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Archive for December 29th, 2006

Bush Works on His New “Plan” To The Point of Exhaustion

Posted in H.L. News, Main Blog (All Posts) on December 29th, 2006 9:26 am by HL

Bush taking more time to craft Iraq plan

Bush needs his rest for another big day of killing tomorrowCRAWFORD, Texas -President Bush worked nearly three hours at his Texas ranch on Thursday to design a new U.S. policy in Iraq, then emerged to say that he and his advisers need more time to craft the plan he’ll announce in the new year.
Burdened by low approval ratings on his handling of the war, the president is under mounting pressure to come up with a new blueprint for U.S. involvement in Iraq where the execution of Saddam Hussein — perhaps as early as this weekend — could incite further violence.
“I think the debate is really coming down to: Surge large. Surge small. Surge short. Surge longer,” said Tom Donnelly, a defense and security expert at the conservative American Enterprise Institute. “I think the smart money would say that the range of options is fairly narrow and driven by the situation on the ground in Iraq.”

H.L.s Take:
Wow, he spent a Whole 3 Hours working on his big new plan that is going to make everything he did to kill hundreds of thousands all right. I bet he was tired after that 3 hour long marathon. He must have needed a gallon of Gatorade, and a 2 hour massage to allieviate the fatigue. Could you imagine if Bill Clinton could suddenly come back into office as a way to fix all of Bush’s millions of screwups. How many hours do you think Bill would work on this Iraq problem in the first day? 20?, ah but Bush is the biggest do nothing President ever, actually if he was a do nothing President he would have been far better then he turned out to be. He is a do something (all bad) President. A real take charge guy, when you need everything fouled up beyond repair, Bush is your man.
Of course we already know what the plan is: Send in lots more troops. This way more will die and the war can go on forever. It’s a stroke of genius.