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Muslims Removed From Flight in Handcuffs For Praying

Posted in H.L. News, Main Blog (All Posts) on November 21st, 2006 12:39 pm by HL

U.S. Muslims outraged after imams kicked off plane

CHICAGO (Reuters) – Muslim leaders expressed outrage on Tuesday after six imams were removed from a commercial airline flight in Minnesota for what they said was nothing more than trying to say evening prayers.
“They were treated like terrorists … humiliated,” said Abu Hannoud, civil rights director for the Arizona chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, who said the men were taken off the US Airways flight in handcuffs.
We are concerned that crew members, passengers and security personnel may have succumbed to fear and prejudice based on stereotyping of Muslims and Islam,” added Nihad Awad, executive director of the council, in a statement from the group’s Washington headquarters.
“We call on relevant authorities to investigate whether proper procedures were followed by security personnel and members of the US Airways flight crew,” he said.
The group said the men told it they were accused of “suspicious activity,” which they believed was only their attempt to pray.

H.L.s Take:
FEAR…FEAR…FEAR…Oh my god its a Muslim,….RUNNNNN!!!!…..I bet US Airways is run by a bunch of Republicans, they are so tough when it comes to defending Bush’s war, (as long as they are not in it) but they see a Muslim, and they S**t thier pants. Osama has already won. He should have been the one saying Mission Accomplished, except he can’t because he is dead.

34 Responses to “Muslims Removed From Flight in Handcuffs For Praying”

  1. Buck Says:

    G0**AM H.L. cut them some slack would you ? I dont like profiling either but sh*t! Atta and them orther freaks were preying before they did their deed remember! If I was on a flight and a muslim started uttering ALAH out loud I would be watching that person and be on terrorist guard big time! Now, If a southern baptist evangelist started preying out loud about jesus Christ on your flight you would scream religous intolerence would you not?

  2. lmz90028 Says:

    Yea, nice comparison…I’m sure that southern baptist would have been thrown off the flight. Can you imagine the uproar if that happened??

  3. LA Says:

    Who was Atta? Where did you read that story? What do you know about terrorists? The old tired narrative?

  4. Anonymous Says:

    or what if a rabbi was kicked off?

  5. WWWIV Says:

    Everyone is on the side of the imams and yet no one is asking why they were taken off in handcuffs. They just don’t cuff someone for nothing. They say that they were not asked to leave the plane and yet there are more people saying that they were asked. Imz you want to know what baptist has been throwen off a plane I don’t know but I do know they threw a woman off a flight for breast feeding her baby on the plane so were is the justification in that.

  6. LA Says:

    Everyone is sick of a totalitarian government that selects who the bad guys are. It’s become where people rat out others because of the fear that anyone that is Muslim is a terrorist. And the government that keeps saying that is Israel.

  7. Buck Says:

    LA What do you think of Islamic Jihad? Do you believe in marterdom? Do you think the radical muslims are justified in their suicide attacks that kill Americans and Israelis? Do you not consider them bad guys? Your world is back-asswards!
    For instance! Who was Atta? You got to be kidding me! Dont you know bro he was your hero! One of your jihad heros that avoided such discrimination and removal from his plane by simply hi jacking it and flying the go**am thing into north world trade! Do you know what Im saying???? Sure you do!!

    LA if you found your self having to choose between riding on a bus with a bunch of jewish whalers freash from the whaling wall or a bus of southern baptist evangelist what would it be??

    I guess your just content with waiting on that 12th Iman huhhh? So when is Mohamed comming? When are the bastards comming to destroy us infedels??

  8. John Says:

    when it comes to defending Bush’s war, (as long as they are not in it)………was your Boy Clinton in a war before he sent in troups to Mogodeshua……I will bet if YOU and your liberal friends are EVER on a plane and a group of Muslims take control YOU will be the first wondering where the hell the air marshalls are. If an air marshal is on the plane YOU will be the FIRST to demand they do something.
    Where air safety is concerned in this day and age I feel if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck its a duck. I and others have a right to not only feel protected but to take resposnibility for protecting ourselves.

  9. LA Says:

    Islamic (zionist) Jihad is what it is. No more comment necessary. You’ve got blinders on. All you see is what the media tells you you must believe. You don’t go beyond the surface. The bottom line here is that you’re an Israeli apologist. Nothing they do is wrong, isn’t that true?

    Do you know anything about Atta’s living in Florida for nearly one year? Do you know he was seen multiple times on Sun Cruzes? Do you know who owned Sun Cruzes?

    The narrative of 19 hijackers was easy to consume and you did so.

  10. LA Says:

    I trust Isrealis less than Muslims 100 times over.

  11. LA Says:

    Don’t fly US flag airlines if you feel that insecure. I’m bothered least by when I fly. A lighting bolt is more likely to hit you than a terror strike.

  12. LA Says:

    WWW4 ==> “Everyone is on the side of the imams and yet no one is asking why they were taken off in handcuffs. They just don’t cuff someone for nothing.”

    Don’t you think that if they were taken off the plane for something dangerous it wouldn’t have been already on every news outlet in the world? Just maybe they were planted to remind everyone, especially you, that those Arab “terrorists” are out to getcha!

    On another thought, where was Geroge Bush when JFK Jr.’s plane crashed? He was unvailable for three days. Google that!

  13. Buck Says:

    ‘Islamic jihad is what it is’ You got that right LA! And ALL that it is are a bunch of pussies that would rather kill civilians than take on the US or Israeli military! Pussies from the top all the way down! Supreme leader…a pussy! Ahmadenijad….another pussy! Al sadar…another pussy! The middle east is loaded with radical islamic pussies!

  14. LA Says:

    Buck ==>

    Oklahoma and Beirut have close similarity. I say that the same people that bombed OK are the same behind the attack on the USMC.

    USS Liberty and King David Hotel have connections as well.

    Who truly are the experts at bombing, demolition and being “agent provocoteurs”? Check out the Bolshevik revolution. Who was behind that? Lev Davidovich Bronstein, aka Leon Trotsky. Out of Brookly, NY. The legacy lives on.

    By now Buck, you’re speechless, because all you can blame in your mind are those Arab “terrorists.” It’s so easy to do that because you don’t have to think. Just react!

    I see the world and I try to examine the facts. You present no facts. You have nil historical reference. Yet you claim to know your history. Open your eyes because the truth is right in front of your eyes.

  15. LA Says:

    You really have to wonder what is going on.

  16. Buck Says:

    Sa are you about to join us!!! Good buddy Buck is here !! Hammering them democrats !!

  17. SA Says:

    No need already in the ranks who by the way need to step it up a notch;theres a growing disease that needs to be fought

  18. Outlaw Says:

    LA if you think that the imams were a plant than you are brain dead. As for JFK Jr’s plane crash and were Bush was who cares. Bush didn’t have anything to do with JFK’s plane crash so that has nothing to do with the imams and what the Islamic radicals did. The problem is that the muslims that don’t support the radicals wont step up and say so they just keep quit and than they bit*h about someone treating them just like a radical well if you don’t speak out againest them than people start thinking that maybe you support them just like the ones in NY that were parting in the street when the towers came down. So who is wrong the muslims or the others. They are both wrong.

  19. LA Says:

    Outlaw ==> so what did you say?

  20. Outlaw Says:

    Well LA if HL wouldn’t delete what I post than you wouldn’t have to ask but the Iranians are behind more than a dozen bombings since the early 1980’s. But HL doesn’t want the truth out there so he deletes it.

  21. SA Says:

    Hey Outlaw, looks like some things come to light rather quickly. By deleting our comments HL is showing LA support of using media tactics in order to hide something. What are they trying to hide?

  22. Buck Says:

    H.L. has been deleting alot lately! H.L. if John Kerry had been god forbid elected, what currency would you want to see HIS face on??? I have a suggestion!!! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Buck out!!!!!

  23. LA Says:

    If HL deletes your comments, they’re probably worthy of being deleted. Post something new and maybe your posts won’t get deleted.

    Outlaw, as far as Iranians being behind attacks, you’ve got it wrong. But I can’t educate you, you’ll need to do your own research on the topic.

    You fail to name one country in the ME that’s behind terrorists attacks. The same country that’s been terrorizing the region the past 70+ years. Do your homework and then reply.

  24. SA Says:

    I was looking for a response from Outlaw but never got one. It took LA almost two days to respond. Outlaw said he saw a lot of news first hand with his own eyes in the middle east. Outlaw also posted some statistics that were quickly deleted along with my comments. LA, WHY DON’T YOU JUST ASK ME A GOOD QUESTION?

  25. Buck Says:

    Partner. Good questions must first come from someone with at least SOME intellect! LA lacks the necessary intellect to ask such questions, so is no doubt restricted in the kind of questions he asks! Or attempts to ask. It is evident that he no doubt IS an ‘artist’ as you refered to him as! He is for Jihad as he so admits! Jihad is suicide attacks to kill innocent civilians! But he says he against war! Go figure! So SA, dumb questions is all your going to get from LA( the disputer of facts)!! Later Bro!!!

  26. SA Says:

    I knew he’d wait awhile. I’m just hopin’ if I giv’em a chance he might give this unfortunate Cowboy hat wearin’, mizpelin’,Shiner drinkin’,’Ole boy any kinda question that might possibly stump me. I’m from the country and I love it that way!

  27. SA Says:

    I’ll be waiting … uhh-gan!

  28. LA Says:

    “Jihad is suicide attacks to kill innocent civilians.” Sounds straight out of the neocon playbook. Not too original!

    Don’t underestimate the antiwar movement or people that are antiwar. You’re obviously losing the war, the policies you support have failed and there’s nowhere to turn except to the HL because no one listens to you elsewhere.

    SA ==> Are you from the Laugh Factory?

  29. SA Says:

    You’re right noone listens to me elsewhere because I haven’t commented elsewhere. I never said anything about “Jihad” suicide attacks or anything about the casualties of war;but if you would like to go over past war statistics concerning loss of lives you lose hands down; So your best question is and I quote “Are you from the Laugh Factory?” Laughs among irony of Laughs!

  30. Buck Says:

    Your up late tonight SA!!!

  31. SA Says:

    Yeah what’s up my brother besides the great Texas SMOKEM’ OUT! I was checkin out the chicken-shit before I signed off for the night…See ya tomorrow ! ! !

  32. Outlaw Says:

    By the way LA a Jihad is used to describe purely physical and military “religious war”. And who dies in a war? Innocent civilians. And who have the radicals killed the most of for no reason? Innocent civilians. And who has forced them to kill these innocent civilians? Not the USA. So tell me again LA you would support and feel safer around a group of people that kill their own people for no just reason other than to kill them why.

  33. LA Says:

    Outlaw ==> what do B1 bombers do? Fly over air shows and provide entertainment on the 4th of July? Come on now! I don’t see bombers flying over the USA bombing people.

    If I was in Iraq, I’d be shooting them down anyway I could. Why? Because they’ve invaded my country.

    So, is the US involved in a religious war? Since when?

    No, it’s plainly a war to dominate the ME and the USA has become the Israeli proxy in the entire matter. You’ve got to see what’s really going on.

    There is no way that the bombings in Iraq are “militants” conducting “sectarian war.” I don’t buy that and neither do most people in the rational world.

    It’s military ops and the same thing that happened in Viet Nam, El Salvador and now Iraq. Operatives. It’s so plain to see. Look at the sophistication of the weapons, the timing of the ops, the type of casualties, the role of the Israel’s in the entire affair.

    BTW, stop using the “jihad” bullshit term. It’s no longer believable.

  34. Outlaw Says:

    First off LA I’m not the one that defined a Jihad it was defined long before you or I was ever thought of. Now for the weapons and the sophistication of them. You mean to tell me that all the reports that the weapons that they are using are comming from Iran is wrong. Right and you were born when? As for the US being involved in a religious war maybe you should do that great research that you do and start reading who it is that ” declared a jihad” againest the US and when it was that they did it. You know for someone who “knows so much” about the ME you sure like to omit a lot of things. Operatives from Iran and Syria. I suppose you don’t believe that the military is fighting Iranians, syrians, and others at the borders either.