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Mc Cain Losing Popularity Fast

Posted in Main Blog (All Posts) on January 31st, 2007 10:17 am by HL

McCain’s troubles

Daily Kos
It seems that being the prime architect and cheerleader of the Iraq War escalation, in addition to all his latest panderings to the Right, aren’t doing his approval ratings any favors.

McCain is now viewed favorably by just 52% of American voters. That’s down from 56% earlier this month and from 59% in December. His vocal advocacy of increased troop strength in Iraq may be having a negative impact on his popularity. Just one-third of voters (34%) share McCain’s view while 56% want to go in the opposite direction and reduce the number of troops in Iraq. However, 94% think the troops will still be fighting in Iraq when the next President takes office.

McCain Loses Ground: Trails Obama, Edwards

Rasmussen Reports

Senator John McCain (R), one of the most vocal advocates of sending more troops to Iraq, has lost ground in the Election 2008 sweepstakes. He now trails both John Edwards (D) and Barack Obama (D) in general election match-ups. Prior to this survey, McCain had been ahead of every Democratic challenger in every Rasmussen Reports poll (see summary of general election match-ups).

H.L.s Take:
Of course the real question is how will Mc Cain do against Hilary, because everyone knows that she will be the nominee. (I personally am not 100% certain of that but it sure looks like a good possibility.) That is if Mc Cain will even get the Republican nomination which I don’t think he will, by the time of the primaries the Reps. are going to want to distance themselves as far from Iraq as possible, and Mc Cain is Bush’s man in congress for the troop increase. Maybe a better idea for the reps: The Guiliani/Kerik ticket.

One Response to “Mc Cain Losing Popularity Fast”

  1. Buzz Says:

    Democrat or republican???

    neither choice is a good choice for America

    I wish people would get that figured out at some point.