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Video: Iraq Veteran Congressman Blasts Republicans for Following Bush

Posted in Main Blog (All Posts), Videos on March 27th, 2007 4:28 am by HL

Murtha And Murphy Said It All About Iraq Last Week

Bob Geiger.com

“In the last four years, the Republican Congress followed this president, as thousands of brave American soldiers returned home in coffins, with our American flag. Nineteen of those coffins had soldiers I served with in Iraq — 19 paratroopers.

“Mr. Speaker, with this bill, with this vote, we mark the end of that error.

“To those on the other side of the aisle who are opposed, I want to ask you the same questions that my gunner asked me when I was leading a convoy up and down Ambush Alley one day. He said, ‘Sir, what are we doing over here? What’s our mission? When are these Iraqis going to come off the sidelines and fight for their own country?’ So to my colleagues across the aisle – – – your taunts about supporting our troops ring hollow if you are still unable to answer those questions now four years later.”

One Response to “Video: Iraq Veteran Congressman Blasts Republicans for Following Bush”

  1. Bill Says:

    HL I can’t believe you posted another single bleeding heart Lib EX-solider that’s not for the war. I told you the last time they are few and far between.
    As for this idiot crying about seeing 19 of his friends come home in coffins why don’t he go try to talk to some vets from earlyer wars that lost most all their friends in battles like Normindy, Battle of the Bulg and Iwgima or maybe some of them from Korea or Vietnam. He thinks he has a corner on the market for loosing friends in this war try again.
    Now as to putting a time line on when we should finish this. Why don’t you tell me with all your vast research skills what the time line for the War of Independance, Civil War, WWI, WWII, Korea, and Vietnam were. I’ll help you out, there wasn’t a time line they were fought until they were WON. That’s it end of story. There is no such thing as putting a time line on a war because just like in life things change. It took this country what 15 years to get started and you want Iraq to be ready and going in 4 years. So tell me since they are in the same boat that we were in when we formed the USA just how do you expect them to do what took us 15 years in 4 years. Try using some common sense, I know it is hard because Libs don’t know what that is but you can figure that they may be able to get it started faster than we did because we are helping them but it is still going to take close to the same amount of time because they need to get rid of 1: the thinking that they have lived with for the last 1000 years and 2: figure out just how to do what we are doing or what works for their country.
    So do me a favor pull your head out of your butt and start looking at the real world. Who knows you might just like it rather than being scared of everything.