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Subpeonas To Be Issued

Posted in H.L. News, Main Blog (All Posts) on March 21st, 2007 7:24 am by HL

House OKs subpoenas for top Bush aides

Constitutional Crisis Looms, Watergate 2 at Hand?
WASHINGTON – A House panel on Wednesday approved subpoenas for
President Bush’s political adviser, Karl Rove and other top White House aides, setting up a constitutional showdown over the firings of eight federal prosecutors.

By voice vote, the House Judiciary subcommittee on commercial and administrative law decided to compel the president’s top aides to testify publicly and under oath about their roles in the firings.

The White House has refused to budge in the controversy, standing by embattled Attorney General Alberto Gonzales and insisting that the firings were appropriate. White House spokesman Tony Snow said that in offering aides to talk to the committees privately, Bush had sought to avoid the “media spectacle” that would result from public hearings with Rove and others at the witness table.

“The question they’ve got to ask themselves is, are you more interested in a political spectacle than getting the truth?” Snow said of the overture Tuesday by the White House via its top lawyer, Fred Fielding.

“There must be accountability,” countered subcommittee Chairwoman Linda Sanchez (news, bio, voting record), D-Calif.

HLs Take
All Bush had to do was fire Gonzalez, and this probably would have all been averted, but we know how stubborn he is. If Rove and Miers refuse to testify they are in contempt of Congress. But guess who prosecutes Comtempt of Congress charges. You got it The Justice Department, and who is the head of the Justice Department? Why its none other then old Torture Boy himself, Alberto Gonzalez. So either the Democrats will have to be the totally spineless weasles they have been up to now, or they are going to have to impeach the bastard. This time they may have the backing of the big money power brokers and multinational corporations to actually do it. At least they are acting like they have some balls this time.

5 Responses to “Subpeonas To Be Issued”

  1. Snarking Dawg Says:

    Watergate 2? What is the underlying crime? Firing your own employees? I hope the Dems keep pursuing this. Makes ’em look petty and small-minded.

  2. Bill Says:

    Ok HL why don’t you tell us just what it is that they will be able to Impeach Bush on with this. Firing employees is not a crime and if they didn’t do their job than that can be showen so that means no impeachment. You have been living in your movies for to long you need to get out in the real world.

  3. HL Says:

    If Bush refuses to let his people testify after recieving supbpoenas thats comtempt of Congress, which is an impeachable offense. Don’t get me started on all the other things Bush is guilty of. Go back and read this site, you know what they are.

  4. Bill Says:

    Yeah and everyone of them that you listed didn’t go any were did they. The Democrats have been trying to come up with a reason to impeach Bush since right after the war and if they haven’t been able to get it started since than than that means they know something that you don’t. They don’t have anything to impeach him on. You can’t blame it on the fact that they haven’t been in the majority because Republicans sided with Democrats to not impeach Clinton. So if they can’t get enough Democrats and Republicans to get together to Impeach him than that means they don’t have anything. As for Bush not allowing his people to testify that falls on the people who were given the subpoenas wether they let him do it or not. If they let him keep them from testifing than they are just as guilty as Bush because they are the ones that broke the law not Bush. All he can do is say that he doesn’t want them to testify the rest is up to them. As for the firing they have to prove that they didn’t get fired for not doing their jobs not Bush or the White House.

  5. Buck Says:

    Keep reaching brother! H.L. REACH REACH REACH!!!!! If at first you fall on your ass, keep trying again!!! and again and again and again!!!!!! ha ha ha ha ha ha