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Archive for December 18th, 2006

H.L. Joins The World of The Full Time Employed

Posted in Main Blog (All Posts) on December 18th, 2006 3:12 pm by HL

Whats happening? If you are a regular reader of the site, you may have noticed that the postings have become fewer and further in between, there are a couple of reasons for that. One is that I have become a full time member of the work force again. I finally got a good job offer, and took it. I’m still working in the Hollywood movie and TV industry, still not making as much as I was 5 years ago, but its the best offer I have had since, and the job has other benefits that offset not making as much money.
Another reason is that in the ever changing world of internet web commerce it is getting harder and harder to make money on the site. I made a decent living for a couple of months there, but now it has slowed down drastically. The problem began when my old web hosting server threw me off for having too much traffic, and using too much bandwidth. The new server caused problems that severly cut down on traffic to the site, I still have to switch to another new server/host but there have been obstacles to my doing so that have yet to be overcome. At some point I will switch over again which will cause the site to be down for a day or so. My job offer came at just the right time in terms of income from the site. The postings will continue at the slowed down rate, and will not be coming every day. I will still try to do all the other stuff that I loved doing on the site such as comics and movie reviews, when feasible.

On another note that will concern commenters to the postings. I have been trying for months now to stay ahead of the spam comments that are posted to the site on a daily basis but just keep getting buried deeper and deeper in spam. I am talking about automated comments for BS websites. (usally sex oriented) It’s gotten to the point where I have to go on and remove the spam comments 3 times a day. I have to plow through all the spam to find the legit comments, and delete the rest. I went out of town over the weekend and when I came back last night had over 1500 spam comment waiting for me. So the new policy is from now on all comments must be approved first. I am going to see if that slows down the spammers. The other option is to make each commenter register before commenting. The spammers leave bogus names and email addresses on the comments anyway so I don’t know if that will work. Ok time for me to get back to work, talk to you soon.