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General Was Against Troop Surge Before He Was For It.

Posted in Main Blog (All Posts) on December 24th, 2006 9:16 am by HL

Looks like Bush has been doing some arm twisting with the Generals, he must have threatened to bust them down to Private. Of course the lives of the troops mean nothing compared to their military careers, which Bush is in a postion to stomp all over.

Commander Said to Be Open to More Troops

NY Times
WASHINGTON, Dec. 23 — The American military command in Iraq is now willing to back a temporary increase in American troops in Baghdad as part of a broader Iraqi and United States effort to stem the slide toward chaos, senior American officials said Saturday.
President Bush and his advisers were told Saturday of the new position when Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates met with them at Camp David, an administration official said.
Until recently, the top ground commander in Iraq, Gen. George W. Casey Jr., has argued that sending more American forces into Baghdad and Anbar Province, the two most violent regions of Iraq, would increase the Iraqi dependency on Washington, and in the words of one senior official, “make this feel more like an occupation.”

H.L.s Take
Of course this will turn into a huge disaster, just like Bush wants. He wants the war to go badly, planned chaos, so they can then send in even more troops, with more weapons, and more bombs that were built by Bush Cronies, and they all get even richer.

Troop ‘surge’ in Iraq would be another mistake

Miami Herald
Well before Tuesday, when Gates flew off to Iraq, it was clear that Cheney and Bush remained determined to stay the course (without using those words) for the next two years.

H.L.s Take:
Message to Democrats. YOu know control the Congress. DO SOMETHING You weak, pathetic, lackeys. You can stop Bush from doing whatever you want. STOP KISSING HIS ASS, AND DO WHAT THE PEOPLE ELECTED YOU TO DO. Stop funding for the war, and impeach this F**king Monkey all ready.

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