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Watch Out Bush, The Man from Hollywood is Coming For You

Posted in Main Blog (All Posts) on November 25th, 2006 12:39 pm by HL

Whats up, I’m still out of town, hanging out in Northern California, which is famous for 2 things, one is wine. I went to a couple of great wineries yesterday. Lots of fun. The other thing they are famous for up here also grows in the ground. (heh heh)

Here is a story about my congressman. I have voted for this guy in every election. He is coming after Bush, like he has been, but now HE is in charge. It’s Hollywoods own Henry Waxman.

Waxman has Bush administration in sights

Henry Waxman
LOS ANGELES – The lawmaker poised to cause the Bush administration’s biggest headaches when Democrats take control of Congress may just be a grocer’s son from Watts who’s hardly a household name off Capitol Hill.

Rep. Henry Waxman (news, bio, voting record) has spent the last six years waging a guerrilla campaign against the White House and its corporate allies, launching searing investigations into everything from military contracts to Medicare prices from his perch on the Government Reform Committee.

In January, Waxman becomes committee chairman — and thus the lead congressional hound of an administration many Democrats feel has blundered badly as it expanded the power of the executive branch.

Waxman’s biggest challenge as he mulls what to probe?

“The most difficult thing will be to pick and choose,” he said.

The choices he makes could help define Bush’s legacy.

“There is just no question that life is going to be different for the administration,” said Rep. Tom Davis, R-Va., the current committee chairman. “Henry is going to be tough. … And he’s been waiting a long time to be able to do this.”

Waxman, 67, is in his 16th term representing a Los Angeles district that has migrated west over the years to take in some of the country’s most exclusive real estate: Bel Air, Malibu, Beverly Hills.

56 Responses to “Watch Out Bush, The Man from Hollywood is Coming For You”

  1. Buck Says:

    We might just have to drink some wine and go gardening one day! You can keep Waxman! He better watch his toes. Blunders could ruin what little hope the democrats have of gaining the whitehouse in 08!! Buck out!!!

  2. Buck Says:

    This dude has failure written all over him! Waxman is going to get waxed!!!

  3. Buck Says:

    Hey SA and Smokey, do yall think this punk is any danger to Bush? H.L. has it wrong!!! Yet again! This 16 year career politican(waxman) dont know his ass from a hole in the ground! He wants to try to burn America like he burned his Los Angelas district! If he trys to bring down Bush he has most likely shot his wad!!! Buck out!!!

  4. SA Says:

    Read you loud and clear, Buck. Waxman hasn’t convinced me of much. I’ll do a little research and get back with you and Stoney. Have fun!

  5. Buck Says:

    It dont take much research to know that democrats got problems! Just is a damn shame is all!!!

  6. smokey Says:

    what,s up people . waxman,s got his work cut out for him. Good luck with that !

  7. smokey Says:

    who is stoney any way

  8. smokey Says:

    I dont think that waxman has a chance in makeing bush,s legacy bush is what he is a man of principle, poise and precision.

  9. Buck Says:

    Yeah , I dont know any one named stoney! Ahmadinijad probably has someone named stoney who throws rocks at people from time to time for him!! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Buck out!!!

  10. Buck Says:

    Like I said Waxman has shot his wad!!! All over himself. He will do nothing but strike out!!!!

  11. SA Says:

    Sorry bout that stoney…I miss my good friend smokey! All this talk about stones and smoke has made me thirsty. Y’all help me out we’ll get this right while I get a drink.

  12. Buck Says:

    Save the stones for H.L and Waxman! They are gonna need something for x-mas! I got a feeling they are gonna come up empty!!! Dumbass Waxman!! Tisk tisk tisk!!!!

  13. smokey Says:

    Middle america will love waxman they will feed on his every word. But in the end that dont mean dam thing we got bigger problems. Like people like LA going to school in usa in ww2 when japan bombed peral harbor we locked all i mean all jap,s up till well after the war. we should do that to all people from middle east that want to chill in usa.

  14. smokey Says:

    This LA cat could have went to school any where in US but he went to calie.WHY? Caus he knowes just like every one else. any thing goes in calie. frome sin city to LA 100O,000,000 people liveing in a ILLUSION. of Liberal shit

  15. smokey Says:

    Buck i think our friend SA is gone i mean out for the count . he got a drink and is chilling with Elvis. or something of that nature. SA where are ARRA u at.

  16. Buck Says:

    Yeah he is out!!! See you tomorrow! Check the comment board tomorrow when you get home from work!! Tomorrow could be the mother of all debates…… ready yourself!!! It should be interesting!!!

    PEACE!!!!!………………BY SUPERIOR FIRE POWER!!!! Buck out!!!!

  17. smokey Says:

    BUCK ant no one going 2 take sks,s or any other gun,s we got only way they get the guns is lead first !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ? we need gun,s like 300 win mag. A.R. 15,S . We have the right 2 love it like we do .here is the kicker in Texas u should conclude that every 1 has a handgun on them all the time .Every 1.

  18. smokey Says:

    c ya.. BUCK.

    HL LET ME TELL YOU . I,v known buck 19 yr he is the real thing. know,s his shit on the world show. this is going to get good. smokey 1 out.

  19. Buck Says:

    What do you think about that LA? There is scared democrats that dont want any of this! Hell yall antiwar tax raising cut-and runners what can I say?? Except mabey!……DONT MESS WITH TEXAS!!!! Yall come out and play!! Cat got yalls tounge?? I bet you aint had to deal with this many Republicans since(D) Jimmy Carter punked out to Iran back in the late 70s! So, f**k what Waxman is trying to do! He just wants to make way for more white flaggers, more cut-and runners to try to take America down France’s chickenshit path! H.L. would you agree with this????

  20. Buck Says:

    I think waxman wants to take MY sks assault rifles if he had the power to do so!! H.L. why are you not answering my posts?? I know your monitoring from northern Cali! Why is Waxman pointing the finger like a communist at us in that picture you got of him there? He does look like a f**king Kruscheve! H.L. you voted for him?. I herd he dist some constiuants over a port Scandal out there in Cali! Im going to find about that!! I herd he dist them in a letter! I bet he did! You can give us the rotton cheese now or later!!!

  21. lmz90028 Says:

    Well we all know how Buck and his crew spent the long weekend! I’m sure HL appreciates all the hits on the website! I can sure picture a bunch of cowboy hats and boots hovered over a computer with cans of cheap beer all over the place, high-fiving each other like you’ve done something other than spend hours misusing the term communist and drunkenly misspelling every other word. Oh and of course lots of guns.

  22. Buzz Says:

    I am upset that HL is so close and does not want to drop buy. Come on HL I have the good hook up for that ” other ” stuff you are trying to taste.

    I am assuming you are in the Napa area if you are doing wine……well lots of wine spots in Nor Cal.

    Nor Cal is sooo nice……..HL could be staying maybe?

  23. LA Says:

    You boys are so lost in your election loss that you don’t know where to turn. But you’ve found a home on this site. You keep me rolling with you sincere but warped posts.

    You know something, I’m leary of Waxman because I think he’s barking up the wrong tree. Blame the Repubs for everything? Hell, Dems should take ownership of the mess Bush created.

    Anyhow, maybe he will turn DC into hell for Repubs. Hopefully, we’ll see someone be accountable and maybe serve some time.

  24. Buzz Says:

    Yep my country looses in the elections every year. Be it democrats or republicans the corporations they have created have destroyed our country.

    We are all hostage to the two parties that have invaded our countries politics.

  25. Buck Says:

    Wow! There is a lot of honesty on the board tonight! hee hee hee

    IMZ, how have you been? I can picture you as well. I can picture you having Re-occuring nightmares about VETO pens!! Just picture Bush with his cowboy hat! Picture him with a pack of VETO pens on each hip! Picture them hanging low like six-guns! Do yall dem dumbs get this?????

  26. Buck Says:

    Yo Imz! We are all at least 100 miles apart hovering over different computers! SA actually is 300 miles away! At least he is closer than Waxman, who Im glad is out there! Did you know cue-ball Waxman fluffed off some concerned citizens in a scandal known as the Malibu Peir scandal! Mr Henry (malibu peir scandal) Waxman! Trying to give everyone a wax job is what he is doing! Mr. waxman!!! Tisk tisk tisk!!!!

  27. Buck Says:

    Buzz! I want to come over to your house!!!! hee hee hee hee hee!!!

  28. smokey Says:

    what,s up people. this is to IMZ let me tell you this texan smoke,s the best smoke in the free world. dont drink beer so pic this. pound,s of stickey green me my computer. and a cause. think a that . it is nice

  29. onthefence Says:

    people waste a lot of time arguing their points when it would be much better to hear other points of view, and then consider.

  30. Buck Says:

    He is right of course! H.L there is times when our ‘stuff’ can beat up your ‘stuff’! Maybe not often, but eeeeeevery once in a while! You want to debate? Debateings even better when your on that green, smelly, sticky stuff!!!!

    Whats up Smokey! My eyes are still red from the orther night!

    SA, are you out there or watching Monday Night Football?

  31. Buck Says:

    I think I might KNOW who onthefence is hee hee hee hee hee !!!!

    Dont fall OFF on the Left side of the Fence …….onthefence! Its bad news over there! Keep hanging out with people like lets say!!! Smokey 1 maybe??? hee hee hee

  32. onthefence Says:

    korán jen

    I understand the struggle LA
    Some people don’t take the time to think. These guys think you wish all Americans death. Is that so? I wonder if racism and religious illiteracy have denied these fine Texans the ability to acknowledge and accept the difference in the value-systems of different cultures spiritual truths? “The great white satan” that is personified in American culture is something to be admonished! But that doesn’t vindicate any form of violent, retrobution!!!!! Differences in religious freedoms is what formed America to the state is is today. Denying people the God-given right to live and worship is outragious. We need to take care of Home, if people in Iraq want freedom, let them get it the way we in America did! We fought, we killed the indians, We made it democratic. We are so scattered and spread out, and malnutrioned! Our country is starved of morals, religious values, and the audacity to care for itself! We are like the mother that does without to care for her family because they don’t have enough to go around! We’re trying to take care of everyone but us! That’s why we were attacked! We need to watch our own back, feed the hungry.

  33. onthefence Says:

    I meant to say spiritually illiterate

  34. SA Says:

    I’m watching a terrific game right now; I’ll be back in a flash!

  35. Buck Says:

    I knew you would come around! Whats up man!!! Im going to burn one! Be back in in a minuet!!

  36. Buck Says:

    Never mind that, Im sorry Smokey! I thought onthefence was Mrs smokey! ha ha ha ha ha

    Hey onthefence! Religion, jealousy and misperception are the three causes of wars! For one, nations such as Iran dont believe in the religous freedoms you speak of! Just go to Iran and say f**k the supreme leader or Ahmadenijad and you would not last 1/2 hour! Spit on the Koran and you would not last 10 minuets! So, Iran’s leaders dont like it when they see our culture! The muslims over here can skip a march to mecca or time or two! They can be late for ALAH knee preying secessions! As well they dont like our power! Our nuclear missile power! So they are jealous! Then there is misperception! The kind of mis perception that IS INDEED aggravated by the collossal ingnorance of people who think you can ‘CONSIDER’ and ‘LISTEN’ to jihad nutcases! Listen to WHAT??? WHAT?? WHAT?????? I ask you again????? You go listen onthefence! You will here the sound of your ass blowing up!!! Im sure LA will join you!!

  37. smokey 1 Says:

    so where is HL where . HL tell me why do you like waxman so much . what do you think he is going to do to bush . what can he do if any thing what tell me im here wating tell me!

  38. onthefence Says:

    that’s their business what they do in their country, not ours! No need to listen to nutcases to consider that if we took care of our people’s needs and not dictate what everyone in the world can do then we would be in a lot better condition to handle our needs for security (in every sense of the word!) now into the future!

  39. LA Says:

    Buck, are you a jew? A zionist? You really seem to have a problem with Muslims. In fact, you hate them don’t you? Be honest. Have you ever been honest? Your point of view is very anti-Arab and it’s offensive.

    When you speak about Muslims, you certainly show your ignorance and it’s pathetic. You blame the world and everyone else for the failure of YOUR president. It truly shows your ignorance. Even the neocons have jumped ship like rats and abandoned him. But of course, good ole’ loyal no brains Buck stands by his side. What does that say about you? You haven’t figured anything out yet. You might some 10 years down the line. And you’ll still be screaming that the Democrats, Communists, Muslims all are to blame.

    Usually people that “burn em” chill out. What happened to you? Did it burn out your brain?

  40. LA Says:

    About the only thing, Buck, that we have in common is our hatred of what communism represented and did to this world. We can start talking about Russia and Eastern Europe pre-WWI. We can talk about that some other time.

  41. Buck Says:

    Round and round we go! Yes, I do have a problem with radical muslims! Ive already told you why! Im not a jew! ‘Zionist’ is a cop out term for the radical islamists who dont like that they had to give up land in a war THEY started! and Im always on the chill! All the people I know that burn em’ dont jump over to the chicken shit ship! Now we can continue this tomorrow! Goodnight!! I got to go to WORK tomorrow!!!!Buck out!!!

  42. LA Says:

    “‘Zionist’ is a cop out term for the radical islamists who dont like that they had to give up land in a war THEY started!” WRONG!!!! Ever heard of Theodore Hertzl? Do a search before you comment. Study your ME history man. You’re off mark.

  43. onthefence Says:

    Are we really promoting democracy around the world as the television claims we are, or are we just installing puppets who do our economic bidding? I think of recent police suppression of demonstrations in Seattle, Portland and elsewhere. Images of pepper spray, riot gear, and countless people in prison cells. If we’re a democracy, then why is it that the important decisions of running this country and how our tax dollars are spent, are rarely a matter of public knowledge, let alone votes? It’s our self-assigned role on this planet to define right and wrong, after all. So while it would be “evil” (i.e. George Bush‘s “axis of evil”) for them to attack and kill us, it is “good” for us to attack and kill them. When ’they” kill it’s called “terrorism”…when we kill it’s called “establishing democracy”. Continuing on this line of reasoning then, it’s called “murder” if anybody else kills, but if we do it, it’s called, “preventing murder”.Also, if by merely possessing or hoping to possess, “weapons of mass destruction” a country deserves to be bombed and occupied, then almost all the countries of the world will have to be leveled flat. What about Russia, Canada, China, France or Great Britain? Hey, for that matter, what about US? Nobody has more of these weapons than we do, and nobody has sold more of them to other countries than we have. Oh, that’s right, we can do that because we’re “God’s chosen”. Isn’t this the official line? Well, what other excuse can one offer?
    We spend about 300 billion dollars a year on the military budget, not counting the cost of wars and preparations for war. This is far more than any country, anywhere, in the history of this planet. That’s enough to completely transform the environment and world poverty, in one stroke. It’s not hard to see where our priorities are.Proud to be an American? Proud to value egotism and image, over practicality and reality? The US spends 6 billion dollars annually on education, and 8 billion for cosmetics! Any television ad should prove this point to you. People buy things not for their practicality but for their image….That’s pretty sad. The fact of the matter is, our lifestyle and materialistic values are KILLING us. Our young people are suicidally depressed. Grade school children carry knives and guns to school. Do you suppose there’s something wrong with our society, rather than with these kids? You bet. Talk about radical!

  44. onthefence Says:

    “Beware the leader who bangs the drum of war,
    In order to whip the citizenry into a patriotic fervor,
    for patriotism is indeed a double edged sword.
    It both emboldens the blood, just as it narrows the mind.
    And when the drums of war have reached a fever pitch A
    nd the blood boils with hate
    And the mind has closed, the leader will have no need of seizing
    the rights of the citizenry.
    Rather, the citizenry, infused with fear and blinded by patriotism,
    will offer up all of their rights unto the leader, and gladly so.
    How do I know?
    For this is what I have done.
    And I am Caesar.”

    Julius Caesar

  45. Buck Says:

    Who was the first soldier, of the first army, of the first radical islamic nation to invade Israel during the 6-day war? Was his name Theodore Hertzl??? NO???????

    Then it dont much make a damn WHO Theodore Hertzl was does it? Its another smoke screen by you! Your consistantly stupid LA! Better lay off that magic carper dust!!

  46. Outlaw Says:

    Ok LA first off you want the deff. of a zionist here. an international movement originally for the establishment of a Jewish national or religious community in Palestine and later for the support of modern Israel. Now you want to bash on Buck about having a problem with Muslims and you give the impression that there is nothing wrong with them than why don’t you tell me about the Muslims in Turkey. They put out a book about killing the Pope and threaten him on his visit all because he told the truth about the muslim faith. And there is nothing wrong with muslims. I don’t hate them I could care less what they’re faith is but when you have leaders saying publicly that they want to rid the world of all infadels and than you here of countrys like Turkey, and the crap that happen in France or did you forget about that one to. For a faith that is suppose to be a peaceful one they sure are doing alot of killing, destroying, and threating.

  47. LA Says:

    No Buck! Learn history, you are way too f**king stupid already. Learn to analyze. You might make more sense. No smoke screen here. Just the facts. And the truth hurts, doesn’t it? What the hell do you know about ME history? Does your retarded mind only go back as far as 1967?

    I’ve given you plenty of resources to learn history, but you’re too damn stubborn or dense to get it. So, you’re just a waste of time and a clown.

  48. Buck Says:

    Your not capable of learning true history LA! As SA said you are an ‘artist’ Dont give me analytical lectures when you YOURSELF lack the intellect to truely analyze! How can a person that belives in Jihad claim to have plausible arguments? The only thing plausible is the understanding that you are f**king more than likely as stupid as they come! Maybe you just own a seven-eleven or something and you cant get no property insurance!!! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Take World History over in school or something man. Quite taking those ‘meds’ that you so like to champion!! PEACE!! …… stomping ass!!!!

  49. SA Says:

    Hey Buck looks like you rattled that —-suckers flimsy chain again. It’s hilarious how LA gets so frustrated and regresses to sailor’s vocabulary as he childfully displays his true IQ.

  50. Buck Says:

    Dont ya know it dude !!Dont ya know it!!!

  51. Anonymous Says:

    investigate rick perry & bush jr & citizens inc out of austin, tx – worse than enron!

  52. onthefence Says:

    ===>Anonymous, what r u saying?

  53. LA Says:

    I’ll post a response to the nonsense posted in another topic thread. I’ll finish up there.

    I should mention: I direct this to Outlaw and SA specifically, you’re as meaningless in your posts as your clone Buck.

  54. Outlaw Says:

    LA you know what if you are going to call people names than maybe you should find out what they mean. You have called people Zionist and a neocon and both times that you have used them you haven’t even been able to use them in the proper contents. You asked Buck if he was a Zionist and that question in itself is as dumb as it can be since Israel has been a country for alot of years so that group has accomplished its task and they have moved on. As for you calling me and others a Neocon you really need to learn what that is because I would bet that you are more of a neocon than you want to admit.The original neoconservatives were a band of liberal intellectuals who rebelled against the Democratic Party’s leftward drift on defense issues in the 1970s. At first the neoconservatives clustered around Sen. Henry “Scoop” Jackson, a Democrat, but then they aligned themselves with Ronald Reagan and the Republicans, who promised to confront Soviet expansionism. The neoconservatives, in the famous formulation of one of their leaders, Irving Kristol, were “liberals mugged by reality.”

  55. LA Says:

    Yep, those neocons were like leaches. They clinged onto anyone that would give them a chance at power. In the 90’s, they were the architects of the invasion of Iraq, Iran and domination of the ME. They’ve been espousing perpetual war.

    They were a minority even within the dem party. They were underground because they knew where their loyalty lay and what their objectives were. They flip flopped and then Reagan (sucker) brought them into his fold.

    My allegiance is not to a foreign country. Neocons pledge allegiance to the Israeli flag. My flag is the red, white and blue. Therefore, my liberal thinking is not related to neocons and to anything they believe in or represent.

    Let me put it this way, you’d rather have me watching your back then one of them.

  56. Outlaw Says:

    Ya know LA you talk about having facts about this and that and yet you post things on here like “we went into Iraq for the oil and that neocons pledge allegiance to the Israeli flag” Why don’t you show me the proof to back you mouth up because I haven’t seen you post a thing to back any of it up just running your mouth and calling buck and others neocons or zionist. You’ve used both words so far out of content that it’s not even funny. So again SHOW ME THE PROOF of what you keep running your mouth about.