don’t make a livin at the dog track??. i saw the fuel going sky rocketing back in 1991 when they started selling stock, it didn’t take a know it all too see it coming so don’t get to big of a head my friend