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Are You Really Free?

Posted in Main Blog (All Posts), Pictures on February 14th, 2007 11:02 am by HL

military commissions act of 2006

6 Responses to “Are You Really Free?”

  1. Smokey1 Says:

    H.L.==>It’s about time you woke up. Maybe there is hope for you yet..Seeing how you work in Hollywood, maybe you will understand what I mean when I say you need to follow the
    White Rabbit..

  2. HL Says:

    Oh I’ve followed the White Rabbit before, but not for many years. Maybe I should do some mushrooms then I will understand your point of view, Nahh not even then.

  3. onthefenceLibertyrEan Says:

    you idiot! The white rabbit is not drugs…but what more can we expect from the Hollywood Liberal..

  4. Buzz Says:

    HL is not an idiot he is just in his own little world…….lets not bash each other around here……..that is the tactics of the donothingcrates and the republicants to keep from actually having to try to work together for a better AMERICA!

  5. Buck Says:

    Aint yall having just a grand ol time! Barack Hussein Obama must have chased the white rabbit across a road and got hit by a big Mack!! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  6. Buck Says:

    Im wanting H.L. and the libs and the authors of this peice to be right! So, Im waiting to be detained without trial! While Im doing that, Im waiting to be detained for protesting Ted Kennedy’s gun stances, and waiting to be labelled as an enemy combatant. He is a member of government! Im waiting to be totured H.L. Is Ted Kennedy going to come to Texas and try to sexually torture my kids?? Im waiting on all these things to happen! Im waiting on them to happen to people I know! Im waiting on them to happen to a common person! An American! An AL Qaida spy cloaking his true intentions under the guise of citizenship dont have a right to jack crap!!!! Even if a person has American citizenship, if he is AL Qaida………….that American citizenship is….VOID… DEFAULT……Gone by the way of the doh doh bird!!! That radical muslim SHIT his rights away dont you think???? So, Im waiting H.L.! and waiting and waiting and waiting! Im going to be waiting just like you! WE, MR.HLTV… are ALL going to be waiting…. for a long damn time. Why??? cause this a load of bullshit! And the longer we go without seeing some major detentions, and tortures, and crude sex acts! The bigger a pile of bullshit http://www.gov/data/us/bills.text/109/h/h6166.pelf BECOMES!!!!!