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Feds Know 9/11 Responders Are Dying Due to Even More of Their Lies

Posted in H.L. News, Main Blog (All Posts) on November 21st, 2006 10:42 am by HL

Plans For 9/11 Responder Autopsies Scrapped

NEW YORK — The federal government is abandoning an effort to create standard autopsy guidelines that could document a link between toxic air at ground zero and the deaths of Sept. 11 rescue workers.
Concerns have been raised that the information collected could be misinterpreted or misapplied.
The CDC’s National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health says it will instead pursue “other avenues for documenting long-term health effects from exposure to air contaminants from the World Trade Center disaster.”

H.L.s Take
Translation: Concern has been raised that information collected could implicate Bush and the Republicans about lying that the air at ground zero was safe to breath, therby killing even more people at the WTC then the ones that died on 9/11

One Response to “Feds Know 9/11 Responders Are Dying Due to Even More of Their Lies”

  1. Buck Says:

    So you would have had them NOT do clean up? Who is the one drumming fear now H.L.? I blame ALL islamic jihadists for any toxic air still around the area! Atta and his fellow heathern Islamic basterds are the ones that flew those planes into the building/s !! Stink still radiates from the area! There used to be many stinks! Dead body stink, fuel and oil stink, crumbled cement stink, melted glass and rubber stink! Yes, some stink still lingers! The most radiating stink is the stink that permiates from the knowledge that for four YEARS Clinton watched a growing threat and did nothing but collect data for a memo. More stink radiates from the left about Conspiracy! They argue that Clinton tried to warn Bush! About what I ask you?? The comming Goverment conspiracy? Antiwar goons like justify Clintons failure of presidential leadership to protect America, by Claiming Bush was part of something that THEY say Clinton tried to warn them about! What a bunch of Bull shit!!! f**k I say!!!!