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Happy Day After Thanksgiving

Posted in Main Blog (All Posts) on November 24th, 2006 11:24 am by HL

Hey, hope you all had a great thanksgiving. I am out of town for a couple of days, eating lots of Turkey, and watching lots of football. We’ll be back with some new stuff soon. In the meantime if you are bored you can catch up on some of H.L.s Comics

Have a great weekend.

25 Responses to “Happy Day After Thanksgiving”

  1. LA Says:

    You too HL. Thanks for putting up with all us opinionated bloggers. Peace!

  2. Buck Says:

    Yep H.L. Happy thanksgiving! Time marches on! Go cowboys! If Romo keeps smiling they are superbowl bound!!!

  3. Buck Says:

    H.L. I got a new friend here! Let me introduce you to SA! He is a fellow republican from Texas! We vote republican all the time! We cull democrats consistantly! dont we SA????

  4. SA Says:

    That’s right Buck;HL’s pschyciatrist has finally arrived.

  5. Buck Says:

    Im telling you SA The man and his fellow antiwar folks are in need of some serious therapy! I will no doubt help you give it to them doc! I wonder why Bin Laden likes the antiwar folks so much?? What do you think SA?? hee hee hee hee Buck out!!!

  6. SA Says:

    Obviously Buck your doing your homework:Obviously there’s a need for homeland security:CHECKING OUT ANYONE SUSPICIOUS ON EVERY U.S. FLIGHT SHOULD BE MANDITORY! Which in essence should be no problem for ALL legitamate flyers or ANYONE concerned; For example: I have no problem with being thoroughly searched or anyone on my flight being thoroughly searched no matter what! After all, I’ve always wanted to visit New York, but not in a ball of flames!

  7. Buck Says:

    Just think of all the people that would have been visiting ORTHER american cities in such fire balls! Your kinda right SA! It would suck to pay 180 bucks for a damn tickit then end up in a skyscraper elevator shaft! You get burned both ways! Hell we already got to deal with democrats these days! They dont make it any easier to deal with the enemy thats for sure!

  8. SA Says:

    I know I changed the subject on you(sorry bout that)but I can’t help the fact that if a person,without mentioning any names, that start with L ,doesn’t care to address the more pertinent issues effecting HIS\her country they are in no wise anywhere near qualified to address foriegn policy!

  9. Buck Says:

    I dont mind mentioning names. LA’s foriegn policy concerns consist of Iran. Thats it! He is for jihad. He wants to see Jerusalem given to the palestinians. He hates it that America could launch trident multiple warhead missiles (500 kilotons each) and give the map makers here in america something to do!!! If America dumps Iran into a quick hot history! Jersalem going to the Palestinians is history! LA……..HISTORY……..Do you understand!

  10. LA Says:

    Wrong place for your thread Bozos!

  11. Buck Says:

    I think someone is upset SA! How are things in North Texas?? Pretty damn cold here in southeast Texas! Call me on my cell when you check this comment board! Buck out!!!

  12. SA Says:

    I’d have to say that all is real well in North Texas, except for the occasional mudslinger. Thank God most Texans see clearly enough to recognize reality and we’re mostly forgiving, too. Even the kids seem rather content. I haven’t heard any namecalling lately…You know how they get when their so frustrated that’s all they can think to do

  13. Buck Says:

    SA, you know our orther friend! The one that tints windows! He will be joining the onslought tonight! The Texas Trio will be on them!!!

  14. smokey 1 Says:

    well well well what do we have here Buck, SA and me SMOKEY 1 . All at the same place at the same time. this is going to nice . i see a lot of mudslinging going on on this site . what is this i here abought people NOT LIKEING BUCK. SA WHAT.S UP. KICKING IT HERE . Buck turned me on to this site so now i see it first hand.

  15. smokey 1 Says:

    well gent,s it,s an All good life here then i turned on the news. ask buck what he watched after the situation room last night he said the same thing as me . THE DAY AFTER. good show for 1983 . or 2006 . the trouth is are u ready lol. me i dont give a DAMN . IT IS WHAT EVER!!!!!!. u people call TEXAS the red stete . well ok but dont call texas when u need energy. CALIE i say no energy 4 see hl i am not as tactful as BUCK or SA . those muslims on that plain or luckey dawgs . i mean that literaly. it could have been rill bad they dont even know.

  16. Buck Says:

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha You tell them smokey 1! We been waiting on you to join us! H.L. let me introduce you to my long time best friend Smokey 1 ! The Texas trio is here! SA, Smokey 1 and I mean business! We are buddies that went to school in the same town! SA and Smokey 1 have moved to other parts of the great state of Texas! We all are productive employees within our professions! SA stomps mile after mile across the baron Texas landscape, being the best in his business(competition)! My buddy Smokey 1 is the best window tinter in the world! H.L. he could tint your windows with a design in a California minuet! Then take his Texas time telling you how stupid tree huggers are!

    OK, SA and Smokey 1 let me introduce you to our opponents!
    Of course there is the infamous H.L. that I told you guys about! He runs this sight! He gets invitations from people like John Kerry for lunch and sh*t! H.L. is wrong on just about everything which is consistant with his political democratic counterparts!

    Then there is his friend who he dosent seem to come to the aid of lately! I guess because when your wrong your wrong! That would be the one the ONLY LA!!!
    LA is detached from reality my Texas brothers! He is absolutly certifiable!!! BELLVIEW BOUND….Do you know what Im saying? This dude is a islamic jihad terrorist sympathiser right here in these United States. This dude wants Iran to destroy Israel and the USA! For the sake of the slimey Palestinians! Take a crack at him at every chance you get!

    Then there is IMZ90028. SHE has been quiet lately! SHE will come around!

    Then their is my enemy and arch-rival TOM! TOM runs a failed websight! He banned me from it in the first ten seconds! At least H.L. can handle orther views! SA and Smokey 1! TOM aspires to be a communist!

    And last but not least there is Axman! He stayes up at night pissed at me, and any sleep he does get he has nightmares about vegtables! Goodnight gents!!

  17. LA Says:

    Buck, tell me what you’re so right about. You wrongly predicted the last election. You’re wrong on every account on ME war. Can you share more of your predictions? I need a big laugh right now.

  18. Buck Says:

    Im wrong on the middle east war? Sure, I will share some predictions! I predict that any stupid shit that comes out of congress will get VOA….Vetoed on arrival! I predict that sooner or later the nation of Iran will hurl itself down a black hole! Islamic fundamentalist are like wined up jack in the boxes! With the stupid face to boot! I predict the nation of IRAN will in the end be nuclear destroyed by the United States! Im not the slightest bit jokeing! I just know Iran’s leaders will be stupid enough to think the USA is bluffing! Radical Islam is either going to end peacfully, or its going to end with alot of American nuclear hardware going off!!! Are you laughing NOW LA!! HUhhhh??? Are you laughing??????

  19. smokey 1 Says:

    say LA you are some piece of work you come to my country . take advantage of our freedoms . then you go to your piece of shit home and continue to pass on the cycle of brain washing that has plagued your kind . yes your KIND . why don’t you people get a video on how to dum ass . u could be the star.

  20. Buck Says:

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ! He stuck you there LA!

  21. smokey 1 Says:

    hey LA word u better stay out of COMPTON.CA

  22. Buck Says:

    COMPton Hell!! Hotel Texas awaits!

  23. LA Says:

    Smokey==> you can kiss my big ass! You don’t know who I am, where I’m from, what I know, and what I do. In my circle we call it intellect. In your corral it’s dimwit. Where the f*&k is Compton?

  24. Outlaw Says:

    LA you clame to be so up on everything and you don’t know were Compton is? So does LA stand for Los Angeles or Louisiana. If it is Los Angeles than you are stupid because Compton is only about 15 miles from you. I sure hope you aint from Cali. that would just show how much intellect there is in your circles. NONE

  25. Buck Says:

    LA, I can not tell you how much I am laughing at you right now! All of your hot air, and mouthy bluster and you turned out to be a genuine sham! Do you know where Texas is??? You better learn! You dont want to wonder accidently over into this state while your busy making a fool of yourself not knowing where your at! You better stay out there in Dem,lib,Cali like smokey said!!! Do you know where Iran is at??? NO??? The US military does! Bush does! The military aid carrying the football walking with Bush DAMN sure does! Do you feel me LA?????