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Dems. Have Power To Stop War Now.

Posted in H.L. News, Main Blog (All Posts) on March 9th, 2007 8:38 am by HL

Dems Must Embrace Their Power THey Have NOW to End The War: but First Must Overcome Their Fear

OP-ED News

The Republicans are very smart. They know that the Democrats have the power to stop the war.
Yes, The Democrats have the power and the votes right now to stop the war. They don’t need Republican help. They don’t need Joe Lieberman. They don’t even need all the bluedog dems.
The problem is the Republicans have, brilliantly, made the Democratic leadership afraid to use their power. They have framed the use of that power as anti soldier, anti-troops.
The Democrats have the votes now to cut off funding for the war. This will not suddenly stop shipments of food or ammo to soldiers in Iraq. THe military has billions, maybe even trillions of dollars in “black money pots” stashed all over the planet, hidden from congress.
The pentagon could probably run the war for another year or two, without another nickel.
But a refusal to further fund the war unless the troops are withdrawn would cause a confrontation between congress and the president. It would cause a confrontation that would force the Pentagon to re-evaluate their relationship with the commander and chief and the congress

5 Responses to “Dems. Have Power To Stop War Now.”

  1. Bill Says:

    HL there you go again posting things that the press puts out. The sad part is that the Dems don’t have the power to stop the war because they don’t have the votes without some Republicans. To educate you the Dems need 65 votes to be able to pass anything and how many dems are there in office? 51 that leaves them 14 votes short of being able to pass a thing. Not to mention the people of this country would hang the dems for dropping funding for the troops. So you just keep posting the lies that the media keeps trying to get people to believe just like you are doing and they will keep making you and them “teh dems” look like just what they are only caring about themselves.

  2. Bill...full of it? Says:

    Please correct me if I’m wrong, but the bill Bush is pushing before Congress is for additional funding. The bill is not to stop funding. Therefore, Congress (the Dems) could just vote no on the bill, and the nos will outnumber the yeas. I don’t see where Bill gets the idea that the Dems need 65 votes to pass a measure to end funding…am I missing something, or is Bill?

    Like the article said…this is about blocking legislation, not passing it.

  3. Bill Says:

    Bill…full of it?
    The key word in what you posted is ” the bill” which means that the senate has to vote on it.

  4. Bill...full of it? Says:

    Right, they have to vote to extend funding, not vote to end funding. That’s what the bill is about.

  5. Bill Says:

    To end the funding is part of the budget and they vote on the budget so they are voting to stop funding and to put the money to use some place else.
    Not to mention that to stop the funding for the war is a Resolution and they have to vote on Resolutions.