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Mc Cain Lies About Iraq (Again)

Posted in H.L. News, Main Blog (All Posts) on March 28th, 2007 6:53 am by HL

McCain: Progress is being made in Iraq

WASHINGTON – Republican presidential contender John McCain (news, bio, voting record) said Tuesday, “we are starting to turn things around” in the Iraq war, as he broke off campaigning in Florida to vote against a proposed troop withdrawal timeline.

HLs Take:
Turning things around did he say? So in other the words the war has reached a turning point? Funny thats the same thing that Bush said almost a year ago back on May 6, 2006 (of course he said THAT two years after he declared Mission Accomplished) So Mc Cain lies about the Turning Point just as Bush did in this comic called, what else, Turning Point. Click on link to see the whole comic.

Mc Cain and Bush lie about the war

6 Responses to “Mc Cain Lies About Iraq (Again)”

  1. Buck Says:

    Petraeus: “People realize they’re not going to just leave them like we did in the past.”March 20, 2007 — ‘I WALKED down the streets of Ramadi a few days ago, in a soft cap eating an ice cream with the mayor on one side of me and the police chief on the other, having a conversation.” This simple act, Gen. David Petraeus told me, would have been “unthinkable” just a few months ago. “And nobody shot at us,” he added.

    Petraeus, the new commander managing the “surge” of troops in Iraq, will be the first to caution realism. “Sure we see improvements – major improvements,” he said in our interview, “but we still have a long way to go.”


    Gen Petraeus knows what is going down folks. He knows the surge is working. He knows the USA is winning! He knows Al Qaida is loosing. He and Bush are tight. Bush knows the surge is working. Petraeus also knows as well that the dems in congress tried to pull a fast one. He knows that they have offered fighting money that cant be used for fighting! He knows that have offerd money for war supplies that can no longer be used for war. Petraeus knows the dems dont want him to get his pay check. He knows the dems dont want our fine fighting forces……to get paid. Heck, everone needs to get paid! Imagine if the dems in congress were asked to go about their business without getting paid! If the dems are going to offer a bill like that, why not tie some more pork and beans to it…………like no funding for paychecks for dems in congress! How bout’ them apples???????? Buck out!!!

  2. Mullah Cimoc Says:

    Mullah Cimoc say ameriki society now destroy. now woman the slut with LBT (low back tattoo), daughter whore taking every man so filthy, lesbian divorce judge kicking out the house. make live in car, lose job. then go jail.

    israeli spy him destroy all ameriki, now time for pay him piper.

  3. Buck Says:

    Hey, screw you Mullah Cimoc! America aint destroyed! We got seven thousand hydrogen bombs that says america aint destroyed! Mullah understand yes???

  4. Uncle Crazy Says:

    Hey Mullah, try not using Babel translater when you make a post. Primitive screwhead!

  5. H.L. Says:

    Buck, the surge is working. Thats why over 200 people have died in Iraq in the past 3 days. That story was also debunked that you sighted, he never goes out in anything less then an uparmored Humvee.

  6. Buck Says:

    That is right, the surge is working! It is still a war zone however! Success must not be measured by weather or not pony rides and go-cart tracks or something of the like are flurishing. Understand???