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Now Daily Soldier Casualities In Iraq Reaching Double Figures

Posted in Main Blog (All Posts) on February 2nd, 2007 11:01 am by HL

At least 62 killed in Iraqi violence

Bush only one laughing
BAGHDAD, Iraq – A pair of suicide bombers detonated explosives Thursday among shoppers in a crowded outdoor market in a Shiite city south of Baghdad, killing at least 45 people and wounding 150, police said. Bombs and a mortar attack killed at least 17 others in both Shiite and Sunni areas of Baghdad.
Overall, more than 100 people were killed or found dead across the country

One-Day Iraq Toll Is Highest for U.S. In Many Months

Washington Post
BAGHDAD, Oct. 18 — A roadside bombing and other attacks killed 10 American troops across Iraq on Tuesday, the U.S. military reported Wednesday, making it the deadliest day of combat for U.S. forces in 10 months.

The one-day toll, part of what the U.S. military has said is a 43 percent increase in attacks on U.S. and Iraqi forces in the capital since midsummer, occurred as casualties among Iraqi troops and civilians are soaring far higher than at any previous time in the war, according to U.S. and Iraqi tallies.

H.L.s Take
No matter how bad it gets, no matter what percentage of the American people are against him, no matter how many members of
congress try to stop the drunken frat boy mass murderer, no matter how much of our tax money he steals and wastes, he will not be stopped unless we stop him. Of course the delusional serial killer wants to more more more….

Bush administration seeks $245B for wars

WASHINGTON – The Bush administration will ask for another $100 billion for military and diplomatic operations in
Iraq and
Afghanistan this year and seek $145 billion for 2008, a senior administration official said Friday.
The requests Monday, to accompany
President Bush’s budget for the fiscal year beginning Oct. 1, would bring the total appropriations for 2007 to about $170 billion, with a slight decline the following year.

H.L.s Take
OK Democrats, its up to you now, are you going to let this little dips**t, murder profiteer have that much more of our money, or are you going to stop cowering in fear and F**KING DO SOMEHTING ALREADY. How much more are you going to let the retarded dictator make us all look like a bunch of idiots and drag this country into the dirt as he had been doing for the past 6 years.

2 Responses to “Now Daily Soldier Casualities In Iraq Reaching Double Figures”

  1. blin Says:

    the legacy: a comedy of terrors
    Terrifying new E-novel.
    The consequences of unchecked governance; as the ridiculous becomes sublime.
    Read free of charge.
    Please use recycled paper

  2. Anonymous Says:

    i totally agree with everything you said i only wish that the democrats had the balls to say something