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Update: Complete UCLA Taser Video

Posted in H.L. News, Main Blog (All Posts), Videos on November 17th, 2006 3:09 pm by HL

We had a story earlier today about Mostafa Tabatabainejad, a student at UCLA who refused to show his student ID in a library after Security racially profiled him and approached him randomly. We had a partial video, and interview earlier, but here is the complete video. I was sickened as I watched it. If I was there I would have found a heavy object and beat that rent a cop over his head and knocked his ass out. Why didn’t those students try to stop the beating? F**king Cowards.

13 Responses to “Update: Complete UCLA Taser Video”

  1. Buck Says:

    I want to get me a tazer! I have a axe, machette, p-davis 380 pistol, numerous switch blades, A walking Tall timber stick, cue sticks galore, a pit-bull, my beloved three SKS assault rifles, and a automobile that can run some body down if I wanted it to! I would like to add a TAZER to that collection! My assault rifles are named alpha, omega, and the ace of spades! What could I name my Tazer H.L.? Do you know where I can pick a couple up? Hurricane Katrina evacuees are on a rapeing, car jacking, and home invasion crime wave around here in deep East Texas! Instead of just blowing ones head OFF on the spot with semi-automatic 30 rd clip assault weapons fire like I would no doubt do, it might be better to just ~~~~TAZE ~~~~~~ the Sh*t out of them!

    ~~~~~ZAPP ZAPP ZAPP~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    ha ha ha ha ha Buck out!!!

  2. Zeke Says:

    Sure you’d attack the cops. 1) UCPD, though complete douchebags, are not rent-a-cops; and 2) enjoy your years of ass-pounding in Fulsom County for assaulting a peace officer.

  3. HL Says:

    After watching that tape no jury in the land would convict me.

  4. lmz90028 Says:

    This is disgusting. Is everyone really so frightened that they can justify two large men using a weapon on one college kid for not having his student ID? Think this would have happened to a white boy?

  5. BKN Says:

    The other students should be ashamed for not breaking that up. As for the cops, they should be fired and then charged with everything available to charge them with. I hope the kid gets a lot of bux out of that.

  6. Buzz Says:

    Good beating…….I beat he shows his ID card next time!

  7. Africanus_Maximus Says:

    I wonder how he’s going to stand up after being tased over and over, and as a black person…I feel ashamed to see the black cop taking part in this shameless act. It’s also a shame that most of those Hollywood students were too complacent to do anything. Mob justice is just needed sometimes.

  8. LA Says:

    Buck…go away to Iraq or something. Make my day and tell me you just enlisted!

  9. LA Says:

    Those officers should be fired. If the students had attached them, they would have deserved to get their asses kicked.

  10. WWWIV Says:

    LA your right those students should have kicked their asses and gone to jail for assault to an officer. If this guy would have done what he was told he wouldn’t have had the problem but he raised hell and got what was comming. Why he was in the library without his ID card is dumb since every college requires you to have an ID card to use their facilitys so I guess he brought this on himself. He didn’t do what they told him even though they gave him a number of chances to comply and now he wants to bi*ch about what they did. He got what he deserved.

  11. LA Says:

    I don’t think tazer torture is acceptable. WWW4, maybe in your culture and society it is.

    As i recall, forgetting one’s ID shouldn’t be a reason for police to arrest and torture. My college never requires that I show my ID to use the facility. Ever! And police don’t randomly ask me for an ID.

    BTW, are you a student?

  12. jonas Says:

    Well, I am a student, and I never would put up with this

  13. Joe Says:

    Time to shoot those “officers” (racist thugs) in the head at close range. 🙂